Newcastle Rumours Archive October 21 2012


21 Oct 2012 21:19:00
Why are people being so negative and saying, be thankful if we finish mid table, because we won't! apart from Liverpool, we've got a good run of fixtures that can help up get some points and climb us up the table. I think 9th would be a disappointing finish. I reckon this season we will finish about 6th, 7th. We may have a bit of a stop-start season up until January. But i'd be happy sitting 8th in January then we have the transfer window to boost our squad. Then maybe climb up to about 6th, which would be a decent position.
A successful season for me would be:
Finish 6th, 7th
Beat Sunderland
Finish above Sunderland
A not bad, but not great season for me would be:
Finish 8th, 9th, 10th
Draw or lose or beat sunderland
Finish above sunderland


Transfer window? When OUR manager bleats on about losing players BUT NOWT about getting some in?

Well how do you think he'd look if he said "we're confident of getting lots of new faces in" or words to that effect and then didn't sign anyone? He's being realistic in admitting we may lose players in January

2m net spend in summer dont hold your breath in jan ,also ba and simpson will probably be sold

Thats not true, with the money we have in January, we can buy some quality players, that can bolster our squad. However all is on Ashley, to spend........

We say the same every window. Ashley had the chance to strengthen the squad in the summer and give us a realistic chance to challenge for the top 4. Instead he kept the money in his deep pockets. His only interest is to stay in the premier league that is it.




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