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20 May 2012 23:31:50
Newcastle are to sign a deal with Stade Reims for 22 year old midfielder Romain Amalfitano sometime this following week around 3-6 million

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3-6m? He is on a free transfer this summer.

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Ive heard 3 mill

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Its a free transfer.

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It would be a free transfer but he is under 24 so compensation must be paid

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With him being under 23 that could be the compensation of 3 mill

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Its a free transfer and its only a couple of hundred grand, as he's ligue 2, no way there paying almost 3 mill for him

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How is a few hundred grand a free transfer you person ... You havnt a clue about football ...

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It will be a couple of Hundred Grand Due not millions. In France football conpensation is different to the PL. There is no way MA would take a punt on a player from ligue 2 for the cost of 3 MIL conpensation when you could have Mark Davies for 3.5 who we know can do a job, May not be the best player but it is much less of a risk. As N'Zogbia was when he came, the transfer fee will be between 200 to 300 grand. Guarenteed! No way we would pay 3 mil for him when we could get Benjamin Corgnet for 4.5 who would be immense!

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"hes out of contract and being under the age of 23, we have to pay compensation" the compensation due is beleived to have been agreed at around a couple of hundred person.....when you have a season ticket thats when you can say i know nothing about football

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No guys, L'equipe says his tribunal is 1 million euros, 807,000!!!

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And L'equipe know everything! How many stories have they got wrong in the past! no chance this lad will come for 807.000, The lad hasnt even signed yet, A tribunal takes place when the two clubs cannot agree to a conpensation package, this is done after the player signs!

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20 May 2012 21:59:54
Sochoux have stayed up in Ligue 1, I hope that we can still go in for Marvin Martin and Ryad Boudebouz. What do you think ED? {Ed001's Note - hard to say, they probably won't need to sell them now.}

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Martin looks likely to go to Lille to replace Hazard(on his way to Man Utd/Citeh, whilst Boudebouz has turned heads across the continent.

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20 May 2012 17:31:51
Mamadou Sakho of psg is a target for newcastle after pardew wanting a goalscoring cb, hes as quick as hatem and got the shot of cisse

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And he's a defender? i think this is a slight over exaggeration.

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Would love to see it but how would a club like us compete with the spending power of PSG? Think we need to keep level heads..

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Yeah right, he would cost 25mil, not goin to happen

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25m? closer to 6m

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Dinnet be daft, Sakho is way too expensive to us. First choice for one of the richest clubs in the world, he ain't joining us.

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Plus PSG are his hometown club and he is captain.

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He actually doesn't play behind Alex/Lugano

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20 May 2012 08:08:21
Ed, will Newcastle enter at the 3rd qualification of EL now when Chelsea won the cup? And Tottenham will enter at the 4th qualification or group stage? {Ed007's Note - Newcastle will enter at the Play Off (4th qualification) round and Tottenham will go straight into the group stages.}

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Playoff stage with teams like Stuttgart, Lazio, PSV, Hearts, CSKA Moscow. hopefully we get a small unknown Polish team.

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PSG are in europa league?

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20 May 2012 12:48:31
newcastle looking into signing juan manuel vargas and stevan jovetic from fiorentina

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Maybe on Football Manager - Jovetic is one of the hottest properties in World football and wold cost at least 15-20 million. if what I remember about Vargas is true then he is a bit of a mercenary - had one great season at Catania and then rocked them with a transfer request ala Holt and Chimbonda, not what we need...although is a good player.

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Vargas is at fiorentina with jovetic not catania?

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Yes, I know that I was simply illustrating how after one good season at a smallish club he felt he was too good for them and left them in the lurch for money and personal gain, not the type of player we go for any more.

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