Newcastle Rumours Archive November 22 2012


22 Nov 2012 20:31:02
20 min gone, bigi is making more forward runs than ben arfa, cant someone in midfield run past cisse through the middle or a cheeky one two, i was hoping to put 5 past this lot and get the season going, a the mo its passing sidewards then backwards,,,,, goal, new if id moan we would score


Real good crowd tonight,love these European games.

Boos at the end of the game,Cockneys out,or is it Cockneys in, i cant remember now.

I never ever boo my team but im sad to say it but i did tonite,if it was a team full of kids i would say fair enough,but it wasnt,lets face it apart from the 2nd half at everton,we have been awful all season,i just hope we spend money in this next transfer window,i think we have said this before !!!

What good will booing the team do? Get behind the team rather than turning on them. Lets gues all the plastic fans will be cancelling there direct debits and not going to matches. its not the end of the world!

Any person who boo's their team is a disgrace and is not a true supporter, especially when there is very little reason to do so, i mean what is going to achieve?Securing qualification to the next round is only a positive thing, and people need to remember how many players we have missing at the moment before they start going off on some stupid tangent about pardew out and all that dross

I've had a season ticket for 35 years so hardly a plastic fan,we have seen worse times than this for sure,but last night was worrying,especially with a good side we had out




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