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01 Jun 2013 08:42:27
Pappis agent claims Russian clubs interest! Says he wants to play in Europe , but does not seem likely with newcastle! MAYBE if you took a better % of chances we might of been, by the ask the agent if he can teach him the offside rule!

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I read somewhere that this guy was his agent when we bought him but apparently hasn't actually been his representative since last May and that Cisse would rather sign a new contract than leave

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Cisse has already come out and said he is staying and would like to sign a new contract.

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Get real Man only because he has his bird here. He will be Off like a Shot otherwise
Apart from that he is hopeless

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With money he has and would get from a transfer do you not think his bird will go with him

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The guy who is said to be Cisse's agent has come out and said he's not anymore. This is all probably some Russian paper making it all up and saying it came from him.

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Whats wrong with his present contract

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His birds going nowhere Cisse is so let's get rid of this goal scorer firing blanks
& sign a quality Striker like Van Wollswinkle ir Bony and bring Campbell through

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Van Wolfswinkle's signed for Norwich, Campbell's not ready yet and there are apparently a large number of clubs interested in Bony so don't get your hopes up. People are forgetting Cisse's only been here a year and a half and that all strikers go through dry spells. Plus for the first half of the season he was being played out of position to accommodate Ba and for the second half he was left up front, on his own that and the service from the midfield's been poor all season. If you look at most of the times he's being called offside he's making good runs but nobody spots him until too late.

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Van Wolfswinkel has already agreed to sign for Norwich.

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Can't see him going anywhere this summer. The only beneficiaries of a move would be the agent (fee) and team that gets him, so probably just noise. If we don't get into Europe next season that may change. He had terrible service, a weak team around him and was stranded too often though he did miss some sitters. Question is will Pards go back to passing game and get a good supporting cast or fall back on ineffective long ball game.

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Put you cells back in your heed and remember how many critical chances were scorned by Cisse when it would have been easier to score. Reliance on him this next season will have us scambling to sign a striker in January. He is just not good enough a bit like Martins WE NEED A GOALSCORER and when you consider Norwich could sell Holt for RVW it shows how off the poace we sre.

Early days though and sure we will get a quality CB and Striker at least.

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All strikers score a few, miss a few. If Cisse's going, let's hope it's soon enough for us to find two replacements well before the window closes.

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Bony going to russia according to reports

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31 May 2013 18:07:28
Ed, do you know what's happening with either Aubameyang, Bony or Lukaku? Do you reckon NUFC are interested and could be in negotiations behind closed doors with either of these players? {Ed001's Note - not as far as I am aware, certainly not with Lukaku, not sure on the other two.}

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I hope we don't sell cisse and don't get Andy carrol as he is injured to much and isn't worth anywhere near 10m get Bonney r dries martens / erkison if we want to crack on up the pl we need to use the ££ off the tv writes Norway the toon

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Heard aubameyang happening behind closed doors

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In regards to aubameyang he has other offers who will offer him more money and European football, teams like PSG, bayer Leverkusen and anzhi have all shown interest. Forget about him, not going to happen.

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We could still get him deal might be happening behind closed doors. like cisse

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Aubameyang has confirmed that the only teams he's met with are Leverkusen, Dortmund and Swansea. He's only interested in Leverkusen or Dortmund saying "I need Champions League to progress". We had an £8.5m bid rejected in Jan and chances are we wouldn't offer much more. Expect players like Bony to be the main target in terms of strikers. It's been recently reported that Carr is focusing on the Dutch and Belgian markets now as well as the French market so expect players from outside there like Eder to be paper talk and probably won't happen.

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Aubameyang is going to a team with CL football. We need to look at younger strikers from good leagues like France & Holland that would view playing PL football as a step up with expectation we will play in Europe the following year. It will also help us build a stable European quality team for the future. We need to be in a position where the players (and coach?) have the ability to play for top 6 places every year.

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31 May 2013 23:57:05
Apparently we're planning a move for 18 year old Derby star Will Hughes. Most people reporting our interest are saying we may have an edge over other teams rumoured to be interested as he will probably get more first team game time with us than with us than with the other interested parties which include Man City and even Barca.

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Reports are now saying we are willing to pay £10m and loan him back to Derby for next season so he can get more first team game time

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Where in MF does he play?

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He can play anywhere in mid llikes CM

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Sounds a bit iffy.

Do we have 10 million to thrown around on a player that is not even going to play for us next season.

I mean, I know we have plenty of midfielders, it is not like we are in short supply, but we still really only have one senior striker, and he is possibly being sold if the price is right.

( I do not consider Ameobi a senior player, he is still a prospect even at the end of his career)

And what about the Colo situation.

It would make more sense if Gosling was going the other way.

I doubt we will hear much about this one again.

This is not a priority for us now.

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01 Jun 2013 19:04:53
ashley spend £10m on a player and loan him out? don't thinks so

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