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22 Jul 2013 22:37:37
apparently shola ameobi is off to middlesbrough to join up with sammy (his brother)

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Sammy loan, shola permanent. I don't mind that deal but sholas injury could hold it up

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How would he be joining up with Sammy if Sammy is still at Newcastle?

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Boro are in process of reducing wages can't see them paying 20k a week for shola

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Because I think middlesbrough want to extend the loan deal

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22 Jul 2013 20:04:47
Bent signing to be confirmed by Wednesday. He has told villa fans he is close to leaving.

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Agreed to sign for Fulham - who have agreed a fee and terms in under 2 days
We haven't even put a bid in -afta all we've only been talking about it for 2-3 months!

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Maybe to fulham, probably too old we are in for gomis and remy mainly

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Toon bound. I have been told this

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Hope not.

Nearly 30, massively injury prone, lost his pace, on huge wages and has a terrible attitude.

Pardew shouldn't be let anywhere near transfers as this is the type of signing I thought we were not doing any more.

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I though Joe Kinnear was in charge of signing players not Pardew. Shows how little I know about Director of Football position. Anyway, Bent is a big red ruse, we are not and probably weren't in for him despite what rumour mill says.

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At the moment I would be quite happy to see Bent sign for us, as looks though Cisse may be pushed out/push his way out.
That only leaves Shola, Gouffran and Campbell as CF. if that's what we start the season with we are in big trouble.

Gouffran looks as though he will start every game as is just about the only guy we have to play on the left. Would like to see Marvaux play on left and Gouffran up from which may happen if we don't sign anyone. Our only others to play on left are Jonas or Sammy and for me neither should be in the first 11.

If we can sign a good left winger that would release Gouffran to play as CF where he plays best. Would like to see Ince, Alessandrini or Traore as all have good left foot, would score close to 10 per season, are all at a good age and best of all wouldn't break the bank to get any of them.

If we can get 1 left-winger and 1 CF if would be more than happy to start the season with this squad.

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22 Jul 2013 19:10:25
Ed is there any interest in Gameiro? seems strange that we have been linked for the last two seasons with him yet this year when we are desperate for a striker his name hasn't come up. He is more what we need and might convince parser to stop hoof ball {Ed001's Note - he is actually available this summer as well, yet Newcastle haven't been linked at all. Odd one that after all the links in the past.}

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That's because all these links were fictitious.
Are people still so gullible?

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Going to seville

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22 Jul 2013 14:58:15
we are looking to step in and grab evian striker sagbo, ex monaco and lightening fast

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Hull City have successfully negotiated a deal to sign Ivory Coast striker Yannick Sagbo from Evian.

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Is he any good though? Just because he's fast doesn't mean he's good. He could be another Obertan

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Kin near thought he was saving money on signing for the toon

Trouble is no signings means we are weaker
So come January and we are adrift and not able to perform another miracle to stay up what money are we saving

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I heard a rumour that Ashley once signed a player or 2 and wanted the toon to learn from last seasons mistakes and would invest in some players to get back into top 7 of the league

Only a rumour mind
Please sell up Ashley and let someone who cares buy us

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Hull is only one of a few clubs trying for him but he has shown an interest in coming to us

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When are we going to be told the truth about these signings

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We're not and never will be informed of ANY transfer. this regime don't do public relations.

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I would expect we are not "told the truth" about the signings, and has nothing to do with public relations, is to prevent a bidding war that pushes up the price, especially since Carr has done a good job of getting talent. Furthermore, I think the players Pardew mentioned are probably back ups to other deals or red herrings.

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Agree with last post. None of the names mentioned looks like a 'Carr' scouting. Where are the 20 - 22-yr-olds?

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If I was Ashley I wouldn't speak to us either, I don't like the man but when people are slagging you off in the stands and having pops at everything you do would you speak to them? Like it or not he owns the club outright, we loved it when he came.

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22 Jul 2013 14:50:46
Rumours stating jelavic on his way from everton

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No chance he would leave everton to sign for the toon

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Aye for a night oot

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22 Jul 2013 12:00:45
We have apparently signed Nelson Oliviera on a years loan from Benfica

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Thought it was stoke who had a deal in place for him

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Nelson Oliviera is going to Stoke City according to their club sightings list.

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I read this somewhere also. but I thought he was going to stoke?

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I thought Ashley didn't do loans {Ed001's Note - maybe he has had a change of heart now the club is sponsored by Wonga?}

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Looks to have a bright future ahead of him, hope it comes with an option to buy. Think he would suit Newcastles play better than Stokes.

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Haha, nice one Ed!

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ED001 classic!

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If only this site had a like button Ed. legend

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22 Jul 2013 10:52:00
At last a bit of good news. Hartford is not coming to Newcastle in any role. Staying at Millwall.

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Even millwall have more pull than us now, harfords a good bloke and knows the game would rather he was on the road with carr than jfk, I think we have lost out and the fact that he was approached shows that jfk isn't up to the job of trawling round the grounds

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Wonder who we'll scrape the barrel for now

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Considering the role, maybe he wasn't the right person, but would like to see someone come in.
Seemingly he would have been looking after scouting within the UK for emerging talent.
probably ties in with the academy's newly found Category 1 status.

I think Graham Carr would take care of mainland Europe and the Globe, where as JK's assistant will look within the UK.

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Newcastle have not been givin a category 1 for the academy we were givin a 2. Sunderland and Middlesbrough got a grade 1 not us.

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Keep up we got grade 1 last week

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I think you will find newcastle were giving a grade 1. Next seasons u21 premier league is made up with all the clubs that have been granted a grade 1 so please get your facts right before tellin others they wrong

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Thats poor form on our parts if true.

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We got grade 1 status. just forgot to tell anyone

Says it all!!

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So we went from a grade 2 to a grade 1 and didn't announce it? Ah yes joke in err is in charge that's why. To be fair I thought we were a grade 2 didn't know it was upgraded last week.

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Probably due to the embarrassment of missing out on it last year.

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22 Jul 2013 10:06:27
Newcastle have put in a formal bid for Bafetimbi Gomis. Newcastle will also meet Loic Remy's representatives this week and if we miss out on Darren Bent we will turn to Andre-Pierre Gignac.

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22 Jul 2013 09:35:07
Newcastle have launched a 15m bid for French strikers Bafetimbi Gomis and Andre Pierre Gignac. Source: tv

Still hope we get remy who i'd rather have than Gignac.

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I would rather have Gignac! Although Remy is a better striker, he goes to court in September and that's something as a club we could do without!

I think Gomis will sign this week, then either of Bent, Remy or Gignac will follow after. Maybe 2 of them depending on the Cisse situation!

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Dump cisse now
Using his beliefs as a tool for a transfer

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21 Jul 2013 22:15:20
Eds, in the event that Cabaye goes to United, or perhaps PSG or Monaco, are there any central minefields Newcastle have interest in to replace him?
NUFCDownSouth {Ed001's Note - autocorrect? Great correct if so! Newcastle were sniffing round Scott Parker a while back, though I am not convinced Cabaye will be going anywhere personally.}

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Scott Parker would never be interested in a move back

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Scott Parker who left because he does not like living in the North Earth? Zero chance of that ever happening. Not to mention his age. {Ed001's Note - I fully agree, that is probably why it was just a while back and nothing came of it.}

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Overrated Parker, goes round in circles hen passes it to the one e could have before he started DRILLING! Brave but don't make a good footballer!

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