Newcastle Rumours Archive April 23 2014


23 Apr 2014 13:38:37
Apparently the agent of Serbian attacking midfielder Filip Djuricic is in London to meet with Newcastle representatives over a possible move to Newcastle from Benfica. Also there are rumours that Tim Krul will leave for Barca or Juve or Spurs or just about anywhere you can think of and that Fraser Forster maybe set for a return as his replacement.


Only problem with Forster is Celtic will likely want more than what they paid for him, especially after some of his performances against the likes of Barca, which I doubt Ashley will be overly enthusiastic about

Celtic want 10m that's how clever Ashley is sell 2M buy 10M person
Anyway he is not coming back to Newcastle just like Ba

Apparently we may revive our interest in Jeroen Zoet if Krul leaves. Also Celtic aren't in a postion to command big fees for any of there players, look at Gary Hooper, top goal scorer by a mile and they sold him for as little as £5 million to Norwich.

They demanded 12 million for wanyama, and will demand a similar price for van dijk someone who I think we should be snapping up straight away, but I doubt will happen for many reasons.
Hooper was nearing the end of his contract, and is very easily replaced in the spl especially when there is no competition.
He obviously won't cost 10mil that's just not believable, Lloris went for under 10 mil last year to spurs, 10 mil would make Forster the 5th most expensive keeper of all time. get real. But I wouldn't be surprised if they got around 6-7, something I wouldn't be willing to pay anyway. He's dodgy when commanding his box, and isn't good at catching crosses, yeah he's a good shot stopper, which looks good in the cl because he has so many to make eg barcelona, I think he still has a huge improvement to make if he wants to be one of the best keepers in the prem, something we have always had.

Something's not quite right here. Celtic get big gates every home match, can guarantee CL to any player they want, and they're in it every year, but they have to let their best players go to Norwich, Southampton, etc. I got slated on here when I posted that CL entry wasn't as big a moneyspinner as some people (who hadn't done any research for themselves) seemed to think. TV money in England ensures that Ashley can expect to make megabucks with NUFC, so why would he leave to buy out Rangers?

Spot on Vic. He's not interested in holding the reigns like he does at NUFC
he wants the merchandising
They are as daft as us

He would buy Rangers as the money invested in would be so minor compared to the revenue coming out. How much do you think it costs to run a club in the English league? Rangers would cost hardly anything CL football might not be a money spinner, but he would have his sports direct advertising all over the place which gets seen all round Europe

Jimmy: you've got me puzzled now. What are these big costs you're on about, apart from players' wages? Which Rangers would have to pay if they want to progress in the CL. If they get knocked out in the early rounds as usual then there'll be no TV coverage to speak of. And do SD have any outlets in Europe? I may be wrong - it has been known! - but I think talk of Ashley selling up to buy Rangers is wishful thinking, perhaps?

Vic Celtic got like £20m for being in the Champions League. While Rangers would increase every Scottish Premier League club by quite a lot especially the small clubs like Ross County and Celtic too because the Old Firm derby being on TV 4 times a season will help both sides.




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