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21 May 2013 09:49:59
meeting today with RAFAS reps let's hope the offer is good enough as he seems to have other offers PORKY PIES days are numbered

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Why do you think there's a meeting today? i'm not complaining, just asking. Trying not to get my hopes up.

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Wont be meeting anyone untill pardew goes

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Pardew won't go till rafas in place porky pies won't be in a job much longer

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In the words of the immortal Morrissey: 'For once in my life, won't you let me, let me get what I want'.

RAFA we need you!

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Isn't Rafa in the US?

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Its rafas reps and agents talking to lampost and charnley I bet that's hard getting any sense out of them two

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Rafa has met with Napoli.

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You really think you've got a chance with Rafa

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Convinced he will be gone!

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Anita just doesn't suit someone like Pardew's route 1 blueprint.
Under a ''footballing'' manager he would look fantastic.

I really hope Carrol goes to West Ham. I know Pardew is a long ball dinosaur in the Allardyce mould but with any luck and a miracle Pardew may not be with us much longer and we don't want to be saddled with a very injury prone, non - prolific hoof ball magnet with a very unprofessional off field lifestyle.

If Pardew stays I expect Jay Spearing type signings and hoof ball Andy while Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Anita and Marveaux will all move on.

Stoke fans have finally been put out of their misery, when will we be?

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Pulis lasted 7 years!

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21 May 2013 09:49:49
Rene girard next manager

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Would rather have Rafa. But do want a change at the moment. don't mind Pards really, but think he's run his course. Time for a chnage. can't see him taking us further unfortunately.

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Wouldn't be a bad choice. Good manager, French, has actually done well and won something. Would be even better if he could tempt some Montpelier players to us, especially Belhanda.

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Why would Girard be a good choice? He has no experience of the EPL, remember Juande Ramos at Spurs, he was appointed on the back of successive Europa league wins with Sevilla and took Tottingham from 5th place to the verge of relegation. a bit like Pardew really just without the silverware. I would still go for Martinez, or Rafa although I always thought he was a defensive manager who tinkered too much and bought badly. A bit left field but what about Heynckes who will be looking for a job after the CL final? Out of our league possibly but it is worth asking him the question?

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We won't get Heynckes, Martinez will probably go to Everton if he leaves Wigan, Rafa's a maybe depending on if Ashley will meet his wage and budget demands but I still think Girard would be a good choice

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Swap the devil you know for the devil you don't know? Haven't there been enough changes of manager over the years? Pardew deserves one more crack at it, but this time with Llambias' support in the summer window.

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The first time we are showing stability and have the second longest serving manager in the premier league, and everyone wants a change.

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Because it's easy to be a good manager when things are going well but Pardew's shown he can't cope when things go south. He's shown it multiple times with multiple clubs

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Why would we want a new manger. Err. We came 16th!

Stability comes with the right man in the job from the outset. Pardew isn't, never was and never will be the right man to do the job and be consistently successful. As we spectacularly found out a swallow doesn't make a summer.

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If mediocrity is what fans want Pardew is ideal but only just.

If we want a team that can compete and take the Premiership seriously by that a top 6 finish every season with a chance of cup success then Pardew has to go and now.

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I think it's hilarious that you think you're in with a shout of signing Benitez as your manager! Delusions of the highest order!

What happened to 'In Pardew we Trust'? 9 year contract and all that nonsense!

Benitez has held talks with PSG and has been offered the Napoli job. He would prefer the job in Paris, this I know for a FACT!

The barcodes need to lower their expectations and get a reality check. You should've kept Hughton

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