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22 Mar 2013 16:02:23
Ed do you think Tiote will be shipped out in the summer? I think it would be best if he left. Bigirimana would get more game time as would Anita, and Tiote isn't the same player as last season. Think he'd still command a fee of around 10million, might be worth cashing in. Has there been any interest? {Ed001's Note - most of the interest has cooled to be honest, it looks unlikely he will move this summer as things stand.}

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Should have sold him sooner. it will be hard for us to sell a guy now who gets carded every game and can't pass for squat who continually gives the bloody ball away,, we can forget prices of 15mil the way he plays at present we will be lucky to get 6!

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Gotta say guys, you need to lay off the man, he was our hero last year and so what if he hasn't had the best of years? Does any one remember Colo's first year now? He was much worse. Tiote does make silly tackles but he does get bookings where they really aren't warranted sometimes. The thing I love about him is he plays with his heart every game. He never stops trying. Yeah he gives the ball away sometimes but I bet he wins it back so many more times! Give the man a break and watch him come back to his best!

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Tiote is a liability. He constantly gives the ball away, gives away stupid fouls in dangerous places, he's currently got 38 yellows and 2 reds to his name, he tries to dribble his way out of trouble on the edge of the area constantly acting like he's Messi. He's not as good as he thinks he is andnI'll be glad to see the back of him

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Can't pass for squat. last year he wasn't misplacing a pass he's had a bad season but I expect him to be back to his best next year when he has had a full pre season with the rest of the squad, would much rather keep him, last year we were talking about him being worth 30mil, gerrard had a dreadful season last year but look how good he is this season one season doesn't make a player bad and certainly doesn't mean we should sell him

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Toally Disagree!

Tiote should not be sold. 1 Bad Season since he came here is not bad at all.

Anita for me should be the one sold. He doesn't look like a Holland International Should, His passing is very basic and it in now way shape or form better than Tiote.

All our team are having a bad season with the odd one or two standing out like Taylor and Santon and when FIT CABAYE.

Tiote when on form is a beast and it was that beast that has love for newcastle not the pockets of the crazy wage paying chelsea like BA. tiote had his chance to leave Newcastle for Cheslea and could have forced a move prior to this season but he stayed LOYAL.

US Newcastle fans cry out for Loyalty but when we finally get some the small people cry and want them gone when things ain't going to good.

Tiote and Cabaye were one of the best CM partnerships in the PL last season. Tiote was a beast prior to that.

Lets all case judgement on him next season when hopefully we have a full and fit squad with atleast another going scoring Striker.

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These plastic fans annoy me, one day he's a God, next day he has a bad game and 'has to go' try being a little less harsh armchair FIFA manager. Please feel free to add 'everyone has an opinion, it's why we come on here and so on and so forth. I'm just voicing mine.

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22 Mar 2013 17:02:50
Great news on the Haidara front.

I am thinking it may be good business to sell Santon to A. C Milan at the end of the season, that is if the bid is big enough.

Some may disagree with me here, but from what I have seen of Haidara, I rate him better than Santon, he looks like part of a strong back line, Santon is a little bit erratic with his forward runs, that should be for wingers.

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No! keep all players in the first team!!

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To be totally honest, I can't say I agree with you, why sell him? If you have truly been watching this season you will see he is probably our most consistent performer for the season. His forward runs always help us so much. Absolutely nothing wrong with his runs. But Haidara does look a class act and I really wouldn't mind them pushing Santon up onto one of the wings because he is a beast going forward! But definitely do not sell!

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How big is 'big enough? With Jonas in decline, Santon's place is at wing back. Haidara was bought as cover and has turned in how many good performances? Four? Five? It's mad ness to talk about selling any of our better players unless and until we've signed even better. If Santon was sold, and Haidara injured, what then? Ryan Taylor. No thanks!

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If Jonas goes you will see the real santon gets caught out of position to many times and relies on Jonas to much

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We said the same things about jose enrique at the start of his newcastle career but look how much he improved and was a real blow when we lost a player of his calbire. Santon was one of the best players for us at the start of the season have people forgotten that.?

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Haidara is not good enough for the first team yet, he's off pace to the premier league, he needs time and he will be quality. But he needs time, maybe a 1 month loan to the championship will wough him up a bit then he can come back to challenge Davide Santon

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