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01 Mar 2013 20:20:01
The club have confirmed Nile Ranger has now left Newcastle by mutual consent. He will now be a free agent if a club wants him.

I'm glad, who wants that kind of thug in our team. he doesn't deserve to play professionally. He's a disgrace to football. He will never fulfil his potential. Shame.

Geordie Moses

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My only question is why has it taken so long to get shot of this parasite?

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Horrible human being, and if it were not for his money/status as a professional footballer would most certainly be in prison, one of the best piece of business the club have done for a while and that's saying something

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02 Mar 2013 14:49:08
We should send him a picture to his twitter account of the words Bye Bye spelt out in 50p coins lol.

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So pardew says we can win euro? his heed is full of cartoons!

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Not sure about 50p 's but I reckon he will have getting a canny pay off to get rid of him pity he won't be able to spend it in jail even better give it to his vicitm if he is found guilty of his latest crime

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Didnt Ranger tweet something about the pay off being around 500k?

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500k would have been a bargain to get rid of him.

He probably had 3 or more years left on his contract.

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01 Mar 2013 18:42:21
Hi ed. Can you see Newcastle moving for Carroll in the summer if he doesn't go to west ham? If Ben arfa wants to leave to arsenal Chelsea liverpool or PSG do you think we will keep him. I think he will be moving on but not because of the management. There will be massive profit on him though {Ed001's Note - I really don't see Carroll returning nor Ben Arfa leaving, yet anyway.}

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We honestly don't need a player like him in the team. He can't score (sorry, he does but very very VERY few)

He is always injured

Hes canny terrible

Hes all around a bad player these days.

ALso with Liverpool asking 17/18million for him and Carroll wants £85,000 a week

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Read between the lines boys carroll don't wanna be at West Ham United or liverpool if he comes back he will be a different player as he want to be back back home. is he injury prone? don't think so just don't wanna be there bring him back after all he IS Englands centre forward!

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01 Mar 2013 15:41:08
I have stated this before on Discussion Posts and discussions, but can someone please tell me what on earth we are doing with free kicks and corners apart from wasting them? It is shocking really that we haven't scored from a corner for so long! I personally feel this needs looking at as a priority as its wasting opportunities. I can't even remember when we scored from a corner!

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Definetely, why can't we like hit it into the danger area or near post? same with freekicks, why can't they just swing it right in front of the keeper and behind the defence, not hoof it all the way to back post!

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Demba ba away to wolves last year? Third game of season lol

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Freekicks are a big part of the modern game and teams that are good at them probably gain at least an extra ten points in a season maybe a lot more. Saying that though I would be more worried if set pieces were relied upon and goals from open play were hard to come by.

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When it comes to crossing from set pieces Cabaye is poor in my opinion someone else should try taking them like Sissoko or Debuchy. Also is it just me that gets annoyed when Santon stays back for set pieces he's a six foot defender he should be attacking the ball.

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If you think back to when carroll, nolan and barton where the main players set pieces where our bread and butter but now I think none of our players have any real threat in the air. would love to have carroll back because in my view he is what we are missing and there for need.

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Forget the holly huddles from corners, we should put 2 players on the 6 yard box about 6 feet apart and 3 on the edge of the penalty area about 5 feet apart and the ball should be aimed just outside the 6 yard box for the 3 on the penalty area to attack the 2 on the six yard box are there for misguided crosses or rebounds off the goalkeeper defenders on line etc, there's one way how about some more maybe Pards will read them or Ed can pass them on

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Does anyone else think Santo may be able to take a decent freekick? he's got a decent right foot, could be worth a try

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Free Kick Takers

R. Taylor (when back)
D. Santon (like above I would say try it)
Cabaye (not bad a taking them, sometimes comes up with the goods)
HBA (we all know he can have a good swing at them)

Apart from them I can't see who else could take them for us. Maybe worth signing someone who can play in teh middle and take frekicks maybe?

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As much as I've loved Ryan Taylor over the years, he won't get a run out with the new guys we have.

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Raylor is first choice utility player over perch etc. He can play anywhere across the back and anywhere in MF. He is also one of the best crossers in the prem and when he gets the ball and he is anywhere near the goal me and everyone near me shouts SHOOT. we do not when perch gets the ball though.

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