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20 Jun 2013 11:16:02
Ed have u heard anything more about us enquirying about sahko! He's the cb we want I reckon? {Ed001's Note - I have not heard anything from Newcastle at all in a while, not sure if that has anything to do with Kinnear's appointment or not.}

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Doubt jfk has heard of him

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God knows wha JK would call him

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Probably thinks he is caled Sicko.

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Dont know if it is true just heard JFK interested in Shiuo OR is it a s*** or two
Never know with this doormouse.

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JFK would probably call him Saxophone or something like this

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Do you not think kinnear has done the name mistakes on purpose
To force these players into a move therefore releasing some cash to fund other transfers?

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No he's just an person

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20 Jun 2013 00:00:17
Joe Kinnear is reportedly very interested in signing Mo Diame possibly as a replacement for yohan cabaye due to diame having a release clause of £3.5m

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I hope not.

We have Tiote, Anita and Bigi.

No more defensive midfielders needed.

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I wouldn't exactly call anita a defensice midfeilfer. diame would be a good addition at a cheap price, has lots of energy and is decent box to box

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Well Diame is better than all 3.
Bigirimana is only 18 aswell.
Tiote might leave and was poor last year.
While Anita is not good enough

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What would you call Anita then?

He is hardly an attacking midfielder, his shooting and passing are not exactly sublime and he is no Ben Arfa in the dribbling stakes either.

Anita is a defender turned midfielder, clearly he is a defensive midfielder.

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Anita can't tackle so I'd not call him a DM, I'd say he was a good old fashioned schemer/playmaker.

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I am not sure Diame is much better than Tiote.

If Tiote can get his act together I would prefer Tiote.

Bigi will be 20 in October, so in Theory Bigi will be 20 years old for the majority of next season. not quite 18.

20 is not too young to step up.

Vuckic will be back soon too, and Vuckic will be better than Tiote, Diame, Bigi and Anita put together once he gets going.

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Clearly Anita is, if anything, a defender

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''Clearly Anita is, if anything, a defender''

At 5ft 6?

Are you sure?

He is a DM, it is not up for debate.

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Are you Vuckic's mum? How can you have possibly seen anything that allows you to make that statement? The lad has so far proved that he is made of glass. that's is all.

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Vuckic was a striker now he is an attacking midfielder

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Vuckic isn't even a similar player to the lot you mentioned haha. He's been injured for like 99% of his career. Yeah, he's looked decent when he's actually played. But he's never been fit.

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''Vuckic isn't even a similar player to the lot you mentioned haha''

He doesn't have to be similar duh.

He plays in the same position, the only difference is that he can pass & attack, and. tackle.

I know being able to do more than put in a tackle is nothing like Tiote, Anita or Diame, as bad as that sounds.

Vuckic is similar to Rob Lee.

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Sorry but. Diame can tackle, run with the ball, pass, shoot and score. Vuckic can run with the ball fall over and get injured for 6 month.

Anita is a defensive minded player but when he actually gets a run in the team he's good on the ball, calm and composed and also has a good range of passing from deep, he was our best player before Pardew brought a pee poor Tiote back into the team after the ACON and dropped Anita

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Anita is a Defender / DM!

His usual role for Ajax was at LB until a season or 2 before he joined newcastle where he was playing a DM role.

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He doesn't play in the same position either. Vuckic is a CAM/CF. Anita, Bigi etc are CM/CDM. We don't play a flat 3 midfield, so they don't play the same position at all. Plus Vuckic is a crock.

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Diame sign a new deal no release clause sorry

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Don't understand how you can all slate Anita. He's hardly been given a chance to play this season. He needs a good solid run of 4-5 games before you can judge him. I think he's easily good enough for our first team after last season, he just needs the break from pards to prove himself!

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19 Jun 2013 23:31:11
carr to review his position over the next 24 hours

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Carr will leave the Circus he has several offers

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How do you know this?

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Wstch and see Can't tell you everything it would just disappoint you.

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Well we're already dissapointed so you may as well tell us.

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Came out this morning and said he's staying. good call.

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He will leave when pardew leaves and kinnear becomes manager GOOD CALL!

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