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20 Mar 2012 23:39:49
We are keeping very close tabs on young Groningen Defender Virgil Van Dijk.
He's highly rated and i wouldnt be surprised if we tried to sign him in the summer.

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We our due to hold talks soon with him apparently ,according to his club .

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Yeah thats what ive heard.

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20 Mar 2012 09:42:57
Chelsea looking at Tiote and Krull, if the bids are big enough you know we will sell, just who we replace them with if we do sell !!!
Source (Daily Mail)

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Actually the source is The Independent who are saying a 30m bid for both players, that is nonsense imo - not only because we'd look for 30m each but Chelsea recently spent over 10m on one of the most highly rated young keeper on the world and loaded him out to Atletico Madrid, they will surely turn to him before shelling out a load of money for another.

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Wow, just re-read my post and noticed all the typos, oops. Also on another more infuriating note - I see Nile Ranger has been arrested again! Seriously, why can't he be sacked for breach of contract?!?!

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Krul won't leave, tiote won't either simple as that

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Hope they don't leave,but if a big enough bid comes in you know what MA is going to do..

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Actually, my source was the Daily Mail as I don't read the Independant !!! It doesn't roll up well and go down your trouser leg when your going to the nettie at graft.

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:) Just saw it on the BBC site as The Independent, no sleuthing from me.

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But Chelsea have Ramieres Essien and Mikel

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Also tiote will cost 30m plus also krull would prob cost 20m + I honestly think they both want to stay, will they be pushed that's the question. We will see Ashley's colours in the summer if he wants to progress like he has said or if he is still the same old mony grabbing tw..

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30m for both would be good business for you lot, 15m tiote and 15m krul, 30m for both a piece is a joke come on be realistic

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Tiote 20m-25m, krul 15m-20m.
chelsea wont buy more africans, and they have cech and that young keeper out on loan in spain somewhere, he cost 10m. paper talk.

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30 for both is good business for us? How is that? We got 35 for Andy Carroll and you think we would get soft with your big spender of an owner? Nah mate, the only way you will find a bargain at NUFC is in an Enrique situation where the player is out of contract within a year and none of our big profile players fit that bill, so expect your owner to pay up or get lost.

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Indeed, bothon long term contracts 30 mil Tiote - we have turned down 2 bids from chelsea for 20mil in the past, so why would we take it now? Krul spurs bid 15 mil - or around that amount and again we said no.

If Chelsea say 35 mil for Tiote and 20 mil for Krul then they will leave.

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If a bid for 50 mil for the 2 come in, i wouldnt be unhappy cashing that in, i mean you could buy a lot more quality with that sort of money especially in the squad and that is where we are lacking most, but i agree with a lot of people i dont think they will leave, every top club bar utd and city have looked shaky this season not a good time to move and feel we've shown enough this season from performances,results and signings to show our ambition

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I wouldnt let Krul go for any price. Tiote can go for big money for me. If we do sell him im pretty sure Carr will have already scouted someone to replace him.

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Dont listen to all the crap fella's..Ba and Tiote will not be leaving Newcastle.
Both will see out their contracts, and this is what any club is being told who make direct approaches like Chelsea.

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Krul want leave tiote maybe

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They will stay

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None of the big name players will be going any where if secure european football and if we do that ba will sign a new contract as long as they make sure he has his strawberry syrup so dont listen to the nonsense being bounced around in the media or on the web

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