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21 Sep 2013 14:04:59
Boyakasha! The team to face Hull:

(4-3-3): Krul; Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa, Coloccini (c), Santon; Anita, Sissoko, Cabaye; Ben Arfa, Cissé, Remy.

R. I. P Hull.


Ben Arfa was redundant and offered zero support to Debuchy down the right. Two decent games out of five is not good enough. He is a liability and we cannot afford to carry players.

That was a shocking display. too many players went into hiding.
And so it begins.

Get used to it -no pressure on places as squad so thin, too many foreigners who can't stand the pace and go missing when things get tough
And a manager, DOF and owner with rosé tinted glasses thinking we are far better than we actually are
Going to be a long hard season. as we've had an easy start to the season bar Man City we should have won all of the matches

I was at the match. The goal from the free kick was appaling. watch the replay and tell me it wasnt match fixing. Even the basics went out of the window. Who marks from a free kick by standing behind a player?! Debuchy was awful, santon should be dropped. Ben arfa needs to remember there's other players in his team. we should not have lost. And to add to it. the gallowgate end needs a real good clean. there's pigeon dirt everywhere!

3 of our supposed 'top players' didn't turn up today. Cisse, Cabeye and Ben Arfa. Any team can't afford to carry 3 players.
We gave hull players too much time on the ball, yet the were trying to close us down around the halfway line.
It's bad to lose at home this early in the season, everyone can watch the game replayed and see how to beat us at st James.
Very poor showing. At least scumderland keep losing. But what's the bet that they don't win a game till the derby and then beat us.

The first goal was preventable, Debuchy left his man open instead of staying close. The other two were lucky in my opinion. The free kick would have gone wide had it not glanced of the guy's head (however we should have been marking him) and went in off the post, the third goal was lucky because again it was off the post and in. Any goal that goes in off the post is a lucky goal because for every one that goes in an equal or greater number will come back out. So apart from a couple of defensive errors which will hopefully be sorted soon Hull got very lucky in getting more than one goal. But on the bright side Remy scored 2 good goals today and hopefully he'll score plenty more.

That team should be annihilating Hull, not one of the Hull team would get in our side.

Defensive errors again. FFS! get a culpable defensive coach already. Is it really that difficult to make the minor tweaks we need.

4th post. bet u weren't saying that after the villa mstch. players can't perform week in week out. you need a squad made up of 15 good players, we have 12, 13 at the most. hence the attack towards board n management. Stevie wonder can see that. Santon is our best LB, debuchy is a poor defender but do was enrique and look how that turned out. give him a chance. HBA unfortunely that's who he is. biy like dyer but with a few more goals.



Yes I was and players should perform week on week -if I don't perform in my job I get sacked. and some of the non performers get paid in a week what I get in a year

Can anybody remember Pardew ever rotating players for Premier League games?

We should be bringing Dummet, Haidara, Vuckic and Campbell through. I am not saying they should be going straight in to the team, but they are never going to progress if they are not given their chance and game time.

Sticking out the strongest 11 for every game only tires the players out, plus they become unchallenged for their place in the team, which does no good.

Pardew is clueless he does what he's told and who to play.

I think it will be interesting to see if tiote can get back in as anita now looks at home in the team. Also remy needs to be signed asap, he reminded me a lot of another frenchman who also wore that number 14 in the prem ;)

Haidara's injured and Campbell's not good enough yet he'd do better going out on loan for the season

Sh**e game poor performance but let's not blame the crap on the field have a go at pardew poor alan can't win

How is Campbell not good enough?

He is certainly good enough to get at least 15 minutes a game, giving him more and more game time as he steps up.

I watched Campbell in all of his appearances last season, and I have no idea how you can say he ''is not good enough yet. ''

Campbell has pace to burn, loads of energy, good dribbling/posture, and his passing is movement is top notch.

What about Campbell is not good enough yet?

Campbell may be playing well in the reserves but he's done nothing to prove he's good enough at premier league level. All he's done is play the last 5-10 minutes of a couple of games so regular first team players can be rested when we were lacking numbers and in that time he's not demonstrated any of this fantastic dribbling or passing etc that he apparently has. The fact of the matter is that he's not good enough yet which is why the club want him loaned out so he can get first team experience in the lower leagues. You need to stop fantasising about the young local lad scoring the goal that wins us the game and the league because the world doesn't work that way. Too good for the reserves doesn't mean he's good enough for the PL. Just because some persons have arbitrarily branded him the next Wayne Rooney doesn't mean he is, in fact he'll be lucky if he gets to be anywhere near as good as Rooney.

Here we go again, we lose one game and everyone is back on APs back.

How about you blame the defence? Colo and Mbiwa were totally clueless at the weekend!

Campbell isn't good enough, if he was he would be playing.
Remember Rooney and Owen, these players came and set their first games on fire and gave you something to remember. And they started as subs.
Campbell just doesn't cut it, he needs the chance to play first time, and he also needs more time to grow as a player.
Stop thinking just because he has been highly spoke of (god knows why, he has done nothing to deserve it)that he is a magical, quick that he will be the answer to all our problems. But I would rather give him a shot then Cisse, what a tool he is!

Doesn't Pardew spend 4 out of 5 days coaching the defence? The same defence which shipped 68 goals last season. Is there someone else to blame? Also isn't the manager meant to motivate the players?

Big congratulations for the person that opened his mouth before the game!

If anyone went to the Villa match, Villa were absolute rubbish that day. We didn't need to do too much to win. So I am actually not that surprised after the Hull result!

We will do nothing this season, you are delusional if you think otherwise. We are about on par with Hull, although our team is hugely more expensive.

Papiss has to be dropped, regardless of what he can do he's not doing s****. Play shola/sammy to prove a point that u don't automatic get a place in the 11 for being the best in your postion n then he might realise he must perform better.

Cisse can't do anything that is why he has to be dropped




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