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22 Aug 2013 23:00:24
What are the latest transfer news for Newcastle anyone

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Kebabe going to the gooners that's it we will prob lose two nil to west ham fact

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We will not sign any1 until last day wait and see

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Who really care's if cabaye goes after Monday nyt when he showed no class by not playin as long as we get the money we want he can go n b4 u say we will lose 2-0 2 West Ham United I got to say jog on n go support the makems u turd! Support the team n the regime York mags out

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If Newcastle decide to sell, looks like it will be Arsenal that get Cabaye. But can't see Wenger upping his bid to more than £15mill. But as for players coming in its just a waiting game to see what happens as nothing seems to be moving forward in France.

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And the kebabs the one who even typed that, no, news, cabaye bid made and rejected he will go to psg, interest in ince, gomis, gourcuff, ayew and few others but no firm details

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22 Aug 2013 22:46:36
Reports of us readying a move for Andre Ayew from Marseilles

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28 in 107 for Marseilles. Not good enough. Compared to the likes of Bony and other R. V. W. this guy is a joke. If A. P. wants to play 4-4-2 he needs to goalscorers up there. Gouffran is poison. Jonas terrible. Yanga has no brain. Debuchy is shocking. We need 4/5 and it ain't going to happen. James McCarthy would be a good start. Siem De Jong another (why would he want to join Toon).

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^Why are you moaning about his scoring record. He's a winger/centre mid.

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He's a winger, he's not meant to have a high goals to game ratio

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He's a winger/striker and there is no way he is 23. Looks more like 43.

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He is not a striker. His brother Jordan is the striker.

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What a terrible 2nd comment. Not only no knowledge of incoming players, but a bad judge of some of the players we already have. If Gouffran scores against West Ham, no doubt the same person will be calling him sublime.

Gouffran and especially Mbiwa do not deserve any criticism. Both players go out on to the pitch with their heads held high and play like winners, if we had 11 players with the same attitude as those 2 we would have few problems.

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I have to agree. The players we signed in January are dirt. Sissoko had 2/3 good games. Done nothing since. Gouffran offers nothing. Debuchy is miles off the pace. Should Yanga play football. Caught out of position so much and dwells on the ball and looses it in silly areas. The players we are linked with don't fill me me with optimism. Gomis was meant to be this wonder kid. Never happened. Lower echelons of the French league suit him. Gourcouff is the exact same. Since Lyon signed him as their star man they have gone down hill. Not sure if Cordozo is still available but he would be worth a shot. Need to hold Cabaye and bid for McCarthy. Tom Ince is your typical over rated English youngster and 8 million would be robbery. Ayew will also offer us nothing. Don't know why we let Simo go. Far better than Debuchy.

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23 Aug 2013 17:47:22
"He's a winger/striker and there is no way he is 23. Looks more like 43. "

I guarantee all you're basing this off is a quick look at a profile page.

His brother Jordan is a striker. Andre is mostly played on the wing at Marseille but his actual preferred position is in CM.

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Mbiwa and Gouffran are 2 of newcastles best players.
Mbiwa is solid and doesn't make mistakes.
Gouffran is being played out of position. He's a CF not a winger.
I agree that Debuchy is shocking.

But it's the midfield that's the problem. Can't keep the ball long enough to give the defence a chance. The defenders are always under pressure as Jonas, Sissoko and Tiote can't pass and keep the ball.

We need creative CMs and a left winger.
Would like a new CB as I think Mbiwa would be better at RB than Debuchy. Debuchy make far too many stupid school boy errors, giving away penalties, fouls, out of position. I could do better at RB and I'm short, fat and 34 years old.

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I actually have sympathy for Cisse, Cabaye, Colocini, Ben Arfa and Krul. No players in around them. Like we play 1-1-2-1.

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22 Aug 2013 15:28:46
jfk and carr going to have another look at wells of bradford, they reckon he's the next phillips and only 22

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We must have known who we wanted in the summer. Now we are to believe they are running around Europe looking at players. Not buying it. Nobody is coming in and puppet Pardew will be thrown to the supporters.

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Newcastle looking for the next kevin phillips I think we might be looking for the next shearer NOT shearers boot cleaner who was average at best. k

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So we give Bradford Haris Vuckic on loan n we sign Nakhi Wells from them, suppose it makes sum kind of sense, is he any gud?

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Please wake up if there not here already we will not get them JKhas got now idea and Ashley will not spend the money FACT

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The next Phillips?

I can't recall a decent Phillips, unless your talking about the championship player Kevin?

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Exactly -they have always spouted off that they have all transfer windows planned over 6 months in advance
From where I'm sitting they are clueless in what to do, how to do it and who to go for

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We are not at the races it is a disgrace

Pardew met Ars. Hole Face in France because he could not be bothered to make a half hour flight to the Toon

Nothing to do will buying players

Get real stay away from the game or look on the mirror and blame yourselves not Ashley.
He is a cretin most fans are just loyal WELL it's your time now do something about it

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If he's the new Phillips could hive him a 20 year contract. He ll still b playing!

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Pardew will be gone by The end of September. expect Poyet to be our new manager.

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Aye, Puppet Poyet has a nicer ring to it I reckon

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Is that the Kevin Phillips who won the European Golden boot. How many of them did Shearer win?. NONE. Phillips is the ONLY Englishman to win the European golden boot. So give him some respect and stop being petty, deluded and pathetic.

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Poyet would be bearable, at least good football to watch

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So we swap a player with international experience and PL experience for one whose highest level of experience is Div 1 and that is just this season. Not even our lot could be that stupid.

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Phillips was rubbish lol, he needed Niall quinn to do all the dog work for him.

The only good player I have seen in a Sunderland shirt was Lee Clark.

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The talk is either gus poyet lee clark or jk will take over from pards

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Anybody who thinks Phillips was rubbish can't claim to know much about football. He's what, 40 now and he still scored regularly in the Championship. He was a fantastic striker at his prime.

Far too much bias.

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Wells looks like a good young striker but don't know if the step up to the prem could be too much.

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22 Aug 2013 14:13:15
PSG are working on a deal to take both Yohan Cabaye and Mathieu Debuchy. 30m and i'd let them go. Or £20m + Sakho. Then i'd get Richards from Man City, Gomis and Tom Ince for around 27m if ashley would pay it.

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So we going to let players go then who the hell would want to come to us the way things are run and the poor wages we pay we ain't going to sign no one good enough for the prem the club is a joke

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Can see the first part and it filling Ashley's pocket - no players coming in this window
Then panic signings in January when we are bottom of the table - sounds familiar?

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As if they are worth that. Even cash rich clubs like PSG will only pay money when they have to. They are not going to pay over the odds for 2 overrated players which we will be keen to sell regardless.

This is not new money for PSG. They have been rich ever since Claude Makelele joined from Chelsea about 5 years ago. So why did they not buy these 2 straight from Lille for less money?

They may be new interest in Cabaye because of Blanc, but that's as far as it goes. We will make a profit, but not the crazy money people are talking. He's decent player, but that's all. He gets fatigued and stressed and is actually quite unreliable.

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Would be happy to see cab eye go as long as debuchy went as part of the deal. At least then there is no chance of Pardew playing him.

Buy alderwield and then play mbiwa at RB.
Then spend as much as we can on 2 new CM, LM & CF.

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We are not going to get a ball over the line never mind a transfer what a disaster

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Lies!read tv text and see what the puppet said about his jolly to France and there are NO imminent signings, u lot believe owt

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That's stupid debuchy is a good player good experience and better than Simpson and play mbiwa at rb? Why not in cb his natural position then he might become a solid defender for the club.

Some people talk some crap on here

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Exactly what have you seen from Debuchy so far to suggest that he's a good player? He may have been decent in France, but he is not strong enough for the Premier League, its too physical. Bad signing for a lot of money. Should have kept Simpson.

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"That's stupid debuchy is a good player good experience and better than Simpson and play mbiwa at rb? Why not in cb his natural position then he might become a solid defender for the club.

Some people talk some crap on here"

I agree with the part about Yanga-M'Biwa. He was bought to be a CB and has the potential to be a very good one. He should be played there alongside Colo, and Taylor should be dropped permanently unless we're desperate.

But Debuchy. I've tried to defend him as much as I can but he's not improving at all. Great in France, and the Euros, but up to now he's done nothing to show he'll make it here. Hope he comes good though.

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Wasn't Debuchy the best right back in the euros?

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22 Aug 2013 12:31:12
I love it how PSG made a 18m + Sakho deal to just a 15m bid and Tom Ince looks like he is close to be a tooner for 8m. Don't know about Gourcoff or Gomis. But Gomis did miss the Lyon game against real sociedad and was beaten 2-0. If Gomis missed the game it looks like we are close to our 2 permanent. Now come newcastle, specially aimed at mike Ashley bring them in for sure instead of sitting on your truff being a lazy crap

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Gomis is out of the picture and training with the reserves -that's why he didn't play

Pardew and co were meeting Ashley in France to decide upon a strategy - this is pathetic as it should have been done months ago
May be they all wanted a jolly to Monaco!

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22 Aug 2013 11:30:54
Enquiry been made into Jay Rodriguez of Southampton

Reliable source

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22 Aug 2013 00:00:45
Joe Kinnear has sent out scouts for more Frenchmans who I seem to think are a good buy in Kinnear pull it off but the two people being scouted are Bafe Gomis and Yoann Gourcoff. Also more great transfer news is that we are beating Tottenham in the race for England u21 international Tom Ince for a region of 8m

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The Gourcoff rumour is completely made up, Pardew being at the Lyon game has led a journalist just to dream a story up. There is no foundation for that rumor at all. Lyon paid 22 million for Gourcoff too.

The fact we have been linked with Gomis and Gomis not playing for Lyon makes it quite obvious to me what is going on.

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8M sounds an awful lot for a completely unproven championship player

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More "great" transfer news. What was the first piece because I haven't heard any all summer.

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Paper talk tbh they have said all summer it will take big bids to buy our decent players. ( in my opinion pardew himself inviting people to buy the likes of cabaye ) they want to sell him or ant other asset just so we don't spend or have a minimal out lay £60 million from epl £30 million in the fat lads pocket the other £30 million goes in wages etc and honestly think ones had about £120 million out of the club he will sell club so he makes a profit can't believe nobody actually wanted to buy the toon as we in top 5 supported clubs in epl going of fan base size. k

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Signing all these French players is going to end in disaster, if we end up in a relegation battle. Mark my words!

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I thought that too in my opinion he is 4m max

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"8M sounds an awful lot for a completely unproven championship player"

Yeah but if you look at the going rate of these young, English lads from the Championship its pretty average. Zaha was £15m. The likes of Ince, Hughes etc. are all valued upwards of about £8m.

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Completely unproven Championship player?! Have you seen him play? He is not just good on the ball but puts in a shift without it too and his performances for the England U21 team have been fantastic too. Well worth the £8 mill.

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Cardiff had bid of over 8mill accepted for ince so you have to look to sign him would be about the same

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Completely unproven Championship player?! Have you seen him play? He is not just good on the ball but puts in a shift without it too and his performances for the England U21 team have been fantastic too. Well worth the £8 mill.
Still in the championship. and quite frankly, none of the U21's done themselves any favours in their last tournament did they?

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The problem with signing Ince is the huge gulf in class between the championship and premier league. Just because he's good in the championship doesn't mean he'll be good in the pl. Anyway a lot of his reputation seems to stem from the fact that he's Paul Ince's kid.

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So not played in the premiership then is the short answer.

If I was Ince's dad I wouldn't want him anywhere near Pardew as we are a graveyard for developing players.

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They are all stupidly priced because they are English. Can't blame us for buying abroad, just need a good foreign manager to go with it.

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