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21 Apr 2013 22:07:39
i was told a while ago 7 first teamers will leave nufc in summer.
1 williamson
2 oberten
3 gosling
4 harper
5 simpson
6 collocini
7 ben arfa (attitude)
i was also told ben arfa is not injured and that pardew has fallen out with him because of a bad attitude towards training. leaving our best player out in the situation were in is asking for bother as we have little or no creativity without him, we really need to play our strongest team in the remaining games to guarantee our safety. del


I don't think Williamson or Obertan will leave. Ben Arfa will only be gone if we get a 20mill offer.

The Ben Arfa bad attitude rumour will be made up to sell more papers or whatever

Rubbish, you can see HBA has been out injured look how much timber he is carrying. He came on against WBA and in 17 mins touched the ball 3x.

As a long time nufc fan I am sorry to see newcastle on he downward slope, similar to to leeds, Pompey etc.

1. 0-3 to Sunderland
2. All of our best players wanna leave
3. Our owner couldn't care
4. Not much money

Unfortunately guys we've lost the top dogs status and it has been lost for a long time

Lost the top dogs rep? What are you talking about? To who? Sunderland? don't make me laugh. This season we played in Europe and took an average of 50,000 attendance a week.

Yes Sunderland won, and yea they won easily, but we are definitely still the bigger club.

Where are you getting these comparisons to Leeds and Pompey from?
1. Our best players have shown no signs of wanting to leave
2. January's activity shows Ashley does care
3. Just because we don't spend huge transfer fees or wages doesn't mean we've no money it means we work within a budget so we don't get saddled with huge debts and what's wrong with signing good players cheap?
4. The derby loss was the first time we've lost the derby at home in over 10 years which points to fluke, plus most of our starting 11 for that game had played 3 games in the last week or were only just back from injury

To be honest most of the people here act like they want us to be in trouble so they have something to moan about, they're either not fans and are just here to cause trouble or they're fickle fans who need to accept that you take the good with the bad.

Won't be a bigger or better club than Sunderland if we lose our best players
Cabaye 15m
Ben arfa 15m
No more than that

No some of our fans need to get real and realise that we're not all were made out to be, as much as it pains nd to say it we should learn a lesson from our red and white neighbours down the road and being ourselves down to earth

And sissoko in jan
Will all be away because they are ambitious, nufc won't do it for them unfortunately

Cabaye & Ben Afra 15 Mil Each, Not a chance.

It would cost 15 - 20 to replace them so for a small profit it wouldn't be worth it.

You stick Cabaye in the Midfield of United, City or Chelsea and he would boss the midfield without a shadow of a doubt.

He is technically amazing and so confident on the ball and that is rare to find, Ashley wouldn't take anything less than 20 - 25 Mil for him alone.

Ben Arfa when fit and playing week in week out is a 30 Million Pound Player, He is a beast and can run rings around any player out there. His Value this year has decreased and to be Fair right now would to a decent offer, would it be worth selling for 15 million, No!, he can change a game in seconds and always looks to go forward. I would honestly like to see Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Sissoko and a NEW out and out winger on the left as out setup next year.

We have the foundation now which we havnt had since the 90's. We need to build on it.

Lets admit we havnt had the best of time on the injury front this year and also add to that our leader wants out in COLO, but next year I think we will have a good on if we can manage to stay in the PL, 3 quality players would change everything.

All the crack about ben arfa and cabaye worth all this money on what evidence can you base that on this season considering the situation the team is in at the moment would be lucky to get 5 or 6 mill for each there is no way anyone will want to pay over the odds for these 2 or any other player at the club judging on this season performances

Couldnt disagree more!

At the start of the season why Ben Arfa was fit he was the one keeping us ticking and no matter what anyone says he was outstanding. Since he came back he looks unfit and as you can see he is not match fit yet.

Cabaye when he came back from Injury you could see the class that he had but over the last 4 games or so it had dipped but to be honest I don't think its down to him.

Pardrews teams selections recently have been shocking. Perch, Tiote, Cabaye & Sissoko on Satarday was a huge mistake.

We should cut back to basics.

Play Arfa, Cabaye, Sissoko Any anyone else other than GUTI (He has had yet again another shocking season - Need to get rid in the summer)

See what happends but one thing for sure is he needs to change the formation, far to predictable.




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