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22 Jun 2013 21:03:34
Heard a rumour that ashleys looking to sell newcastle after the departure of llambias and the anger of newcastle fans.

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You wish

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He tries to sell every year - no one will pay his asking price

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If he was -trying to sell a premiership team that's successful is a lot easier than one that's a laughing stock and heading for the championship

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Am I the only person that can't read Ed21's posts? They appear blank? Has he really got that little to add?

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We are only a laughing stock because of ashley

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The club has been for sale since we got relegated and has never been taken off the market, they will only talk to potential buyers who first buy a exec. box on a 5-year plan.

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If iit wasn't for mike Ashley Newcastle would be a laughing stock alright, but maybe a 1st or 2nd div laughing stock. the guy uses his own money to clear the debt, ok Newcastle still owe him the money but when Newcastle got relegated there was talk of the club going into administration what would have been the follow on from that definitely not automatic promotion the guy should be hailed as a saviour not an enemy. as usual the fickle fans are out again if I was Ashley I would sell up and move on maybe some fans would be over the moon to have douglas hall and fred shepard back then the club would be heading in one direction and that is down. I for one believe in credit where it belongs and the way mike Ashley has turned a once ailing club around the guy deserves some.

p. s not a Newcastle fan just a football fan with some sense

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My only beef with Ashley has been his consistently appalling staffing and managerial appointments (Carr excluded) and being advised by non-entities like Llambias. Other than that, not a problem really. {Ed021's Note -

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22 Jun 2013 20:02:28
What i'd like to see happen

OUT: £7million
Williamson - £1million
Jonas - £2million
Gosling - £1million
Obertan - £2million
Ameobi - £1million

IN: £39million
Mamadou Sakho - £10million
Marko Marin - £8million
Tom Ince - £8million
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang - £13million



Ben Arfa


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Aubemayang could happen but others except maybe Sakho no

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Ince or marin left wing

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Why would you pay 26 million for 3 players and put them on the bench

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Yeah, because Ashley's going to spend £39 million on 4 players, as good as it would be, I somehow doubt it will happen.

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Love the team but your missing a player

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I'd drop Ince from that group, overrated

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There will be nothing spent until the mess behind the scenes is sorted. Pardew does NOT want to work with Kinnear. Gus Poyet has been lined up to take over as manager if a compensation package can be agreed.

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22 Jun 2013 17:46:58
I think we need about £15m and the rest can be used from the sales
We need 2 strikers, Bent £6m, Aubameyang £10m.
A winger is big, Redmond we can get him at £3m and he is worth about £8m already so we can get a good sell on value, plus he is English/British.
Centre Back, maybe Kjaer who has only a year left on his contract for about £5m.
So we have spent £24m

Obertan £2.5m
Gosling £2m
Williamson £2m
Abeid £1m
Shola Ameobi £1m
So just over £15m spent

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You won't get Aubameyang & its £8m for Bent or we'll just sell him to Hull instead.

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Aubameyang will cost more than £10 million, Villa want £8 million for Bent, we aren't one of the teams interested in Redmond and the likely bidding war would push his price over £3m

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Love how everyone is an expert on who we are or not signing so many graham carrs, agree with above post re players out, guttierez overrated and obertans always been a waste of money, as for ins sensible would be tompkin or sakhou in cd, left wing mertens would be good for rm and siem de jong or wiljnhaldum and either aubameyang or bony, bent would be good as back up but not worth 8m the guys had to many injuries now i'm not saying any will happen but i'm going to wait and see like rest of fans should before they bore us with doom

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Who'd take Arouna Kone for 6 mill. good for 2 seasons till Adam Campbell matures

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PEA will cost about 15 mil if we bid first. As soon as the transfer window opens and only tell the press when he's signed.

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22 Jun 2013 15:40:05
Post this on rumours please ed,
This is quite optimistic but i'd like to see this team by september, although I think we've still got a chance on PEA and Mertens.

Williamson (2m Cardiff)
Gosling (2m)
Jonas (3m)
Obertan (2m)
Ameobi (1m)
Cabaye (22m)

Alex Pearce (Free)
Marko Marin (9m)
Dries Mertens (11m PSV)
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (13m A. S Saint Ettiene)

Gk - Krul

Rb - Debuchy
Cb - Coloccini
Cb - M'Biwa
Lb - Santon

Cm - Tiote
Cm - Sissoko
Rm - Mertens
Lm - Ben Arfa

St - Aubameyang
St - Cisse

Subs Elliot, Haidara, Taylor, Anita, Marveaux, De Jong, Gouffran

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Wheres marin?? an de jong will b around 10 million so add that to your "ins" 40 plus million I doubt that unless u got the two mixed up

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DeJong for 1m or a free or what

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Who in their right mind would pay that money for Gosling, Obertan and Jonas? Deluded, sadly.

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Wow did not relies we already had someone call de jong

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1. We won't get 2m for gosling
2. Sadly guttierrez won't be leaving
3. pearce signed a new contract at reading
4. Marin 9m? Maybe as a loan but chelsea didn't even pay that for him
5. Cabaye won't leave. Its all newspaper nonsense trying to destroy the club 1 quote saying Manchester United are good team & monaco have spending money hardly him asking to leave and if he did we would want at least 32 million

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Do we apparently already own de jong as he seems to be on the bench, also you think we would sign Marin for 9mill to sit in stands

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You are absolutely delusional. Mertens and PEA? The closest they'd get to St. James's would be if they went for a big one in Whitley Bay.

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Pearce signed a new deal, Marin costed Chelsea less than £9m, so why does it increase?
Mertens is signing for PSV.
Also why is there a player called De Jong on the bench and there is not a De Jong on the signing list? Because we do not have a De Jong

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Alex Pierce signed a new contract at Reading

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PEA want champions league and you've paid 9m for Marin and not even in squad

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Alex Pearce signed a new contract with reading last week, so that won't happen!

I agree Dries Mertens would be brilliant signing but he is close to signing for Napoli so that won't happen either.

But the other 2 are possibilities, and could be good signings but it all depends on the joke that is Joe Kinnear!

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32 mil for cabaye have you had a bang on the head he is injury prone and can't last 90 mins. 10 mil at a push

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Its meant to be marin instead of de jong on the bench I got them mixed up! it will always rotate so if cisse or PEA gets injured then we could go with marin behind the striker in a 4411.

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10 mil for Cabaye, come in son your teas ready

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22 Jun 2013 14:05:53
Just read that Wolfsburg are willing to sell Simon Kjaer, he has one year left on his contract so wouldn't cost too much and would be a much better signing than the likes of Tomkins and Douglas, we've been linked with him in the past, do you know if there's any interest in him ED?

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21 Jun 2013 21:20:08
My friend is a firm qpr fan and recons they are after tavernier 100 percent!

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I think you mean Simpson.

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No it's definitely tavernier

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