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01 Feb 2012 11:43:05
A whole host of reserves to be released from the club. A very selected few given new contracts.

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Source? The reserves are doing well in their league, would only imagine its the older ones who may not get a contract.

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According to twtter kadar being released

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6 of them including Kadar been told to find new clubs.

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In the chronicle. reckon tavernier also being released. although that wasn't mentioned in chronicle. anyone have info on this? i thought he was one of the players who had a chance to make it to 1st team.

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Tavernier is on loan with Smith at the Don's

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He's gone out on loan to MK Dons.

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Tavernier just gone on loan to mk dons. for experience? or to market himself for a new club?

surprised at kadar, thought he had a chance of stepping up.

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I know he's on loan, but .com reckon he's out of contract at end of season and as the chrnicle article doesn't mention him as one of those who will stay, they reckon he'll also be leaving.

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Tavernier isn't a player that will be getting released there is already a verbal agreement to sign a new contract when he returns from his loan. However Airey, Kadar, D.Taylor, Adjei and Edmundsson will all be leaving the club.

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Airey was offered a loan spell at end of window and refused

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Isn't Airey on loan at Gateshead? with the terms allowing him to play for reserves as well.

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Airey is on loan with gateshead and y would he be getting released he was only brought in in the summer along with abeid from lens

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Apparently Airey has attitude problem which is why his hibs loan was cut short (+injuries). Could have been home sickness, given a try at Gateshead but he can't seem to get much game time there.

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01 Feb 2012 08:44:52
Journal reporting that Colo's new contract is almost complete.

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How long? contract lenth i mean

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5yrs supposedly

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5 and half years.

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No way,you'll have a 30+ player,omg

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So your saying that its better to have old playes than young players?...

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No not at all,as it happens,but after all the dads army crap.....the reality is players can contribute over the age of 30

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Colo is one of the best CB in the league not and Old traford cast off. There is the difference.

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You need experiance in the team along with youth!

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