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20 Apr 2012 18:08:17
players newcastle are lookin at. Defence - vertoghen, cissokho, clark from villa, mid - davies, hazard long shot, jarvis, attack - bas dost, de jong, moses, zaha, fletcher

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I only want for newcastle douglas,cisshoko, marvin martin, elia and new deal for demba ba

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Hazard is not a long shot. Hazard is f***ing impossible. His minimum price is being set at around 30million. No way Ashley is going in 4 that.

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Not even intrested in hazzard it was chelsea who where linked with him we all know he,s out price range must be a smb who keeps posting it..smb

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You may think im being silly (which i am) but didnt spurs once pay £20+m for van de vart? you never know, ashley could buy one huge player.(unlikely) plus, if we had £30m to spend on a player, i think we would be one of the favourites to sign him, unfortunately, i just woke up from my dream. {Ed003's Note - VDV was £8m }

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Ma won't spend really big , say more than 10 m due to the fact u have to pay big ! If a player is brought in for 15 mill you will have to pay the guy in relation , not our policy .

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£8m? how the he'll did they manage that? haha! thanks anyways ed! {Ed001's Note - because he wanted to leave and no one was interested at the original asking price, it was a case of getting what you can at the last second.}

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The same way u lot managed ben arfa for £2 million. absolutely bargain!!

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Ben arfa was like 5 mil

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Some people on here are thick as f*** saying ben arfa signed for 2 million and vdv went to spurs for 20 plus million, obviosly have no clue about premier leage football. vandervart was 8 mill and ben arfa was 5.75 million

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Ben Arfa was £7.5million... £2million loan fee then £5.5million to buy

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20 Apr 2012 11:07:41
Man City in for Tiote.....!!!!
Have made contact with the club.
Agent Talk

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Yeah thatĀ“s just like us moving for LEee Cattermole!

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City in for Tiote? Ya Ya Toure, De Jong, Barry do they really need another DM. Think not. Jog on SMB.

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Marwood has watched him nearly every game he has played since Xmas and they will be there on Sat against Stoke, Lets hope Tiote is as good as his word!
Agent Talk(Geordie in London)

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20 Apr 2012 13:34:27
Tiote, shrugging off the latest round of talk he will quit Newcastle this summer for a move to Chelsea, he told the Chronicle: "I'm a Newcastle player – my future is at Newcastle.

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Doesn't matter what any player says nowadays its what the agent gets for them if tiotes agent gets him a deal and newcastle get the right offer he will go. i thought it was good of spurs when they told modric he was going nowhere paul merson did a sportsman dinner and he said that modric was on 35k at spurs and chelsea offered to put a 1 in front of that no wonder he wanted to leave and the same will happen if they come in for tiote and krull

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Sure they are selling de jong tiote is consistant does not score many but does the carr we trust

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Actually newcastle are looking at Manny Muscat from the Wellington Phoenix or David Mulligan from Auckland City fc for the defensive midfield position.

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Or Jake Butler from Waitakere united - donĀ“t forget him!

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I'd rather we not sign any of those mentioned above, and just keep mr t.

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Why, jake butler used to be in the Sunderland academy!

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Also manny muscat was part of the Ajax youth system and David Mulligan was part of EvertonĀ“s academy - both could be better than Tiote!

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There is nobody in the PL better than Tiote is his position.

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And I suppose you work at St James? Either that or MA tells you what he's up to but no-one else.

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Lee cattermole is better than tiote!

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Yeah, I work at the SPORTS DIRECT ARENA!

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Cattermong better than Tiote?? Cheers for that SMB.

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Cattermole is a better tackler, has a nice shot, controls the game with his Xavi like passing and displays sportmanship unlike tiote, and his volley against arsenal was 120% luck! Also Cattermol is a leader and Captain, something Tiote is not!

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Im sunderlnd and cant believe that tiote is head and shoulders above catt we have 2 players i think who could get in your side at the moment one is mclean although i like jonas this lad just pips him on his crosses and the other is bardsley before ye bought cisse i would have said sess as well we have a couple of players that would improve your squad in mignolet richardson and larsson and although your policy is in youth at the moment i think brown would be a good addition as he was playing well till injured

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Your a georkem, half geordie half mackem!

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No im sunderland. but admiting newcastle have a better team than us at the moment is true and hurts but the league table doesn't lie although we had a bad start we are no closer now than when bruce got sacked if you cant accept that then you are deluded but i also believe that under mon and with a few good signings we can run newcastle close next season they deserve their season and i for one am glad how well they have done as they have shown the rest of the league that you can mix it with the so called top 6 so instead of going to games every week and thinking we cant compete newcastle have shown us you can so well done to them and lets hope we can do next season what they have done. one gary rowell

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Mate i think on his his day tbh jonas is better than mclean dont rate richardson or larson and think krul is much better than your keeper but after agree i like bardsley and would have him at the toon he gives his all....

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Mcleans only young and to be honest mate i dont think there are many left sided players in premiership with his accurate crossing think he has been our best bargain for a long time not sure if we can keep hold of him because a big club would groom him better

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Mignolet/Richardson/Brown/Larsson... None of those would get anywhere near our squad.. only players that would get into the matchday 18 would be Sessegnon and possibly Mclean but Ferguson is better than Mclean.. quicker better tackler and is on level terms with his crossing oh and he is unreal at free kicks!

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