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20 Jul 2014 19:01:48
cisse has a 8m price tag on his head pardew wants rid of the striker and crystal palace are very intrested in him

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In my opinion, Cisse won't be sold. He is currently injured, a doubt for the start of the season, and play in a position we are very short on numbers!

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20 Jul 2014 18:55:38
newcastle united have had a 13.5m bid accpeted by aston villa for christian benteke. toon gaffer pardew apparenlty also wants to sign andy carroll as benteke is expected to be out injured till mid november. carroll will only sign if the toon give him his 100,000 a week contract which looks like a stumbling block.

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If we buy Benteke I'd rather we used Riviere until he's fit and buy someone good rather than Carroll or buy Lacazette now since he's already fit.

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Honestly can't see Ashley paying 13 million for an injured Benteke as well as 15million + for Carroll!
Also rumours are West ham won't sell Carroll at any price.
I would prefer if we bid for Javier Hernandez, apparently put up for sale and a proven goal scorer in the PL! Would be an awesome signing!!

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Where did you hear this?

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20 Jul 2014 17:40:16
Claims that we've agreed an agreement in principle with Lacazette with Lyon wanting £15 million for him. However other reports are saying he's going to sign a new deal with Lyon quoting the player as saying he wants to stay at Lyon.

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20 Jul 2014 08:24:54
Andy Carroll back on the radar. I'd be happy with that at least we would hopefully score from a corner for a change.

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He's someone that we've missed in the derby. Defenders can't live with big strong strikers like carroll. And he'll give a bit of passion

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I hope so, I think we are on about getting him for 15 mil, but the only problem is his demand for wages, he was on 150,000 at Liverpool and similar at west ham and I know for definite that Newcastle would not pay that

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{Ed008's Note - He was not on 150,000 a week at either club..

Have him back tomorrow.

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Big Andy deal to be done while both teams are out in new Zealand.

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20 Jul 2014 11:56:47
yep Ill go along with Andy coming back , he gives us something different and he's a Toonic

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20 Jul 2014 12:01:25
yeah because 2 games a year count for so much. Short sighted or what! They'd probably be the only 2 games he'd be fit for any way.

A slow, non-scoring, perma crock, hoof ball magnet on huge wages. Yeah just what we need. We need fast mobile goal scorers, not a half season wonder we got v lucky on.

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If we did go for this then I'd want another striker brought in as cover. When fit, Carroll is a very effective player but that's the problem, he's rarely fit. 15 mill is a bit of a gamble and for a similar priceor just a bit more we could do better. Not sure what the situation is with Benteke's fitness but he may be a better bet. Or perhaps Rhodes or Ings. Not sure what's out there tbh but hopefully the club do and we get a couple more good players in.

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Think you're being hard on the lad. Yes he has suffered with a bad injury but seems to be finding his way back and as for being a hoof ball magnet he's very underrated on the deck and a lot better than most out there. IF we can get him for £15 mil that's a bargain after Fulham paid 11 for Mc Cormack.

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20 Jul 2014 19:43:19
how can you say we would play hoof ball we've signed attack minded players who play wide as well as thru the middle andy doesn't just win balls in the air he can hold the ball up and bring others into play,we played with 3 up front last season with wide players putting in crosses,and i'd rather have big andy on the end of them than remy/cisse or luuk de yong .germany won world cup they didn't play hoofball,but had klose who is a big lad and not the quickest lead the line.

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20 Jul 2014 20:23:55
Ings looks a really good player and is still very young. If we got him and say he had 2 good seasons in the premier league he would be £20mil+.

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Ings Whickham in diguise who would be a better buy at a lot less

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19 Jul 2014 22:05:35
Newcastle United Launch Surprise Move for Christian Benteke as Aston Villa Consider Sale

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But he's injured! Still going to be out for around 4-6 months! Why pay the rumoured £12mill for a player that won't be fit till Christmas! I hope we go for someone else!!

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He would be a better option than Carroll and he is a better footballer as well

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