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21 Jul 2012 23:29:01
Loic Remy to sign for Newcastle for around £15M

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Can't c MA doin it.....

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Marseille want 18 million euro (14 million) for him so it could happen. Hope it does, terrific player and one that I have wanted for years.

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Why would we be able to afford it on him and not on de Jong? I do not believe we will land any attacking players this window. I just hope we get at least one defensive.

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Does Ashley know that

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Why not great signing

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Theres a rumour we have inquired with Marseilles whether 10-12 mil euros was enough, which was rejected. because they WANT closer to 15 mil pounds.

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Got to get carroll back at least he wont be going 2 african nations he would get us 25 goals next season

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He would cost more than that.

At this point i hope Newcastle go for a striker (Not Carroll).

No point letting our hearts rule out heads in wanting him back with Liverpool taking the mick over the price.

Its time to back off, Carroll will be back in a year or two and he will cost next to nothing which to be honest is what he is worth with his goal tally. There are probably centrebacks will more goals than Carroll in the last 18 months.

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Its been rejected

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De jong wanted to go to germany

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Don't think we will get Remy if we have the money I would personally go for matias Suarez from anderlecht for 16m can play as striker or winger

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Remy won't be going acon he is French lol

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Carroll couldn't get a championship team 25 a season. waste of 5mil even if that was what he was priced at

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13million euros was the bid i think.... well thats what it sed on NUFC blog

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Ed, If MA wanted to throw money to get Remy what would sturridge be worth. {Ed001's Note - Sturridge? Would you really want a ball hog, who has no idea what the word pass means? I have no idea what it would take to get him, but he is not worth much in my opinion, not until he learns that football is a team game.}

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Whos 2 say we cant get both remy and carroll this window, carroll on loan with a view 2 a permanent move next summer and it still leaves us with the cash to spend on remy this window.

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I can't believe that toon fans are still saying we need cover for the 2dembas there chances of going to the ACON are slim to non

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21 Jul 2012 22:53:02
Remy bid 15million euros.

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21 Jul 2012 19:17:01
Toon looking to hijack aston villas almost completed transfer of Ron Vlaar as douglas does not want to leave fc twente.

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To old

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I think hes nearly 27

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21 Jul 2012 18:17:15
The Carroll deal is off. The toon looking to sign huntelaar the Dutchman is coming to Newcastle.

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To be honest I am not really bothered if Carrol comes back or not. I am sure Carrol aint the only striker we are looking at. As for the price tag of 20 million who are Liverpool kidding. If they want shot of him they need to bite the bullet and take the hit cos he aint worth more than 10 million.

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I'd personally love Huntelaar at the club, but wouldn't be suprised if another team willing to pay over the odds and a rediculous wage comes in and nicks him.

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Agree the Carroll deal is off - the bid was more to try and win over the fans who hated the board for the sale of the player. Now that Carroll has said he wants to stay, they can say "We offered a route back home".
However, Huntelaar? I have doubts over that one. It would be difficult to rotate with him and the two Dembas...

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Agree with the above post, waste of 20 million for someone who could just be a bit time player, rather we get a up and coming teenager who could be moulded and nurtured for the future

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Huntelaar ready made star. Unless his contracts comming up and he's cheap I don't think so.

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Think ashley has more than proved his way is obviuosly his way and tbh its working so who cares and would think 99% of fans are happy now.......k

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I agree that Ashley has won a lot of the fans over, but he also lost a lot of support over things such as renaming the stadium and stands, the manner of the Carroll sale, etc.
I maintain this move is more for PR than actual intention, given Newcastle have usually tried to keep news of their bids quiet. This one has been very public because they want it to be public.

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A lot of fans didn't hate ashley for seling carroll. a lot of people thought it was the best deal ever done.

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I never agreed to him changing the stadium name but tbh honest nufc got paid for it so can see why ashley done it but as far as i,m concerned its sjp and allways will be......k

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I dont rate Huntelaarr

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Let be Honest, Where is the logic in playing Carroll alongside Cisse, Ben Arfa & Cabaye etc who all play with sublime footwork. He will always be welcome back at Newcastle but he will have to find his own way home.

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Too old

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20 Jul 2012 21:47:32
andy carroll to sign for 18 million next week debuchy deal hinges on lille as there hanging out for more money and trying to make him frustrated in an attempt to make him stay plan b transfers are cisshoko pieters and wilfred zaha

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How can Zaha be a plan b for signing a defender

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Erm no .

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Butterfield lost to Norwich and Douglas do not want to join us. Will we get any more players or are we stuck with the thinnest squad in PL? We desperately need to get some more quality into certain positions. More quality does not mean Andy "Mr Overrated" Carroll.

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And what are we going to do about a rb? thats why we were after debuchy.... and you've named no other right backs i think if the debuchy deal falls through it will hurt he is a class player and showed that during the euros

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I really hope we dont pay 18 million for Carroll id say 10 max. I cant see Ashley paying that for any player anyway.

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Santon is a RB we need a LB. Id say go for Rose from Spurs

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Why pannick the transfer windows only been open for three weeks. And bearing in mind players are on extended hollidays due to the euros and some still away with the Olympics. Look at city don't think they have even signed a player yet with all there cash. The Andy Carroll saga will probably drag on. But if dembas staying no need for pannick just yet. As for debuchy let's see what happens next week but again we still have Simpson and ever Present last year. I'm sure people are working hard behind the scenes probably harder than ever as thy are trying to find youth to replace the ones we let go as well.

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We had agreed 16 million for modric under ashlet when dennis wise was there but then spurs signed him ashley will spend if theres a chance the plaer will turn out out to be a bigger prospect for profit.....k

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Look at City? City has an enormours squad and lots of world class players so they don't need to be active. We need to be active and get what we need early otherwise we will have to overpay at the end of the window which we will not and can not do.

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You won't get Carroll for 18 million.

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Zaha is plan b if we dont get carroll never said he was a right back

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James tav has looked decent in both games , good back up for RB or ch ?

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I agree with this comment, I do think James Tav does look like a good back up RB. I think his confidence on the ball is amazing and to be honest his control and passing ability look half decent aswell.

Its only been a couple of games but I do think he has a bright future.

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