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20 Jun 2012 20:18:02
Scouts who are at the Euros have identified athletic Czech wingback Theodor Gebre Selassie as a potential replacement/back up Rb Fee wouldn't be too high either. TRToon

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Are you one of these Scouts then?

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Heard his brother Haile is meant to be pretty quick

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No i'm not 1 of these scouts, just what I have heard, TRToon

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If we need to step up then the cockney needs to spend some real cash i dont think he will take us any further the horrible cockney money grabber {Ed026's Note - this is the most pointless post I've seen this week. Let it go.

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Totally agree ed, i hate the fat man as much as anyone else but i am certainly appreciating what he is doing with the club at the moment far from forgiving him for everything but this is the best situation we have been in for a long long time

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Im really torn what to click at the above post... Do i click disagree because the sad makcum fan trying to stir things up or click agree because Ed speaks sense? {Ed026's Note - You know what to do.. Haha

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Ashley has made mistakes, but he's running the club superbly and this is the best position we've been in years, back in Europe with a great group of players. Anyone who thinks that what he's doing now is bad, is an idiot.

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I'm agreeing, only because of Ed's comment, and I'm also disagreeing because of the mackem's comments

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Lets just sign mo farah, if he can beet the cube he can play for the toon

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I love the Mo Farah craic :D

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He just signed for Werder Bremen

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20 Jun 2012 20:00:33
According voetbalkrant it's a site from Belgium
we've bid 4 million for Toby Alderweireld from Ajax.
Butt it has been rejected.

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Yes it's up on the site I looked it up.

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20 Jun 2012 19:20:32
Is ba in talks with hamburg? X

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Seriously...Ba, Hamburg? Is this A Christmas Carol?!

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Bah humbug !!!more like..rayzor

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I Think Hamburg(er) should get Thomas Hits a Burger who formely was at West Ham

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Ba Hamburg! I see what you did there. Love it. Ha ha. What next, papisse texas?


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But then we also have the old Paulo one-chop (wonchope!)

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20 Jun 2012 10:57:39
Following Montpellier defender Henri Bedimo's comments over the weekend that he is set to move to the Premier League, reports in L'Equipe claim the Ligue 1 champions have received a bid from Newcastle United.

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He's too old at 28 I would of thought ,so can't see tbh.

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Was one of Montpellier's best players last season so could be a good shout.
This 26 age cap thing will only be a guideline so if a player is guna better the team a few years over that why not?
We also dont give long term contracts to our more senior players but colo got one?

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I think it was because Colo had proved his worth to Newcastle over the previous 3 seasons, so we were willing to break it for him

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Yeah that's true, thats what im sayin tho if its going to better the team

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He only jus turned 28 debuchy is 27 in a few weeks, I'd rather sign bedimo if am honest

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The wage cap is 26 so players can develop and sell for more money. However, surely we aren't going to sell every one of our players once their value increase as otherwise our team would be massively changed every few seasons. If we can get Bedimo for relatively cheap, then chances are we would buy him as even though he won't have a resale value, he can stay and provide vital experience for a position that were in desperate need of

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How would you rather an unproven player than a very much proven player and only saving around 1 million, pretty pointless would much rather the better player, and with him cmoing out saying hes moving to the premier league without actually agreeing the move he is obviously not the best character and not loyal to his club

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Relax.... He's going to Anfield.......

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20 Jun 2012 09:34:03
According to the daily Mail we have agreed 9mil for Luuk De Yong, but have failed to sign debuchy. what is going on?

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It's the worst story ever in the mail. It states that we have failed to sign Debuchy but that Graeme Carr is going to watch him this weekend! What with 100 million plus that watch the France v Spain game.

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Is this the same Daily mail that thought that Debuchy played for PSG, dont believe everything you see or hear. Just be patient, there no point getting worked up over rumours and tabloid stories, as we all know too well our signing generally come out of the blue.

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Nufc keep their transfers secret now and it wouldnt suprise me if its the selling clubs spreading the news we are after their players to drive up the price...del

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I think he will be a really good signing, but we need to tread carefully and not overpay - for every Van Persie and Van Nistelrooy there is a Kezman or Boogers lurking there!

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Dont think we need to worry about him being a poor buy, with the way we scout now and for the price tag hes got i think alot of work will have been put in analysing his performances. look at cisses we were watching him for 2 years

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Stories like "carr goin g to see debuchy on weekend" i really don't get. i think nufc are 100% sure debuchy is their 1st choice so why would they need to watch him over and over again. they've seen enough to bid.

have to say nufc played this one badly, if they lose out on him, it's really their own fault.

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20 Jun 2012 08:43:41
Heard a whisper that kenywne jones is possibly on his way here

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I heard he's going back to Sunderland with Louis Saha. there's ya 20 goal strikers ha

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Aaaaand we have a winner for "Worst Rumour of the year"

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K jones dont want him hes had more clubs than ashleys had hot dinners

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Southampton, Sunderland and Stoke.... I'm pretty sure Mike Ashley has at least 3 hot dinners on some days. Think someone needs to go back to school and redo GCSE maths

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