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21 Dec 2012 20:30:40
Is it Mohamed or Moussa Sissoko that we are in for?

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I believe neither of those but aly is our guy

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Moussa sissoko of toulouse

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How does this even get asked all you have to do is read the previous posts or just search online

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Dave Sissoko from Wallsend

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Dave sounds about right

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21 Dec 2012 13:21:18
Reports have just come through suggesting that a 10mil fee has been agreed for loic remy, not sure if marveaux or Obertan are being swapped though. Great signing remy would be.

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We should of kept gutrie and we need to start keeping the ball on the deck drop jonas not been good all season

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Guthrie was out of contract and did not want to stay unless he was picked ahead of cabaye/tiote.

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Guthrie can't get a game for the prem's bottom side, he wasn't to bad at times but come on he's hardly going to take us forward, plus he wanted to go so **** him

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Cabaye injured tiote playing crap guthrie could keep the ball we have no real strength in midfield anita only coming good last couple of games in most games this season are midfield just gets bypassed jonas/perch dont really cut the mustard for me there

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Remy would be fantastic although i think we should get rid of obertan, doesnt bring anything to the team at all

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Listen lads I agree how bad obertan is but if we start just axing young talent we will become persons like man shi**y. Obertan is young and has talent, hes just a bit soft and has no confidence, we need to invest in more coaching for players like this. He needs to use his assists like pace instead of stopping when he runs and increase his strength. He could be a phenominal winger if we nurture his talent! Williamson has no talent so theres nothing we can do for him unfortunately.

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21 Dec 2012 13:18:05
There is a lot of talk at the moment that Loic Remy will sign for Newcastle in January. I think that would be a fantastic signing. As this is only paper talk is there actually any fact behind these stories? Would love to see him at Newcastle, i also think we should try and get Scott Sinclair from Man City, and Adam Lallana from Southampton.

We'll See what happens! {Ed002's Note - There is a very, very, very good chance of it going through.}

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Llalana was reported last night to have a very serious injury so can't see that one happening

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I agree with Lallana not sure about Sinclair also I've seen a couple of reports saying we've agreed a fee for Moussa Sissoko for about 5m but I'm not sure of the accuracy as those reports are paper talk as well

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Remy and sissoko look to be coming in from what ive heard and AP has today said hes looking to try and bring in 3 players

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Lallana is not for sale, so why keep on about it?
If he was for sale, he would not be sold to another club in the EPL this season. Do you think Saints would really want to make their chances of staying in the Premiership any harder?
Please connect your brain together before you post such nonsense.

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Don't think he would be for sale at the price he is worth and we'd be willing to pay, but clubs have limited ways to stop players leaving these days and are consistently held ransome for higher wages, saints may not want him to leave but im sure if some1 put the right price bid in he would leave

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Every player is for sale, it's just finding the right price

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You might be sure, but you are wrong! He is not for sale this season, at any price and he does not want to move.So, under what fantasy could he sign for Newcatle in January??

This is a rumour that seems to have your manager involved along the way and has nothing to do with Lallana or Saints. If you are that gullible you deserve all the disappointment coming your way.

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Sinclair is overated and lallana wouldnt get in as tiote and cabaye are better than him

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21 Dec 2012 10:40:38
I've heard Simpson to QPR as he wants to be closer to his lass. I would chuck in Williamson as part of the deal. Then replace them with actual premiership quality.

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What a stupid comment... Williamson is a very good back up, why would we get rid of him?

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Willo is a good backup..... scares me silly when he's on or near the ball though..

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It would be foolish to let either of them go but it would also be great if we could get in a couple of defenders who are better especially at centre half

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Why would we sell williamson? apart from Colo he's our only fit cb cos Taylor's out til some time next year

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If we bring in 1 good centre half and a young centre half willo should go, hes barely championship quality and due to him being so shocking with the ball at his feet we have to play hoof ball absolutely pointless

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Both are pants , I'm prepared to drive them both to London and want nothing in return . Please god let this be true

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Could get taarabt really creative him and ben arfa can be our hazard and mata

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Williamson scares me to death when i see him anywhere near st james park, I would pay 3mill to get rid of him, its not fair on him either, Its not his work ethic its his quality hes just not good enough. All the hard work and every time its him wandering off reminiscing of the chuckle brothers we used to have. GET RID COMPLETELY

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