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19 May 2012 19:39:24
club have made contact with hoillets agent

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Said who?

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Aye but the voicemail ran out before they could say owt !

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Just red some bad news lambias says ashley wont sell club? what a kick in the balls fatty wont take club 4ward wont spend

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Perhaps OP should have read 'Club(s) have made contact with Hoillet's agent'. If we are after him then we will not be alone by any stretch of the imagination.

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Askley has the ran the club is way and look wheres its got us...we twisted when nolan left and barton on a free tbh nolan has not set the fizzy pop league alight has he? barton is looking at big suspension....and the players that where brought in are much better on less money and are worth over double them who went...we are financially better off by a long shot with no debt or intrest payments at all and one person owns the club not lots of investors...the club is making profit every year and finished higher than we have for 6 seasons...think we might be the only club in premier league that could fit straight into this new FAIR PLAY i personally dont think its a kick in the balls if he does not sell....edd whats your verdict do you agree or would you like some wealthy arab to come in and waste millions?

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I for one am completely happy with how the club is being run (perhaps that will change if something daft happens again) and feel we're heading quickly in the right direction.

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I agree mate im extremly happy with things at the club after reading agreat artical in the daily mail a few months back it helped me understand how and why ashley has done wot he has done

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Ashley HAS 2 spend now as we need 2 teams now 1for europe and 1 for premier so we ill see how he spends

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I agree, surely ashley has to spend at least 25m to enhance the squad. Debuchy(6m, Douglas(free), Alderweird(free, i think), Corgnet(4m), Holiett(free), and a non-african striker. (6m) 2/3 others.

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19 May 2012 16:53:01
Would like to see us go in for Man City's John Guidetti on loan and Adam Johnson permanently, as they seem to be frustrated with lack of first team opportunities (source BBC sport for Johnson), but Johnson's wages probs too high plus ex borough player

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Johnson was raised a toon fan though...

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Guidetti Please hes not at ACON but i would preffer Bas Dost but deal elsewhere nearly complete.

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Johnson was released by nufc first at a very young age he then went to boro but yes he is a toon fan......

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Van Wolfswinkel? Do you think he would come to the toon?

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Johnson's attitude is a problem though!

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Adam johnson has a major attitude and party problem he his a good player but when you look at french players for 4 million and johnsons probably 10 million price and johnson will want 3 times more money think i would rather buy french....

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We wont sign any players on loan. club policy

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If we could get Johnson for a 7 figure price and keep his salary at 50k as the absolute max he'd be worth it. It's clear what a talent he is and that he can cut it in this league (which is often a risk with Ligue 1 or Championship players). In regards to attitude he could probably be tamed by Pardew, Ben Arfa's attitude was horrific as he admits and we sorted that out. He's worth the money if we can get him for 7 figures, anymore and it's less appealing. I don't think Man City sell to clubs in their own league though...

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Agree, Mancini talked us up as a real threat to this league, doubt he'd help us

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I agree want to see more english lads in black and white preferably geordies

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19 May 2012 12:10:36
Ed I've heard marvin martins name come up alot over tge last year. Do you know if we are genuinely looking at him, I think he is the sort of player that would complete our midfield 3 {Ed001's Note - I honestly don't know, it would make sense, he is the right type of player, but I don't know if Newcastle have been looking at him.}

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Bring me Martin and Boudebouz, that would settle the entire middle line, no question. An offensive line on par with City.

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He said in a interview with that he will be going to Lille to replace Hazard

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Offence line on par with City? Aguero, Tevez, Nasri, Silva, Toure, Dzeko, Ballotelli, and the rest? Ba, Cisse, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Martin, Boudebouz, not a bad team but City have muc better Offensive .

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