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23 Apr 2013 01:21:00
Newcastle utd will snap up Romelu Lukaku on a season long but french midfielder Yohan Cabaye will move the other with Chelsea ready to make a in a £15m Bid. Deal to be done the summer.


Not a chance. Ashley wouldn't sell him for less than 25 million summer so why sell for less now. Also he don't like loan deals.

Romelu Lukaku has no intention of coming to NUFC and should we go down (very poossible) there will be an exodus of French players

Only cabaye for lukaku + 12m

Only £15M for Cabaye and Lukaku just on loan never happen

Chelsea were supposedly laughed at over a 15 million bid for Ben Arfa, what do you think Ashley would say to that amount of money for Cabaye who is his favourite player?

Why would newcastle sell Cabaye to Chealsa for 15 Million when it would cost between 10 - 12 million to replace him!

Ashely will want atleast 20 Million.

Lukaku would be a decent signing but this all depends on who the next manager of Chelsea is. They may want to keep him or get rid.

I would expect newcastle to stick to the French & Dutch Markets over the summer.

I would however expect a cheaky Contract Offer for Douglas from Newcastle who is out of contract this summer, this may however be a no go, Think Inter Milan are interested.

And in terms of Cabaye going to PSG, I think he would be on at least 35 - 45K per week at Newcastle, PSG would need to pay almost 170K per week for him to think about leaving with the FRENCH 75% TAX fees in place.

The approximate equivalent would be 90 k p/w

(40 k p/w = £2 million, at 45% tax = net £1.1 million)

90 k p/w = £4.6 million, at 75% tax = net £1.1 million)

[tax calculations are very much simplified in the above].

I write the comment above about Cabaye and Tax Rates etc, It is quote simple the way you wrote it and you are correct.

Realistically he is has to get 90K just to be on the same wage, if that's the case he will want more I recon, maybe 130k to 170k

What do you think?

Lukaku already came out and said he wants to play for a team in europe next season

Lukaku will never come
Cabaye will leave for 15m

Gosling, Simpson, harper, and Newton set to leave in come aubameyang siem De Jong and pieters

Cabaye worth about 15 mil, he hardly sets the premiership alight, odd goal here and there, if these players were worth more we wold not be in the bottom 8,

Cabaye has not been Fit all season, neither has most of our creative players, add to that more games and lack of players we have that's the answer as to why we are where we are.

Cabaye is a fantatsic player and is without a doubt one of the best players in his position in the World hence the reason why he is one of the first names on the French Team everytime they play.

Not been funny, but we were knocked out the cups pretty early on with reserves playing and the reserves played most of uafa cup to, so not to sure where all these extra matches took their toll on them,?




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