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21 May 2012 18:27:35
This summer pardew looking to the serie a for transfers, with a large shopping list

mauricio isla
eljero elia
khouma babacar
abel hernandez

also looking to sign diego renan from cruzerio, a defender who can play either on the right or left or georgy schennikov,young russian left back who plays for cska moscow and is the same age as santon

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Hernandez a posible replacement for the departing Ba Elia back up for Jonas and HBA and Bojan to bolster attacking options

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Cant see us changing our philosophy massively, Serie A players havent been all that successful in the prem in general. Elia looks the most likely, if any, out of those names

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Someones being playing too much FM

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I rate abel hernandez quite highly so would love to see him at the toon!

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Why bojan he is the biggest flop to come out of Barcelona for years who couldn't score goals for barca??

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This was obviously written by Alan Pardew or Mike Ashley, FFS PEOPLE, NOBODY KNOWS ALL THE TARGETS OF NUFC, YOU'RE MAKING STUFF UP! The worst thing about it is, you know everyone knows you're full of poo but you write it anyway, pah.

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Can I just ask the above poster why he bothers coming on to the site to read these 'works of fiction', if he knows they're all lies?

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That's the point of a rumours page

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Little rumours fair enough, but people come on with lists and list of names they got off Wikipedie or FM, sorry to upset the gaffer Geordie Steve though, I'll ask your permission next time I want to write anything your highness.

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21 May 2012 18:10:51
hi ed do u think newcastle shud go for Ricardo Vaz Te {Ed007's Note - I'm not a Newcastle fan, but why would they? Do you really think he would improve Newcastle's team/squad.......}

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Vaz Te would be rubbish for us. championship player at BEST.

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Was rubbish at Bolton and just because someone does good in the championship doesn't mean he's going to be any good in the prem. don't think he's even good enough to be a squad player tbh

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Cannot begin to think why you think this player would improve us. He is a very poor quality player, Leon Best would tear this guy a new one and thats says a lot. Very poor in the PL and at most is a championship player.

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Got released by Hibernian he is that bad...

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21 May 2012 16:56:06
Toon interested in Steven defour who plays for Porto, release clause means he could come for approximately €8mill

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Have to be careful with release clauses as they can only apply to the country in which the player plays

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Depends what the player wants after all I guess

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Is that first comment dependent on the individual contract or contracts in that country as a whole? If it's the latter it's not really true, eg Cabaye. Or is it a Portuguese thing?

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It's highly unlikely that the clause would be based on a national contract

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Some countries have national rules regarding contracts, like in Spain all players have to have a buy out clause (which is why they're so ridiculous). I have no idea, I was just wondering what the first comment meant.

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21 May 2012 16:10:29
Ive heard strong rumours that we are looking at Elia from Juve, heard anything about this Ed?
Could get him on the cheap coz he's out of favour there. {Ed007's Note - Newcastle have been linked with him for a while now. How far down the line any deal is I don't know, sorry.}

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Ok cheers Ed.

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He is just a faster version of obertan same product at the end ..... Nothing

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21 May 2012 12:11:04
Any idea if/when Toon are going to announce Amalfitano's signing? Spanish Mag

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Next week apparently

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As soon as his contract at Stade Reims runs out

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21 May 2012 00:39:06
Mike Ashley considering extending St James' Park, huge waiting list on season tickets, full house expected for every game next season, Gallogates roof will be taken off to make way for 6,500 more seats taking the capacity to 59,000.

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I doubt this is true.
would be great if it was.

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This has been looked at before and due to the metro station where it is the ground will not hold the wieght ofa gallowgat extension and the east stand cant extend due to the listed buildings behind. That is why they where looking to build a new stadium in leazes park. i

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There used to be 15000 ticket waiting list and there was allways plans to extend aswell as do a casino etc and i believe the plans where all passed before ashley purchased the club but tbh think we need a few years back in europe first to re-establish ourselves...

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21 May 2012 00:15:02
Montpellier won Ligue 1 tonight, so the prices of Giroud/Belhanda/Yanga Mbiwa just shot up another couple of million.

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Is Yanga Mbiwa not a free transfer ?

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Would love Belhanda... Who knows, we've bought a French Ligue 1 centre mid before... What do you think Ed? {Ed001's Note - I expect him to move this summer, a lot will depend on the price though, Newcastle won't pay over the odds for him.}

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Ben Arfa's and Cabaye's prices did not

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