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01 Jul 2013 20:00:55
See the mackems are panic buying squandering money again buyin garbage. We will sign worldclass players or future stars.

Fancy them for relegation guaranteed.

If we sign PEA we will finish around 6th we have an outside chance of the champions league I think.

We have a quality squad equal to spurs etc so wiith a couple of signings we will be awesome.

Last season was a blip. Pardew and Kinnear will be a good team better than dicanio and he's cronies and he's so called udinese model.


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Minor issue with this is
1. We haven't signed or even bid for anyone yet
2. We have a clown in charge of signings and attracting players
3. We will sell out best and most creative players and not replace them

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It was the season before that was the blip mate!
Liono74 ftm

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I totally agree mate apart from the world class players which is garbage as we're not even in europe. We will sign TOP class players like PEA and zouma hopefully and will finish around 7th, 8th then next year we can start thinking about europa. We do have a fairly equal squad with spurs and everton although they have the better manager. although I don't think sunderland will get relegated but don't think they'll do well 14th I reckon. As for

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Brilliant post. Very optimistic.

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See day release is upon us again enjoy your holiday Magpie and peas, hows jesmond geordie doing? Have they upped he's medication? They need to up yours.

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We bid for pea just not enough

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On par with spurs. are you high? We won't get PEA bigger clubs than us are after him who will offer more wages. Plus the fact we havnt bid on anyone yet. Next we will sell kabab and Afro and buy some cheap players from France. And name me anyone in our squad in defence better than vertongan? Anyone in midfield better than dembele? Anyone on the wings better than Lennon or bale? Any forwards as good a Defoe has been over the years? We will be lucky to finish top half. unless we spend 30-40mil we won't be anywhere near 6th.

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The guy has been on our site and reckons you have 10m fans in uk and 300m worldwide.
Somebody please lock him up.
I love the banter but this person is as big an embarassment as the management.

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An equal squad to Spurs?

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Delusional as usual, I had a mighty guffaw with these posts, remember it only took di canio and his cronies 2 games, yes 2 games to outwit pratdew and tonk your lot.

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If we're lucky it'll be a mid-table finish come the end of next season. We've got a decent first team, but not a great squad. We badly need PEA to provide some width and threat, but if we can get him at all we probably won't without losing Cabaye to fund it. Cabaye would be a major loss. Sissoko's quality but he's more athleticism than guile and we lack creativity as it is. What's more, although we had no luck with injuries last term, you've got to conclude from looking at the stats (goals scored from set pieces, average shooting positions, possession, goals conceded, etc) that the majority of the blame has to be levied at poor coaching. There's no chance of that improving with a dinosaur such as Kinnear presiding over "playing style".

Just don't get your hopes up is all I'm saying. Get behind the team but let's be realistic.

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Known Ashley he will hold out for 15mil on kabab when PSG only want to spend 12mil in him and because of that we will loose out on PEA but really don't think we have a chance for him anyway without giving him huge wages. I bet we get Bent and that's our only signing as can't see us paying 10+mil for zouma

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I'm sorry but I like facts and here are a few:

. Sunderland have brought in 7 players for 3.9mil. Most if them in a free but under 26 and have Europe experience. Hardly panic buying.

. We are not going to finish 6th. Man city / Manchester United / Chelsea / arsenal / Sours / Liverpool / everton / all these teams are better than we are FACT.

. We are more on par with west ham Swansea west brom and fulham FACT.

. PEA will not be a Newcastle player to many other clubs intrested like Doetmund FACT.

. Ashley won't spend 10mil on an 18year old FACT.

. Players we sign will be young and from France for the future but no big names will PEA will be signed.

. We are more likely to sell our best players and not replace them than signing extra ones.

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Delusional as usual, I had a mighty guffaw with these posts, remember it only took di canio and his cronies 2 games, yes 2 games to outwit pratdew and tonk your lot.

Whats the excuse for the Villa game then, Tired, Outwitted?

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We have a much better squad than Everton, Fellani, Baines, Coleman, Jag and Mirallas are they are good players. Howard, Osman, Jelavic and Distin are decent too.
We have Cabaye, HBA, Tiote. Cisse, Debuchy, Krul, Colo, M'Bwia, Santon, Sissoko, Gourffan and Marveaux. While Perch, S. Taylor, R. Taylor, Haidara (good potentional) are decent.

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Actually, none of what you just posted is "FACT". Its all opinion.

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Deluded. The lot of you. On par with Everton. If that is so, how come we have finished above them twice in seven years.

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01 Jul 2013 18:52:25
What about Iker Munia�n anyone, still a class act, been played out of position this year behind the front man, best position by far is on the left wing. He's young got bags of potential scores goals, and his club is in turmoil. With him and Benny on the flanks be quite happy with Bent or papa C in the middle. Just my thoughts.

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Agree but it will never happen. His price tag will be massive.

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Not bent, PEA

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01 Jul 2013 18:46:57

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01 Jul 2013 18:27:08
I think if cabaye leaves we should buy Fer and de jong or lallana, and also buy PEA and Zouma who would be top class signings. Maybe sinclair.

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Would prefer Belhanda and Honda to replace Cabaye, in line with the "sell 1 buy 2" strategy.

Doubt we would get them though.

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Well we definitely won't get Belhanda. He's signed for Kyiv.

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01 Jul 2013 17:30:58
This is just a bit of fun and probs wouldn't happen.
But would people be happy if this was our summer transfer window?

Micah Richards (8m)
Kurt Zouma (11m)
Danny Rose (8m) Santon used as a winger
Adam Lallana (11m)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (15m)
Darren Bent (6m)

Williamson (1m)
Obertan (1m)
Gosling (1m)
Perch (1m)
Jonas (2m)
Ameobi (1m)
Cisse (16m)
Cabaye (25m)

Ashley only spending 11m

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Dont sell Cisse for God's sake. Also £8m Rose, he is worth like £4m, lallana worth closer to £8m. PEA is overrated and worth £12m maximum, as is Zouma who is worth £6-7m. Richards should be a few million less

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No I wouldn't. Don't want Rose or Lallana. Certainly would not sell Cisse or Cabeye.

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Rose is comfortably worth 8mil he was sensational last year, PEA is far from being over rated and at under 20mil would be a steal for any club. Zouma is definitely worth at least 10mil due to his age and quality, but agree with richards and lallana being worth maybe a couple million less.

But back to the question in hand i'm not sure i'd be too happy with that purely because you are selling our best player in cabaye and not bringing any replacement in of his quality, if you swapped siem de jong for lallana i'd be more inclined to accept that. Definitely do not want bent what so ever, rather adam campbell get a chance then see him play for us.

Hopefully cisse's form picks up next year to where he was in his first season then we wouldn't need bent or want to sell him. I wouldn't be surprised if his pre season training was teaching him what the offside rule is and how to actually stay onside

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No way danny rose would come to us he's in love wi the scum

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I think santon would be a good winger because quick and not the most solid defensively. Maybe the Italian bale

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Irrelevant since it would never, ever happen. But for what its worth, yes with the ins. but Selling Cisse? Nope.

Hypothetically Bent would be third choice for me behind PEA and Cisse.

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Funny thought PSG was offering 12mil for kabab not 25mil lol is the rest add on fees lol and 16 cisse would be lucky to get the 10mil we spent on him. Reason why is he misses 5 good chances to score before he actually does score in the 80th minute

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Well you thought wrong didn't you. Its a common trait in a mackem.

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01 Jul 2013 17:23:42
Kurt Zouma (CB) 11.6m
Adam Lallana (LM) 12m
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (CF) 15.5m
Darren Bent (CF) 6m
Olivier Kemen (CF)

Steve Harper (GK) Free
Danny Simpson (RB) Free QPR
Mike Williamson (CB) 1m
Gabby Obertan (RM) 1.5m
Dan Gosling (CM) 1.5m
James Perchinho (CM) 1m
Jonas Gutierrez (LM) 3m
Mackem Slayer (CF) 1m
Yohan Cabaye (CM) 25m : (

11.1m being spent out of ashley's back pocket



Ben Arfa_______________________Lallana


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I would not waste 6 MIL on Bent!

I would rather get Di Santo on a Free than waste 6 Mil on Bent.

He will score goals but is at the wrong age of 20.

Personally I recon we could get Charlie Austin in for around 6 to 7 mil. Would prefer someone fresh that comes with no drama (Ex Sunderland Player)

I also would not get Lallana, 12 million is to much and there is much better quality out there for 12 million.

I would save 6 million and simply by Sinclair from City for around 6 MIl

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If you sell cabaye they need to get a creative midfield player

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No one in there right mind would pay 25mil for kabab! Oscar was less than that and is 10x better also mata was signed for 24mil and is 100x better. So tell me who's stupid enough to spend 25mil on an average player who now and again plays a Wounder ball into the box? Answer is NO ONE. Just because Liverpool payed 35 for Carroll doesn't mean everyone is daft as pig s****.

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Oscar was signed for 30m

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01 Jul 2013 17:04:24
What about a move for adam lallana if cabaye leaves? good playmaker, quick and attacking and english!

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Thats probs Pardrews thinking but if we were to go for someone young and ready made for the PL I would go for Wigans youngster McCarthy, he's got loads of potental however he isn't Cabaye Class.

Direct replacement would be someone like DeJong from Ajax or Fer.

Who would everyone else want to replace Cabaye?

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Think you have mentioned the top 2 people would want siem de jong or james mcCarthy well that's my opinion anyway.

Leroy fer is rather unclear because his failed medical at everton isn't a good sign what so ever (but I suppose damba failed one at stoke and we all know how he turned out) and he would cost a fair bit.

But I personally don't see us getting a player anywhere near cabayes standard for any money, we just can't attract the top players especially if we are letting our current best players leave.

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Lallana was awful last season ask saints fan bout same quility if not worse then jonas and that's poor

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01 Jul 2013 16:23:42
With Cabaye going to either PSG or Monaco NUFC are looking at a replacement in the form of Ryad Boubebouz.

Sissoko will drop into a central midfield role with Tiote and Boubebouz will be used as either an AM behind the front man or on the opposite wing to Ben Afra

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01 Jul 2013 15:52:58
Apparently Perch is on his way to Wigan for around 700K

Really doesn't make sense this if it goes through. Half decent utility player that can player more or less anywhere in the back 4 and also pop in as a DM.

The only Utility players left really are Anita, Guti and Ryan Taylor whichs let's be honest don't look at all decent when there out of position.

Would prefer to get rid of Guti and R Taylor (I know we cannot because of Injury but I can wish) and keep Perch.

He had a horrible start but has come decent over the last 2 years. I personally think he is worth at least 1. 5 / 2 Mil.

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Mbiwa can play anywhere across the back 4 and has occasionally been used as a dm

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Mbiwa was bought as a defender.

I would much rather he stick to that and learn the trade to become PL class which will only make him become more of a best as a Center Back than become just another utility player.

Mbiwa is different class to Perch. Perch is a decent utility player.

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01 Jul 2013 12:22:47
Cabaye will leave Newcastle to Join either PSG or Monaco in a deal worth £25-30Million.

With this money we will sign PEA, they are trying to get it done this week. also we will match Cardiffs offer for Thomas Ince, and also place a bid for Marseille defender Nicolas N'Koulou, who is available for £12million.

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We will go for Zouma not N'Koulou

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The first line believably the rest just completely made up. Unless you are Pardew, Jk or Ashley himself you/we know nothing that is happening at the club.

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Someones on their playstation again, no club will pay anywhere near half that for him

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Why would we have to sell when there is clearly money in the club?

As we wouldn't have submitted a bid for PEA

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Like ashley will spend that much h no wonder your laughed at by everyone.

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Ince in talks with Swansea tv now

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01 Jul 2013 10:22:06
Darren bent or Aubameyang will not sign for newcastle this summer despite rumours

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That means one of them will sign then.

I hope it is the latter.

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How do you know this? When people make statement I wish they would say how they know the said statement.

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Dont you mean and

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Dont think either will sign

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If cabaye is sold we will sign both of them

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He means nor

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He he, love the use of our lovely language on here.

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01 Jul 2013 09:43:03
Newcastle about to lodge an improved offer for st ettienne striker pierre emerick aubameyang they want the transfer done quickly so the bid will be this week.

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I wouldn't believe what is written in the Journal. Local paper that is Ashley's mouth piece.

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Moyes starts work today after a hard long season as do a lot of other people who realise the importance of the transfer window opening.
JFK after a 4 year holiday. Goes on holiday and AP is already on vacation. Says it all really. Amatures playing at being big boys. Pair of plonkers.

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I wasn't aware we'd even made a first bid!

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Apparently JK want it done by friday

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He ain't said which friday though!

There is no way such a deal could be done in a couple days - look how long other deals have taken by the club and St Ettienne won't accept our first offer - they will hold out to maximise the fee

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30 Jun 2013 22:49:57
William Vainqueur has bought out his contract, word is he's made contact with Toon.

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Apparently we made a bid for him on the last day of the January window but got rejected

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Aye coming soon willy vainquer starring pardews humpa lumpas it just keeps getting worse

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