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01 Sep 2014 22:30:31
I understand why we would sell good players, but why snd them out on loan. Its a real shame to see us sign talented players and not help them realise their potential.

and our squad is small as it is, why put ourselves in a dangerous position and get no financial benefit from it. Good luck MYM and HBA, hopefully if you come back we have a manager in place who can get the best out of you.

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I don't know what to say anymore. Over to Johnny Rotten. "ever get the feeling you've been cheated'

You hear so much but they deliver so little. Toon born and bred but my son is a liverpool fan all the way.

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I might become a Hull fan, they have a better team and manager than NUFC!

It is a joke that we buy players with such potential then let them rot or give them away for nowt or next to nowt.

Whilst I'm no fan of players lacking professionalism Pardew is the least professional manager we have ever had (apart from JFK).

1 step forward and 10 steps back to bottom of the league this season is my prediction.

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Worst thing is that we're probably still paying part of his wages. This was all down to Pards, get him out of this club.
I hope there's a call back clause, I want hba back when Pards leaves.

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At 8/1 on there's little chance of pards leaving anytime soon. I don't condone booing at games but the contempt which pardew has for fans intelligence deserves it.

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What's worst still, Ashley let this happen. He's basically throwing away money because Pards fell out with HBA.

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Apparently he is in the huff with MYM too? Pardew has lost the dressing room everywhere he has managed.

If there is one thing that will get you sacked under Ashley then its losing him money.

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If and when Llambias tells his story it will be interesting However I think Ashley is keeping him sweet as inside going ons could be the last straw for the fans

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01 Sep 2014 21:39:59
That 48 point target is looking a bit of a stretch now!

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32 points will be the aim come January and that could well be relegation

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Vida: I respect your opinion, but aren't you being a tad pessimistic? This sort of talk does kind of look like a troll's attempt to piss on our season, don't you see? Some people's pot is half full, some people's half empty, but yours has just a few drops of yellowish liquid in the bottom.

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01 Sep 2014 21:34:55
shefki Kuqi spotted at north shields ferry, he just asked my source for 4 quid so he could get the metro to St James park before deadline!

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{Ed024's Note - I'm guessing that's not true.........that ferry is £4.50.}

Shefki Kuqi got on the wrong metro, he was on his way but has been stopped by checkies as he doesn't have a ticket. Looks like another one we couldn't get over the line!

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01 Sep 2014 20:38:34
Are you actually serious Ben Arfa is apparently on his way to Hull after being forced out by pardew despite the player wanting to stay

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Have just seen that as well, you just know he would torture us if that goes through.
Switch the box off boys, santa clause ain't stopping here!

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I don't see Ben Arfa going but if he does he probably won't play against us because it's fairly standard to put in a clause preventing the player from playing against his parent club.

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The only positive I can see in that scenario is HBA looks like a 15m player. Ashley sees that as clear evidence Pardew is no good. We bring in Steve Bruce who HBA loves playing for and we actually have a decent boss who cares about the club. Bruce is used to dealing with mental owners and will handle Ashley well.

Dreaming I know but I can't handle another relegation.

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01 Sep 2014 14:17:11
Rumours that we're moving for Nastasic on loan since Alderweireld may be going to Southampton, Richards is going to Fiorentina on loan and Celtic are trying to block Van Dijk from leaving.

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MYM spotted at Roma. Ridiculous he's our best CB at the club while Steven Tayor is just there laughing

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Jermain defoe is on his way to toon.
in the race for welbeck aswell

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01 Sep 2014 15:09:34
Defoe won't happen, Welbeck won't happen. Newcastle need or should have got rid of fringe players that are not good enough. instead we loan out MYM (who should be ahead of Taylor by miles). There are plenty of players that could have gone but its getting too late in the day. BTW we wasted too much time on trying to get that Lyon forward. I would have gone for Bacca, Richards and Sinclair. nevermind

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