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01 Jun 2012 21:45:32
{Ed022's note - brand new player profile on Crewe Alexandra's Nick Powell, linked with pretty much every English Club in recent times. - thanks all. I'd also like to say that this website was created a few months ago for fans such as yourselves, and it just gives you information on which players are linked with what clubs etc. There is also a members area on that site also. Thanks all.}

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01 Jun 2012 18:05:45
Not being funny but why are you all saying you would be happy for Ba to leave, I mean he is a top quality player and we wouldn't get much better no matter how hard we tried

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We got better when we got Cisse...Proving that if he did leave, we could get better.

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Did you watch him play in the 2nd half of the season? He was Newcastles worst player by a mile. When Shane ferguson came off the bench to replace him Newcastle looked like they had a extra man on the pitch. Ba faffs around with the ball too much and gives the ball away far too easily. Ba needs to improve if he wants to stay and noone can dispute that.

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Ba's a great. funny how he hasnt scored since Harry opened his mouth, not just since cisse signed

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Dont get why everyone loved ba at the start at the season and didnt want him to go, now everyone wants him to go just cause the goals have dried up. You still have to remember he was our top scorer last season and instead of people getting on his back they need to encourage him. You've got to remember he was playing out of position for the second half of the season and just got on with it

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I completely agree ^^

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It's not really getting on his back, it's more that of all our top players his departure would be the least devastating. If he stays then we will continue to support him as well as we have up to now.

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He wasnt though, Pardew alternated him and Cisse up the middle. Id like to see him stay but I think he can be replaced.

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We have absoloutley nothing to gain from selling Ba, Nothing. we wont get any profit from hime at all. I would rather keep him as hes a proven score in this league and with extra games will allow us to rotate alot more. plus we can change our system of play when we need to. I reckon we need to bring in another striker anyways to be honest as well most likely loose both cisse and ba to the acon anyways. would love de jong imo

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Em dont care who done better a the end of the season ba scored 16 and cisse scored 13 and anyways ba was playing LW so i wouldnt say so

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01 Jun 2012 16:24:58
Bas Dost has moved to Wolfsburg, rules him moving out to us.

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01 Jun 2012 10:56:28
Ed it true we're close to signing Nathaniel Clyne? Would be a good signing, very good young full back. {Ed001's Note - there is definite interest there, with the lure of regular first team football. Reading are also interested and have the advantage of being nearby. Man Utd are also interested, but they are not offering definite first team football.}

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01 Jun 2012 11:14:22
Newcastle to Sign Nathaniel Clyne in the next 24 hours

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Would be a great thing if we do , as i think he will be worth a lot more in the near future..

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What is the source to this claim?

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01 Jun 2012 11:13:00
Heard that Ronaldinho has left Flamengo in Brazil. Would be a good purchase for Newcastle. Intelligent player with skill. Has aged but would be good experience around the training camp and could be used in europe. Should be looked into!

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As cool as it would be to have Ronaldinho playing for Newcastle, his wages would be astronomical and wouldn't fit us very well, I don't think. Plus being a player whom has spent most his time in Barcelona, Milan and in the native Brazil, he wouldn't take too kindly to the weather up here.

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I would have had him 4 years ago... not now

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In an ideal world he would be great. However, he is way too old for our policy nowadays and he is not going to want wages of around 30 - 40 thousand a week. He probably wouldnt want far off 100ka week to be honest. Nice idea ... but a non starter.

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Literally the worst waste of time at Flamengo and would be equally poor for us! they wanted to send him to china with the kids for publicity just so he wouldn't play in the league for them! and they couldn't pay the wages they promised him so you know he wants a fortune! plus he's 100 years old

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01 Jun 2012 10:47:16
Roma lining up a bid for Santon, i hope this is not true as i think he could be become a real talent for us.

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He already is a real talent.

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Highly doubt it as the italian league is in danger of being suspended for a few years by their government... they might even withdraw from Euro 2012

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Santon said that he is really happy in england and he doesnt regret movin from italy and prefers england
WhY would he move to rkma I would say newcastoe r as gd if not better

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01 Jun 2012 08:41:17
A Danish newspaper has stated this morning that Newcastle is looking at FC Copenhagen's Dame N'doye as a replacement for Demba Ba. He's also Senegalese and would naturally link up with Cissť.

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Just because they're from the same country doesn't mean they link up well. This isn't FUT. And we're not going to buy yet another African striker, we'll buy someone who isn't African because of the ACoN.

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That FUT joke was brill. So many people think that just because a player comes from the same country they're going to get along. Well let me tell u, there's a few english people i know who i think are right d***s even though they're the same nationality as me.

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Not happening - he isn't good enough.

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01 Jun 2012 01:07:48
ed any chance of Marvin Martin being a Newcastle next season? Looked good tonight when he came on but will obviously be looked at by Lille as a replacement for hazard {Ed022's Note - I'm not too sure about him, but last time I checked Newcastle showed interest in him.}

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01 Jun 2012 01:01:59
Simpson has been offered wages from £10,000 to £25,000 per week, not sure about the specifics like length but that's the money. He seems to think he's worth more than 25k by not signing the contract. For me he should not get more than 15k, very average player. I hope we stick to our guns with a take it or leave offer and if he doesn't then he can go and get relegated with Villa, if he does then he will become a bench/Europa player as we'll sign a much better player, Debuchy and Clyne to give a couple of examples. Don't get greedy Simmo.

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15k for Simpson? Vuckic and Kadar probably earn more than that!

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Simmo is on 12k a week with bonus' nd endorsments! Hes been offered a 25% pay rise, 15k a week. Nd extended bonus' including an international call up bonus. He believes he shud b on 25k. Get rid he likes to go out on the drink hes nt tht gd

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Vuckic is probably on about 5k, and at least he has more quality than Simpson.
I wouldn't offer Simpson any more, if he doesn't want it then he can go and play in the Championship.

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Vuckic has more quality than Simpson??
That's why Simpson has been an almost ever-present in a Champions League chasing team with around 16 clean sheets and has been voted top right back in the Premier League stats.
Vuckic - yet to show he's worthy of a place in our first team and quite frankly the jury is still out.
If you can't say something sensible why come on here?

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Simpson is Average. If he wants to make the same mistake as Barton and Nolan let him.

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I think his pay was last set in the ccl so it's only right he gets an improved wage now he has played a part in our success in the pl imo.

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If you watched Simpson you can see he is average, we had no one else for right back really, as we didn't push Santon in early. He doesnt make enough tackles and when a player runs at him more often than not ust backs off and allowed the cross. Would rather have a younger player at left n bring Santon back over

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Vuckic is 19 and has shown that he will soon be able to cut it in the top league. Simpson is 25 and is only in our starting XI because we lack in that position. Perch came in for the last few games and he was far far better.
Stat wise David Luiz is better than Colo, so don't attempt to use stats to justify a players ability. Why do you think that RB is the position we're most trying to strengthen? Because Simpson plays in it and he's our weakest player. Just look at Vuckic in 6 years and tell me who's better.

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Vuckic won't be here in six years time.

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Doesn't change the fact that he will still be a far better football than Simpson.

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31 May 2012 23:51:42
With demba ba release clause does that mean if we are offerd 7million then he will have to go? Dont know to much on the contract side of things {Ed008's Note - If a club with CL offers 7m it is accepted and left up to Ba if he wants to leave.

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I honestly don't think he will leave I mean why would he go to tottenham they don't have cl and tbh I highly doubt any cl clubs will want him

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Ed is is definitely only CL teams that can activate the clause? {Ed022's Note - Yes. Only teams in the Champions League.}

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Ahhh ok cheers mate

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So spurs cant even activate his release clause lol? {Ed022's Note - Nope.}

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After Harry Rednapp revealed the clause in january its pretty funny he now cant even activate it!

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He didn't reveal it because he wanted it, that'd be pretty stupid to tell everyone how cheap you could get one of the most in form strikers in the world. He did it to upset the competition nipping at Spuds' heels.

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