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21 Aug 2013 14:15:14
Kinnear doesn't think Gomis is value for money or will hack the physicality of english football, hence having the final say on the length of time Campbells loan to Carlisle was, expect Campbell to be back on Sept 2nd and given a chance in first team.
Kinnear had final say on Bent and was worried about him being hounded out as "ex-enemy player" (his words) if he didn't score goals immediately, in turn reflecting badly on himself.
Facts, not rumours.

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Easy to say this is fact. what is your proof?

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Facts? Kinnear thinks Campbell is better suited to the physicality of the EPL than Gomis. Are you having a laugh?

Where are these "facts" from?

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I'm normally a patient person, but the long drawn out circus of transfers has made me very frustrated.
how do other clubs sign players with none of this crap, but we barter over everything.
bloody joke this is, well I for one am so peed off, so stop being greedy and pay the going rate and get these bloody players in.

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"Too many opinions are being posted here, just because you say it's a fact ir a qoute doesn't make it true"

- Elton John

Uni Dan

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The only fact that I know is about 11 days til transfer window shuts til jan,
Fact, still no bids recently concrete made by us for a permanent player at all
And fact we have had a bid made for cabaye
As well as losing Simpson, perch and harper.
Fact we were horrible against city
Never looked like scoring let alone winning.

All facts

Please someone at our club give us the team we want and need
Before its too late.

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Well we all know how right kinnears facts are!

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So Jokenear thicke Campbell would be better suited to the prem than Gomis.?
Well then that just shows what this man is all about doesn't it.

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It's totally embarrassing what we are doing -but guess Ashley is happy to take the 60m tv money and cabayes transfer fee for himself
Guess he will be happy when we are in the championship because that's where we are heading the rate we are going

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If we are incapable of delivering deals over the last couple months -how on earth can we deliver some in the last 11days of the window

Didn't Pardew tell everyone in an interview in January that they do all the work before the windows to make sure deals can be done in the early part of the window when all the best deals are done - as it turns out we hadn't submitted any bids (pardews interview this window) until the Remi and Gomis bids a week or so ago - that's really at the start of the window isn't it!
Clearly yet another pack of lies from Pardew - he should get on fine with Joke Kinnear then

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90% of deals are done in the last few days of the window - fact - when players and agents finally realise that they're not going to Real Madrid. Are Man U a 'laughing stock' because they can't get Fabregas? Are Chelsea a laughing stock because they haven't signed Rooney? Don't give up hope just yet, there's still time, and as I've been saying, there are hundreds of players out there. Vic

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Vic what planet are you on? 90% of deals are done in the last few days. Not at this club. Not last January, last August, or the previous two windows to that. Wake up mate and think about the facts before you post.

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Of course there's hundreds of players out there. but it don't look like they wanna come here does it.
And out of those "hundreds". how many quality players are left?

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You want facts? We're said to be chasing Gomis, Thauvin, Gignac, Ince, Gourcuff, Sakho, etc etc. Man U are still after Fellaini and Baines, Spurs are signing Willian, Chelsea are looking at Eto'o. Out of the hundreds of players out there, you don't think these are good 'uns? Some of these will, in FACT, move in the last few days. If you can read, and you've got a couple of brain cells to rub together, you'll see that I've never said we WILL sign anybody. How many do we need? Two, three? We signed FIVE in the much shorter Jan window, and if you have a memory better than that of a goldfish (perhaps not) you'll remember that most deals are, in FACT, done in the last few days, as everybody else knows. And just in case you still don't get it, my point is that there are still many players out there better than what we've got, and there's still time to sign them. Take a look at Window Watch. Vic

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De Jong, Wijnaldum, Vossen, Cvitanovitch, how many more do you want?

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Wenger on telly now - 'Transfer window is just starting now. ' (Thursday mid-day). Mind you, that's Wenger speaking.

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Vic I don't care about other clubs signing players. The"fact" is we won't. Why would you even mention other teams making signings in the last few days, when in the last couple of years have Newcastle made a signing in the last few days of a window. You also said that you didn't say we will make signings, but you did say don't give up hope. On what basis is there a reason for hope?

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You can give up hope if you want. You won't be alone, most posters on here are hopeless. But I'm an optimist in life, and as the saying goes, where there's life there's hope. I've always found real Geordies to be optimistic and cheerful but the moaners on here just want to wallow in misery. They'll only be happy if we're relegated again so they can gloat 'I told you so'.

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Sissoko signed 21 Jan. that late enough for you? Vic

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And Haidara on the 25th. Admit it, you were wrong.

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And MYM on the 22nd. In your own words, think before you post, silly boy. Vic

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Sissoko was bought in 10 days before the end, not a couple, and haidara was seen as one for the future, similar to the lad we signed from Metz. I do not count development players as impact signings for the season. I admire your optimism Vic. To be honest this is the first season I've felt this low going into a new campaign on such a downer with the team. Hopefully something will happen to inject some enthusiasm back in to it for me. We may have to just agree to disagree at the moment.

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Still waiting on this "hope" Vic. Can't even get a shot on target at home to West Ham Vic. Pathetic. All these over optimistic clowns are as bigger part of the problem as Ashley. Load of sheep.

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21 Aug 2013 10:28:50
Reports that while Carr, Kinnear and Pardew were in France for the Lyon-Sociedad game to watch Gourcuff before weighing up bids for him and Gomis, Newcastle also had scouts in the Czech Republic watching 24 year Macedonian winger Agim Ibraimi who is thought to be available for around £3 million. For that price he seems to be a good buy.

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Yep Good Bye if Joker gets near him

Pleb in football

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I`m sure the fat controller will find some brilliant footballer in the amazon jungle who`ll cost us jack s*** but if he can sell him on, more money for the greedy fat controller

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Yeah of course we are getting gourcuff with his 80k a week wages.

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Gourcuff's said he's willing to take a wage cut.

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Don't fall for it, it has been this for the whole transfer window with newcastle.
Don't fall for it, this is lies, Kinnear is lies, Pardew is lies, don't forget Mike Ashley is lies

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Don't fall for what? The club's said nowt. The lies are all in the gutter press and their evil spawn the gutter blogs.

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He said he would take a pay cut to go to Arsenal as they are in the CL

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21 Aug 2013 10:18:27
French reports suggest the gomis and gourcuff deals will b concluded in next 48 hrs for a combined fee of 15.8 million.
Sakho as part of the cabaye deal also mentioned as psg big admirers of him!

Tom ince would also be a great acquisition with final net spend minimal that even JFK and Ashley would see as good business.

Cabaye 18m + sakho

Gourcuff combined. 15.8m
Ince 8m

Net spend
5.8m for four quality players

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Psg have enough money not to Include sakho as part of the deal especially when e is one of their best defenders

We need to start getting real on here

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Think £15.8m is a bit dear maybe £13.5m (or offer 2 million less and Obertan) and Ince is worth like £6.5m and only has a year left so that should cut it to like £5m and loaning someone out eg. Sammy, Amalfitano, good etc.

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Sakho being "part" of the Cabaye deal is a bit ridiculous, surely. £18m + Sakho? No chance. More like a straight swap if anything. Cabaye + £4-5m at the very, very most.

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''Psg have enough money not to Include sakho as part of the deal especially when e is one of their best defenders''

How come he does not get in the PSG starting 11 then?

He wants first team football and is available, widely known that one.

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You do realise none of the above is likely to happen. Why would any ball players come with Pardew and JFK directing operations?

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Here we go again its the fans who are the cheapskates you all whine that the board won't pay for players then when someone says a rumour your all moaning its to expensive get a grip, sakho isn't wanted at psg that's been knowledge for months now so cld see that one, your all missing the point that they flew into nice not lyon ie nkolou, gignac and is it valbuena possibly targets

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"Here we go again its the fans who are the cheapskates you all whine that the board won't pay for players then when someone says a rumour your all moaning its to expensive get a grip"

Err no. Its called realism. We wouldn't pay £10m for Bony. We aren't moaning that these players will cost too much, we just know the board wouldn't pay the money for them.

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Pardew was seen at the Lyon game and Gomis wasn't playing. As for that list, I'd take N'koulou and maybe Valbuena but only if we didn't get Gourcuff.

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I don't think we were even interested in Bony because we would have gone for him after the Aubameyang bid failed, in fact we bid more than £10 million for Aubameyang so it's not like we refused to consider bidding £10 million for Bony.

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We don't do Net spends.
We don't do ANY spends. How much more does Ashley have to do to convince you?
The bloke's wallet is sealed underwater in concrete.

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You know bugger all, as for realism we bid 8mill for gomis so your we refuse to pay doesn't stack up on that one, i'm saying guys valbuena and nkolou are possible they didn't fly to nice for nothing

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"You know bugger all, as for realism we bid 8mill for gomis so your we refuse to pay doesn't stack up on that one, i'm saying guys valbuena and nkolou are possible they didn't fly to nice for nothing"

Yeah. €8m. Somewhere around £6. 5-7m. Hardly breaking the bank. Valbuena and N'Kolou would cost upwards of £10m and it just won't happen. All we do is "shrewd business". and we do it very, very slowly.

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Pardew said Newcastle never bid for PEA so there's half you lot that knows nothing stuffed stright away. Next we didn't bid for Bony only enquired about him and last but not least we did have a bid accepted for Gomis of around 8mil but the club couldn't agree personal terms as he wants to much. This deal is still ongoing and Newcastle are trying to reach an agreement with him. Cabaye will be sold and any profit will be in ashleys pocket. Now can we please just move on the only other signing apart from MABY Gomis will be a new director of football when Pardew is sacked on Kinnear takes over as head coach.

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Dont agree with the 18m + sakho for cabaye however with psg bringing in the young marquinhos and t. silva being a sure first pick sakho will be frustrated for first team football. especially when he wasn't being picked ahead of even alex. sakho will most likely leave the question is will he even consider us?

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21 Aug 2013 09:20:42
Cabaye and Ben afra are to be sold to fund a new striker. The club where in France with a few teams intrested in the two players. Think they where there to discuss fee's for the players. I think Gomis will be the only player heading the other way to support cisse and Remy.

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They would not fly out if it was to sell players

their staff would fly to us

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You never know knowing JK we can do anything
After all we Paid for Remy to come over -and he signed for QPR!

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Right, so we're going to sell Cabaye for £18-20m AND Ben Arfa for most likely upwards of £10m to fund a move for Gomis, who we already had an €8m bid accepted for ages ago?

I think you've got the maths slightly wrong.

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Slow day on the Sunderland page after getting beat by the worst away side in the league?

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Maybe because mate we've bought players and a certain team haven't!

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"Maybe because mate we've bought players and a certain team haven't!"

And hows that worked out for you thus far? Lost at home to one of the worst away sides in the league. Had 21 shots yet only 3 managed to hit the target. Clinical.

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You haven't bought players mate. youve bought or been given cattle.

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Is that not Newcastle 2 away wins all last season and not tied to better that this one

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You've just been murdered. not just the score but the manner of the way it happened also. how you can take any credibility just because sunderland got beat is beyond me. the sooner the tit for tat mentality goes the better because you'se are rubbish and has been said on this forum and safc could take ages to gel so trouble all round.

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We could go on the street and buy the first 10 people we saw and probably have bought better players than sunderland have. you rave about altidore but the last time he was in the premier league he only scored once in 28 games and even with our horrendous season we still finished above you unwashed smb's

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21 Aug 2013 07:52:34
Newcastle set to bid for Tom Ince when Cabaye leaves

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Won't have time two minutes before the window closes!

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21 Aug 2013 06:47:49
is Nice the airport for Lyon?They also went to Pilzen to watch Maribor winger whose available for £3m. Vuckic and Birigimana on loan 6 months

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Nice is next to both monaco and Marseille but it could also service lyon as its not that far from nice

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21 Aug 2013 05:29:24
Carr, pardew, joker reportedly split up and went on their own to scout, pardew was seen at the Lyon game by himself

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Joe probably just went off for a bit of sightseeing then a pub lunch and a drink (or two).
Then of course he rang up Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho, Guardiola and all the other managers he knows so well (in his dreams).

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