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22 May 2013 18:56:11
Carroll out injured for 4 months, probably why we're now claiming to have dropped all interest.


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Not to mention west ham are offering 15.5m for him.

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Agreed, its far too much. I honestly thought that Carroll would return this summer (not saying I want him to though - backwards step I feel) but I never saw anyone being desperate enough to offer £15m.

Having said that, if other clubs (like Everton maybe) were also given a free new stadium I guess they would be able to afford to make silly offers too!


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Toon only have to offer 25% less than anyone else due to the sell on clause

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Carrol injured again there's a surprise.
I'm glad as it's Pardew's get out of jail card as he clearly can not coach technical players and Carrol would just mask this with non-stop hoof ball and we'd finish 12/13th.

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Hi Guys, Just want to say; as I live in Essex, but I'm an ardent Newcastle fan and season ticket holder, that I have seen Andy Carroll at West Ham on half a dozen occasions this season and without doubt his all round game has definitely improved since he played for us. Without doubt he causes absolute chaos in opponents penalty areas resulting in many a West Ham goal. And believe it or not his ball retention with either feet or chest is now as good as Alan Shearer. Without doubt Carroll would bring a physical edge to our team and I guarantee from set pieces and corners that we would be several goals better off per season. He'd come back to us as a vastly improved player and if kept fit would add some where in the region of 15 or so goals per season on top of what he would create for others in the team. I hope we get him.

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Your opinion on AC is ridiculous. as good as Shearer, you must have eaten too many jellied eels darn sarf.
I'd happily see him come back but not at the expense of a new centre back, a new pacey winger, a new pacey striker and a pacey central midfield player.

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Your quite correct Carroll is not as good as Shearer. However, the point was Carroll has improved in so many areas including some of the things that Shearer was good at which includes ball retention and bringing other players into the game. I agree Carroll will never be as good as Shearer at scoring goals but he has other attributes which are pretty good. We have nobody with a physical edge in the penalty area and Carroll will win 9 out 10 aerial challenges. If you recall we are crap at corners and any free kick delivered into the area that is not a shot. Believe me Carroll is so much better than when he left Newcastle and even at £15 mil he will still be a bargain.

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It keeps coming up. there is only a 25% sell on clause if he is sold for "MORE" than 35 million! and there is not much chance of that happening lads

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Liverpool don't buy players for 35 mill cash and put sell on clauses in the contracts daft lad

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Good point about Carroll's improvement. West Ham fans on their own site are hoping he signs for them. I could see him whatever team he's in causing absolute chaos in and around the penalty area. You don't need continuous long balls to do that, just good crosses in from the wing. Hmm who do we have that can cross a ball? Well if we do get Carroll then we will need at least one decent wide man to provide the service.

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Crosses / long balls are all just playing the percentages, hit and hope with very little method. 99 out of 100 balls get headed away by a centre half facing away from his own goal.

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We only get 25% if the sell on is over 35m

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22 May 2013 13:28:40
Now that Liverpool has placed a price on Carroll's head, thanks to West Ham, Newcastle will make a move for the him, as Liverpool have been quoting a higher price to Newcastle than to other clubs.

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Pardew and Carrol reunited = HOOFBALL CITY.

Goodbye ball players Benny, Cabaye, Marveaux, Anita, and Colo.

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Tv "Newcastle have no interest in Carroll"

On tv now

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Newcastle have no interest in Carroll so does that mean there's a new manager coming in? geordie tom

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22 May 2013 11:38:22
Sky linking you lot with Wayne Bridge.
He is awful, hope it is true.

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Like we need another left back

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Why? He doesn't meet Ashley's criteria.

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What' wrong with Santon?

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Santons away back to italy

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22 May 2013 08:51:05
Already made enquiries into Scott sinclair and James McCarthy. Haven't been told of any move for andy Carroll.

Scott sinclair is the alternative to pea. As its already looking unlikely for Newcastle to get him signed.

I know that in the past month Craig Dawson was watched numerous times and is fancied as a fourth cb. Expect a move for him if Colocini stays.

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Sinclair would do.

Put him on the left of a forward 3, with Ben Arfa on the right.

Defenders would fear that prospect.

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I doubt we'll get him because of his wages and City will put a stupid price on him, but he'd be a good signing, lots of potential.

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Citys price tag I saw for sinclair I think was around the 6-7 mil (rumored)

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