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22 Jul 2012 22:35:13
hoillet stalling over deal to sign for qpr bcoz wants to try in get a deal from newcastle but qpr offered 70k a wk plus there trying to offload joey barton.

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Any truth in the post edd have you heard anything...?...k {Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware the deal is as good as done for him to go to QPR and Newcastle dropped out a long time ago. His wage demands scuppered a number of moves.}

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Even Pardrew admitted a couple of weeks back that an offer was made and that it was most likely he would sign for the highest offer which he added was not us.

If that's the way he wants his career to go best avoided IMHO.

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Reading on sky paper talk on transfer centre its because blackburn are asking 6 million for him instead og it going to tribunal as he came through the youth system and is under 24 years old......k

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Blackburn want Mackie the other way. Mackie is electric and i would not mind him at Newcastle, Lightning pace. Mackie would suit us Better than Carroll or Hoillet. Mackie is the new Bellamy without the mouth.

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I think hoilett would be a great signing for newcastle but if we could pay his wages, he'd surely want a newcastle move rather than qpr!

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You have to be bloody kidding me he is the biggest waste of space ever he has not got a yard of pace couldnt score in a brothel with fiftys hanging out his back pocket i know andy c is not rated but he mackie not in the same league this kid is lucky to be playing in prem he looks like a sunday league player im forty and me knees have gone but could still play better than him pmsl u would want to take us back to the 80s where mavis reiley was our esteemed striker with tony cunningham two duds like mackie be real sound like a mackum m8

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22 Jul 2012 09:31:09
Expect the Debuchy deal to be completed by midweek. All other deals are being worked on but nothing iminent although some progress should be made this coming week with most Internationals returning from their extended holidays. Just can't see anything happening with Andy Carroll especially a permanent deal cos MA wont sanction such a high transfer fee. Its obvious we have to strengthen in other areas first. Anita would be a great addition but no approach as yet by NUFC

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Everyone keeps saying "just a few more days" or "by the end of the week" about Debuchy... starting to think itll never happen...

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Gervinho/gameiro ala 2011

not getting my hopes on this one. i trust the board though.

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So pardew will play reserves in europa? why!! we wont finish top4 wont win fa cup or milk cup deluded cockney. we could go a long way in europa cup with a good side playing ashley needs2 spend some cash on decent players i wish he would sell club

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Stop moaning

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Sad mackam above me thinks

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Is this person not satisified with krul, Colo, santon, Tiote, Cabaye, Cisse, Ba, Ben Arfa, Marveux etc etc

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Makem trying to get a response me thinks....the club is running the way it should be no debt no bank payments and paying cash for players and in profit at end of every year....why dont you try spending double what you make every year and see how long you can last now jog on and stop twisting.......k

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It's because the winner of the Euro Cup only gets 3m. expect to see the likes of Goslin, williamson, perch, RTaylor, Amiobi etc.. to play most of the first lot of games...reading them names makes me want a top Midfielder, Defender, RB and striker to come in even more.

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Re above:- we still need a CB and RB as the ones we have are s***e. the way its going i will be surprised if we sign anyone.

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Why would you want to get rid of mike ashley when he has appointed pardew and organised some brilliant transfers

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At least read it write if your gonna have a moan, pardew said he will play youngsters in the qualifiers as we have 2 games in 2days. 2nd game of the season away at Chelsea.

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According to local press, Anita and his agent all three say one concrete offer received from Newcastle. Even Ajax admit bid as they say it wasn't enough. So where you get no solid interest from baffles me.

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