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01 Sep 2013 23:26:19
Expect us to sign Melvut Erdinc.

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Doubtful. Your just bringing up old articles from a few years ago, anyone can find old articles.

"Expect us to sign Zinidine Zidane"!

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He's in talks with st etienne

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"He's in talks with st etienne"

Don't make things up mate.
If you know how to use Google, it talks about how he want to go to Marsille, but Lille don't want him to go to another French club.

Newcastle and Arsenal have apparently bid for him, but details have not been released as of yet.

Expect to sign no one, and JFK to come out and say we tried, but couldn't get anyone over the line.

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It was meant to be a joke. Wasnt he the player everyone was praying for last deadline day or was that Bryan Ruiz?

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01 Sep 2013 22:32:10
Unlike previous windows we might actually do some business on deadline day, one attacking player and potentially a couple of squad or academy players coming in.

Cabaye looks set to stay, arsenal already have plenty of central midfeilders and are about to buy ozil for 42.5 million so unless psg or Manchester United make a move cabaye will be staying put. Even if cabaye does leave and let's face it anythings possible at newcastle a couple of replacements are already being eyed up, mcarthy would cost 10 million from wigan and there's still a possibility of getting gourcuff on the cheap.

Now the key player pardew's been talking about, different reports all over the place linking us with strikers the latest one being moussa sow from fenebache, demba ba, bafetimbi gomis and thauvin also being mentioned but this is newcastle so you might as well pick a name from a hat.

Seriously though, demba ba is unlikely to happen because it would have to be an expensive loan deal or a 10 million permanent move.
Gomis could happen but since he's unlikely to sign a new deal at lyon don't be suprised if we wait until january to sign him.
Moussa sow has been mentioned in the last few days and would fit the bill given we've scouted him in the past but if we can't pay gomis's wages what chance is there of matching the money the turkish teams are spending.
After those 3 players there's a host of names being linked with us defoe, bentner, gignac, de jong, ayew, arnautovic, cardozo etc.

Newcastle will let a couple of players leave on loan deals expect cambell, obertan, haidara and good to get some experience in the championship.

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Just read Everton had a 17m bid knocked back from wigan for macarthy, so us buying him for 10m is absolute crap!! ( ed your thoughts)

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Im not the bringing of bad news here but actually think about what you have just said and what we know about out club.

We might actually do business on Deadline Day - We are Newcastle, we haven't got anyone "over the line" in all the weeks before why would today be any different?

Don't say anything about Cabaye staying. If the money comes he is gone. No two ways about it.
we have replacements lined up. NO WE DON'T, we CAN't EVEN SIGN A PLAYER never mind have replacements lined up!

Mcarthy is over rated and well over priced, MA will never pull that money out. And Gourcuff please he cost 22 million euros a couple of years ago!

Sow - you really think we will sign him! Give your head a shake this ISN'T FOOTBALL MANAGER!
Ba won't come as Chelsea want £3 million just for a loan move, and that is half of what we sold him for!
Gomis i'm sure we have been told this deal is off due to the players wage demands!

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Evertons bid was 7 million plus 3 million in add ons we are prepared to pay 10 million cash plus add ons

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Lol, it was 7m plus 3m in add-ons.

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01 Sep 2013 21:57:13
Has anyone else heard that we are supposedly offering Kaka a 1 year deal?

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Let us know how that goes - considering he's in milan agreeing a 2 year deal

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He joined ac at 2/3am

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Kaka is going back to AC. He is flying there is the next few hours to complete the deal.

Also he is like 33 or something daft. That is past the age we look!

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01 Sep 2013 17:56:42
Demba Ba has just arrived at Benton.

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Of course he has

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That was quick considering he was sitting at home watching arsenal v spurs an hour ago! Tweeted a pic with his brother & friends. Cut the crap!

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01 Sep 2013 19:03:14
No he's not he's down london watching the arsenal spurs game pic of him on twitter

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01 Sep 2013 14:23:07
Moussa Sow has been reported in the Turkish press to be on his way. looks like a Cisse signing all over again. linked with loads and sign someone that was never mentioned. If we keep Cabaye and get Sow it will be good. We have decent players at the club. We should query more the manager than our depth.

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We have got a good team but without cabaye in the last 3 games we never had anyone to link midfielders to attack with a pass. we have players who go past players but not a fantastic passer I hope we can get someone

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Yeah but we have Anita who's a dutch international and cissoko who can play defensive midfield. Ben arfa should be given a real no10 in the middle of the park behind Remy and cisse I would then play santon and marveau on the wings, cissoko defensive midfield and then debuchy haidara Colo and mbiwa. On the bench we sould have El, Anita, liott, the aneobis goufffran the 2 Taylor's. Is that a week team. And that's assuming cabaye goes.

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Sow would fit in, Senegal striker, knows Cisse, and already speaks french and English, also old team mates with Cabaye and Debouchy,

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Sow not included n fernabace team for today

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Medical staff told to report to benton at 5pm this could be the start OLD PRO

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Mate just text player coming in tonight any body heard or got any imfomation on who most times he is spot on

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Paris flight arrives at 4. 15

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Lot going at benton for a sunday night maybe 30-40 fans there gates are open any body know what's going on

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Yeah I know what's going on - loads of fans are waiting outside out of sheer desperation and hope. Nothing is going on inside and we will all be gutted.

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Kinnear has talked vinnie jones to come back as replacement for cabaye

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Medical a not done at Benton -just yet more rumours and getting fans hopes up
Said it once say it again -there will be no incoming transfers this window
JK not even in. H NPR theist he's in the south at home - must be recovering from all the hard work he has been doing!!

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I shall say it once again there will be 2 or 3 players in by close tomorrow this u won't get anyone is getting stale now and jfk moved up here so he'd be in area so shows how much you know wise guy

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Not been too impressed with Sow everytime I watch him, against arsenal he was extremely poor, and although he has a decent goal scoring record, turkey and france aren't the hardest leagues in the world. Anything over 6-7 mil for me on him would be a waste of money, and i'd rather see the money spent elsewhere.

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Go and put your head back on your willow and go back to sleep. Sow, what a day dream!

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01 Sep 2013 11:44:50
OUT: 16.7m
Harper - Free
Simpson - Free
Perch - 700k
Gosling - LOAN
Obertan - LOAN
Cabaye - 16m

IN: 28m
Loic Remy - LOAN
Tom Ince - 8m
Moussa Dembele - 13m
Brown Ideye - 7m

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Bruno Martins Indi would be a good addition to the defence

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Wtf never heard of us being linked with dembele but with the players they have brought in suppose possible

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Dembele could possibly be out of favour at tottenham.

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Dembele one of spurs first choice in CM so don't be daft.

We don't need another left back so why go for Indi. Alderwield would make a lot more sense as can play CB as well as FB.

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Indi is technically a centre back

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Dembele who is playing for spurs against arsenal mmmm mags talking rubbish yet again!

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And cabaye played for us saturday doesn't mean he won't leave since when did it become a rule they cldnt play then leave

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Dembele. what on earth are you smoking, he's one of the best centre mids in the premiership and is far from being out of favour, if you knew anything about football you would know that.
He would also cost over £20mil not £13mil, wow the stuff people come out with.

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01 Sep 2013 11:38:56
Newcastle are hoping to ship out Obertan on loan, meanwhile they are set to put in a late bid for Tom Ince according to the mirror, and are still keen on Bafetimbi Gomis, Demba Ba and Andre Ayew. James McCarthy is also being lined up as a replacement for Cabaye.

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I would love to think pards will pull at least player off but I can't help but feel like the players there is the squad for the season

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Spurs have bid for Ince according to the mail so doubt that one. Also, sky have reported Lyons chairman has said gomis will be staying with them so I don't think that's going to happen. Ba deal has gone quiet and don't know about the other. When other clubs get linked so strongly the deals go through quick. Due to the time these "deals" all seem to be taking I can't see much business if any

Big Dave out

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Don't want Gomis.

Think Roma want Ba as replacement for Osvaldo.

I know it's far fetched but Lukaku on loan for the season is the way forward.

Now spurs have Lamela, Townsend could be a good loan move.

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01 Sep 2013 10:34:33
Cabaye will leave 17m

Thauvin 12m euro bid confirmed by Lille
Ince 8m
Gomis 8m

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Would have no problem with that whatsoever, but I think that might be a tad optimistic.

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Gomis and Thauvin definitley not coming and Cabs probably 15M max

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So 28M - I don't think so!

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We will only get 1 left winger I reckon and that should be Ince. And maybe McCarthy as a replacement for Cabaye

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Thauvin looks set for Marseille

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And that will happen in a really short time when they've had all window?

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Not a chance maybe ba on loan & Tom ince lucky if we even get them

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If Gomis is all that how come nobody else seems interested in him?

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Cabaye will leave but mark my words no one will come in,, we are a joke club with no ambition support the team and not the regime,,

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01 Sep 2013 14:50:40

not sure about ba or ince


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01 Sep 2013 09:00:06
Ince and Ba on their way - upwards and onwards! Baz

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Probably not

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Would be over the moon if the window ended with Remy/Ba/Ince. we'd be a force

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Yeah - Happy days and all that rubbish.
More like no one in - sideways and down!

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