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01 Aug 2013 11:31:12
First Remy, then Gomis WILL sign before Tuesday garenteed, Charlie Austin in at QPR before Remy is allowed to go on loan, if QPR don't get promoted, he will stay, Gomis to follow

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I hope your right. we need some good news regarding newcastles transfers

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What juice are yiu on Beetlejuice by any chance

Big man Ashley (beer belly) only is miles behind these billionaire owners he is not even on the same page and his amature way in football is out there for all to see

KK AS JEnrique CH and a few more are pleases they are far removed from the mad mans Circus

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I was optimistic about players coming in at the start of the window. Now I really believe we will not sign anyone. While I agree players wages and transfer fees are obscenely inflated, if other clubs are prepared to offer them 99% of the time we are going to lose out on our targeted players. For these reasons we will sign neither Remy nor Gomis.

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Redknapp looks like he wants to block a loan move for Remy despite saying he'd rather loan him out than sell him

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Charlie Austin just signed for QPR!

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Harry has advised he is not loaning remy out and will only sell.

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You're talking rubbish, we've already agreed terms with Gomis it was the fee that held up the move. As for Remy in January we had everything sorted the problem was QPR offered more than we could/would. In terms of billionaires Ashley's on the poorer end so in some cases we just plain can't afford to offer as much as others. Stop spouting random rubbish without looking at all the facts first.

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{Ed002's Note - Remy may well move on this summer and QPR expected an enquiry from Spurs - that never happened. Inter see Remy as a cheap solution and have sought assistance from someone at Marseille to help persuade him to move from England, where he is apparently keen to stay, with Newcastle perhaps a viable option but, as they have said, not at teh €8M bing asked. She tells me that any interest from other clubs, such as Liverpool and Arsenal at this time would seem to be no more than speculative. This one could run all summer or he will need to stay at QPR or return to the mainland Europe.}

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Wot is the hold up with this remy deal 8m for a player of his quality is a steal especially when we wa going to pay 10 in January

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What a load of rubbish, Gomis you pulled out as you can't afford the extra, Bent scared off by Agent Joe and now Remy will cost 8m which you don't have! what happened to the so called def loan SGB? exactly your being mugged by you owner and manager again and only the sensible g0rdi3s on here can see it!

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How can you agree terms when no fee agreed. could you imagine if this was cabaye psg would be reoirted. double standards

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"In terms of billionaires, Ashley's on the poorer end"? Are you for real?
There are owners in the Premiership with less money than Ashley but they are buying players. It's called AMBITION - something which Ashley doesn't have. unless of course it's for Sports Direct.
I can't believe that there are still supporters out there who defend IN ANY WAY this tight buffoon at our club.

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I know your a deluded mackem but do you really believe we don't have the money to buy these players. You need your head testing if you do. We have a owner who won't not can't huge difference.

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Wen fat Joe came in he said the first Friday he'd have a big signin through the door! By the time he get any through the door it'll b good Friday and we'll b in the championship can't Ashley see u need 2 spend some money 2 stay competitive in the premier league! Its time 2 go mike n. toon fans need 2 stand up 2gva and b heard once n. 4all

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Been away incommunicado. Just back, expecting to hear we'd signed some really exciting young striker, but what? Still chasing Bent and Remy? What's Graham Carr doing these days? Not impressing Superjoke, obviously! Vic.

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These owners who are spending loads are putting their clubs into huge debts which Ashley is avoiding he's only worth 1. 5 maybe 2 billion max which when you take into account how much he spends on running the club and sports direct doesn't leave much left

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No agent mike has the money you lot don't, even though he is your chairman I think it would be better to go and beg on the street than getting money off him!

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One thing you are all forgetting is yes Ashley has a reported wealth of over 2 billion pounds but over 90% of this is tied up in business shares in the companies he has interests in and there is no way he would jeopardise any of those lads so unless carr can pull one out the bag its the same squad as last year

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Let's see if I can get this out without any of the bed sheet brigade spouting from the vile book of misspelt insults. Firstly I love NUFC, always have, I'm as annoyed as anyone at the way the club's been run since SJH left. This has to be said though. All of the vile chants at matches, the insults towards Mike Ashley and Co (some very founded) ARE NOT HELPING. Isn't it time we tried to just keep it down a little? For the good of the club should we not bite our lips? It's killing me, I'd love to tell him what I think but when we're going on the way we're going, complaining about him not talking to us, insulting him from the stands and so on he's bound to keep shut, he's bound to do things to annoy us, so what do we do? Calling him names is not only childish but pointless, it won't change his ways. Maybe, maybe if we try to work with the club he'll open up a bit more, is the good of the club not worth more than venting our spleens at him? If the club is seen to be a nice one maybe someone will buy it but I certainly wouldn't buy it if some of the fans were going on like animals (most of us don't though because we're civilised). Come on bed sheet brigade.

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Harry confirms this morning that remy can go out on loan as long as a club meets the £2m valuation for the loan fee. I expect that even if newcastle were to pay this his wages would be a stumbling block as can't see us paying his full wage whilst on loan and can't see qpr agreeing to pay much of them whilst playing for someone else

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Have we got to be 'animals' because we protest at this tight, unambitious owner? Grow up.
This buffoon will continue to show no regard for the fans, players or standing of this club whether we protest or not.
A load of well aimed annoyance and anti-Ashley feeling at the club's matches could certainly do no more harm yet may just do some good. Is that not worth a chance or do we all, like you, just roll over and die?

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I posted this yesterday, 3 hours before Austin signed for QPR, just seen officially fee agreed with Gomis. Remy next. People saying I don't know what I'm talking about. Yea right. Remy before Tuesday garenteed

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Yes, there's owner's poorer than Ashley spending lots of money.
but how many of those clus are £120m in debt?
everyone seems to forget that we are in fact in debt. and we can not actually afford to go spending extravagant amounts of money. we're loucky that we still even have a club.

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Remy before Tuesday? You don't know what you're talking about!

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'Ashley's wealth is tied up in shares' - are you for real? What do you expect a billionaire to do with his dosh? Keep it in a shoebox under the bed? Haven't you heard of the Stock Market? You don't seriously believe that Roman Abramovitch keeps his roubles in the Post Office? Perhaps you do.

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Ashley's wealth is irrelevant. He has loaned the club a big wodge and told the Board to run the business sustainably. That means players in and players out. He might help out a temporary cash shortfall with a pay-day loan but that's it. If he does put in a further lump it'll surely be in the form of another loan to add to the £100m.

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D: well done. mate. Even when Remy's photoed on the pitch, with the shirt, the negative cowards won't come back on here to admit they were wrong.

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01 Aug 2013 08:28:02
So sources from the Darren bent camp are saying that the meeting with kinnear was a total farce. Villa want 6mill so kinnear says were not paying more than 2mill. This is no surprise really. Just another case of our club being made to look ridiculous by these clowns.

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The story I got was 4mil but only 2mil up front so and they only offerd him 40 a week (he is on 65 at villa) so we got laughed out the room basically! How can we move forward when we can't even sort out a transfer for a top player who is going on the cheap at 6mil, its pathetic!

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A 29 year old at 6 mil is not an investment.

This is a waste of money.

Bent with his track record is always injured and to be hones the wages aspect should decline due to his age.

Why would we pay someone around 65K a week that is always injured or is a risk at the very least.

I do agree with the offer.

OK signing on fee for a striker that has not been getting game time, decent wages to reflect the season that's just gone regardless of whos to blame for it.

He can't expect great wages off the back of last season.

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I'd agree with the above post if it was june. But these persons in charge have backed us into a corner. We are at risk of having no one in, and I suspect the regime would be happy with that outcome.

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Totally agree, yes we getting close to end of transfer window but no way should we pay over the odds for a player who has proved he is a mercenary, and at 29 his best years could be behind him, personally I think we will get gomis in the end which alongside cisse and goofy will be enough imo.

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Apparently Bent said he would never sign for Newcastle out of respect for Sunderland.

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Bent never had any respect for Sunderland. That's why he spat his dummy out to get away from the unwashed.

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The £2m we offered was £2m too much

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I'm pretty sure Bent was meant to sign for us the season he signed for Sunderland, but we got relegated. He's been a long term target and apparently very good friends with S Taylor.

6 Million is not a lot of money these days and especially for a proven premier league player. Tottenham are paying £26 million for a 28 year old.

All I know is that if we start the season not having signed anyone, its very likely we will struggle badly. Norwich have just signed two decent strikers. If we don't sign Bent for 6million or whatever it is, someone else will. Its not an unreasonable price to ask.

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All players are mercenaries. If they weren't they wouldn't need agents. Bent is on 65,000 a week because that's the level of quality he is. If we want to pay 40,000 a week we will get someone of sholas quality. If we pay 200,000 a week we get some like Van Persie. The club needs to pay th going rate for these players.

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Bent deal not going to happen he is pardew choice no one else's

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Pardew wanted him mate he said it on live tv?!

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If Darren bent had not played for sunderland I think a lot of you on here would have thought 6 mill was a good buy the lad has scored goals everywhere his been even at sunderland if you can get an injury free bent he will score well into double figures a good return for 6 mill

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"If you can get an injury free Bent".
But there's the problem, why take the risk on a player who has a poor injury history. in my opinion, the right amount was offered and the fact that it would be dead money because we couldn't sell him on, and he would probably want a minimum of a 3-4 year contract, where's the sense in the deal. ?

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01 Aug 2013 00:02:16
Close Newcastle united sources have tonight revealed that Gareth Bale has been discussing Bents rumoured move to the toon after the pair were seen leaving a top VIP club in London. Bale was very open about the fact that he is very confident that Darren Bent will sign before the end of August for an undisclosed fee.

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Lol I've heard it all now

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What? .

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Until we made a 2mil offer through JK which understandably was laughed at

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Fulham will get bent, we won't pay the cheap price tag of 6mil. Fact!

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Ur making this to easy bale lol.

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