Newcastle Rumours Archive November 19 2012


19 Nov 2012 15:41:25
The obvious problem with our club is Ashleys lack of vision and ambition in the summer. We have also got rid of our football formation of 4-3-3 to play Hoof ball 4-4-2. Why? Because Demba Ba wasnt happy on the left of a front three! Pardew is a limited manager who was very lucky last year with injuries etc. He should have demanded top class Ctr Back,top class Right back, creative ball playing ctr mid and a striker to compliment what we have now. A great opportunity to move the club forward into a top four challenger every season has been lost due to our tight fisted owner. Next season the big big money comes into the premier league where he can line his pockets and he has gambled on us still being in the league by not investing. On current season form he should be very very worried. Long ball = zero points and teams coming at us whereas last season our passing 4-3-3 had teams always on the back foot and worried about US. Pardew is not a manager to take a club this size into challengers and Ashley not the owner to fund it.





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