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01 Dec 2012 16:42:47
Demba Ba - Liverpool January
only transfer roumer ive heard so far its either him to liverpool or darren bent


I hope pardew ganns with him cockney yes man

Said today wants double wages ..Let him go

If this is true it will be for good money as his release clause states that it's for a champions league club only as he wants to play in that competition

To be honest, if it's true he's demanded double his wages I'd drive him myself to Liverpool, last couple of games he's started to look lazy and seems to think the team revolves around him, he knows he won't be dropped so doesn't try as hard. I think letting Ba leave will give Cisse the chance to shine, he showed against stoke what he can do playing off the last defender instead of playing on the half way line! 4-3-3 with Marveaux, Cisse, Ben Arfa wouldn't be the end of the world!

Let him go and get carroll back him and cisse would be good together

Liverpool havent got 10m quid. He doesnt suit rodgers style neither


Ha liverpool don't have 10 million quid, how on earth do you come up with a statement like that when they have spent about 415mil in the last 9 seasons, im sure they could find an extra 10 especially when they pay 20 for henderson downing and aqulani

1 person making a very good suggestion: Cisse, Marveaux and Benny in a 433.

Another person saying bring back the non- scoring, permanently injured Carrol to play even more hoof ball than we already do and speed up th departures of Benny and Cabs.

How much is double his wages

Pool had the money for a striker in the summer so will do now but I don't think ba will cost 10 million. His clause is 7.5 million for a champions league club which pool aren't so to them I'd expect at least 15 million

Thats why they aint got 10m. Rodgers already said he has to sell first. they are hardly in.a position to offer 70k+ in wages.

Double wages would be about 70-80k/week

He wants 90k/week so he'll be off get remy or eder




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