Newcastle Rumours Archive December 20 2012


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20 Dec 2012 13:32:26
Newcaslte draw Metallist from Ukraine in the Europa League last 32.
Probably the easiest team to play against on paper. The unseeded teams were, in general, better than the seeded teams imo.

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AC has played for 2 teams already thsi season so UEFA rules mean he cannot play for a third, so unless he comes in the summer thsi is dead in the water.
However, I woudl take a punt on Downing. He was good and would be better than Jonas down the left and is a Toon fan I think.

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Wrong post son.

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To be honest I would not want either, AC for whatever reason left the toon for probs more cash etc...and not too many players return and make it, Beardsley excluded...Downing in my mind is one over rated player...spend money elsewhere!!

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Kharkiv are far from an Easy draw, this team has European pedigree and will fancy their chances.

Kharkiv fully expect to be in the latter stages of the Europa league and if we get past them it will be by a 1 goal margin.

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Any ideas about the best way to get to kharkiv ????

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I would say by aeroplane :-)

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Downing... Are you insane!

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20 Dec 2012 13:26:57
we've drawn metalist! possibly one of the easiest teams, i don't really care about europa league but it would be nice to win a cup this year especially if we get some more quality players in! quite excited, but cant get complacent.

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If the toon were the only team in it, we still wouldnt win nowt,probs own goal against ourselves scored by Willotree?

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Dont underestimate very good team esp at home efc fan.

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Their striker Taison will tear our defense apart.

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20 Dec 2012 13:07:15
Just heard this rumour! dont know if any truth in it but sounds like it might carry some water!

Liverpool have made an enquiry about Ba and are offering carroll and downing to secure his signature!

I know carroll has been told he is free to leave and we are always gonna be linked to him but the downing thing is new!

any thoughts?.......spenny mag

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Downing would be a very decent signing, would be happy with him and carroll, but never heard this rumour, whats your sources?

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A goalscorer who can't score and a winger who can't assist. would rather not

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So our top scorer in exchange for a non-scoring perma crock, hoofball magnet and Downing, who Liverpoool fans boo every time he plays. Who would be stupid enough to sanction that? Then again look who our manager is.

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Yes of course a 20 mill and a 35 mill player for one that;s 7.5 mill lol that's funny

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They paid 25m and 35m doesn't mean they are worth that just as Ba is worth more than his buy out clause, Liverpool want shot of them and reputedly Ba wants to leave us
Downing has been decent in the past at Villa and Boro but been piss poor at Liverpool
But I doubt LFC would swap those two for Ba but who knows?

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We can't use carroll because he's already registered for 2 teams this season it'd be a scam if we got him and the less said about downing the better

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Loans do not acount as being signed for 2 clubs within a year.

eg. Sigurdsson on loan at Swansea and sold to Tottenham

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Registered is a different thing to signing it doesn't matter if its a loan or a sale he still has to be registered

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Downing at 28 dont think he will be much use

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