Newcastle Rumours Archive June 19 2011


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19 Jun 2011 23:05:36
Newcastle are likely to submit a £8million offer for Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, Good or Bad? I think Bad as I think now we have signed Demba Ba we should be looking for someone who has pace and is a good finisher, someone like Jermaine Defoe as Ba will be a target man next year. But then again this may be to add more depth in the striker department, only time will tell. (ToonThomas)

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19 Jun 2011 22:47:33
Newcastle interested in 2 young strikers Khouma Babacar and Nassim Ben Khalifa

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19 Jun 2011 22:40:36
Newcastle are interested in 2 young strikers Khouma Babacar and Nassim Ben Khalifa

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19 Jun 2011 22:08:55
N zogbia is signing for NUFC. NOT sunderland. He has made it clear to close pals and on twitter on his official account that he wants to return to NUFC he rejected LFC and has told Whelan to accept an offer from NUFC by the end of this week other wise he'll hand in a transfer request and refuse to come back to the club Wigan had accepted a 10m bid for him and N zogbia HAS agreed terms with NUFC then flew out to Miami although Wigan then moved the goalposts and now want 10.5m Nufc will meet the rise in the fee to sign him but if its moved again N zog will put in a transfer request to force the move he will sign 100% also expect Strurridge to sign and a big name striker, erding will not sign, Marvin martin will replace Barton who is going to Arsenal, and Barnetta and taylor will be the next 2 to sign Players leaving are Enrique, Jonas, Barton, Smith pearch and lovenkrands, Tiote and Coloccini are both staying Coloccini will be sold next summer for 6m with a young CB being signed this summer who will be ready to replace him next year. Clincy will be part of the enrique deal to Arsenal.

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19 Jun 2011 20:20:48
James perch wants out if toon, championship club destined. Good news as he is terrible

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19 Jun 2011 17:57:18
enriguie to the liverpol 9 mill

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19 Jun 2011 16:28:38
bad batch of lsd found in gateshead police are warning people if they have taken any to go to hospital these pages will be quiet for the next couple of days as they believe most of the people quoting on here must have taken it

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19 Jun 2011 16:07:17
Berbatov and sturridge are newcastles next 2 signings over the next week

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19 Jun 2011 16:05:31
Sky news say N zogbia turns down Newcastle

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19 Jun 2011 15:31:22
19 Jun 2011 14:31:03
Newcastle United are now 6/4 favourites to sign Dimitar Berbatov this summer according to Sky Bet.
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We have been 6/4 favourites since we were first linked with him.

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19 Jun 2011 14:33:17
The Toon new number 9 is Defoe, pardew wants him to feed off Ba or Ameobi next season. Tarabat is making big noises about Toon interest in him but don't see that deal going through. Nzog will not sign for Toon, who have lost interest, or sunderland.

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19 Jun 2011 14:31:03
Newcastle United are now 6/4 favourites to sign Dimitar Berbatov this summer according to Sky Bet.

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19 Jun 2011 14:19:19
newcastle are going to use the money jose enriqure , that will be around £12 m , then newcastle are going to add £8 million towards daniel sturridge

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19 Jun 2011 14:17:13
Fabricio collicini to leave Newcastle next, another big earner off the books, sadly

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19 Jun 2011 13:47:55
Just been sat on the 7:15 from Manchester to Newcastle, sat next to Samuel Eto'o, got talking to him, nice chap, can't pronounce newcastle properly but said he was on his way to meet up with the board and Alan pardew for a roast beef dinner to discuss his future with newcastle.

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19 Jun 2011 13:44:04
Barton Has signed a lucrative contract with arsenal!

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19 Jun 2011 13:43:46
Charles N'zogbia is close to signing for newcastle: Tiote twitter feed!

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19 Jun 2011 13:41:54
Eto to newcastle? rubbish like that has no place here and i don't think less than 20 million £ will make things happen. local champ

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19 Jun 2011 13:40:57
Sky bookies just stopped taking bets on N'Zogbia coming to St James'

Not often bookies are wrong

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19 Jun 2011 13:32:37
Have a hard job having medical n'zogbia is in Miami on holiday

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19 Jun 2011 13:04:09
Taarbt indicated that he would love to play for newcastle, he has bad attitude but he's got talent and flair i'd like to see him join AND N'zogbia NOT joinng sunderland for the person before he's blocked out all bids from them.

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19 Jun 2011 13:02:55
the new number 9 for newcastle will be daniel sturridge but only on loan with an option to buy. if he impresses in his first season then ashley is willing to make him permenant like ben arfa. the other signings will be matudi, neil taylor and Mathias Jorgensen.

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19 Jun 2011 12:57:39
Newcastle don't open there training ground on Sunday's, so there is no medical mate. I live 500 yards down the street from the training ground

Actually newcastle use bupa washington to do their medicals!

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19 Jun 2011 12:50:10
Newcastle's signings
Sturridge loan
Nzogbia 9 mil
And a super number 9

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19 Jun 2011 11:32:55
Newcastle have confirmed that we are after Sturridge on loan. Tarrabt also saying he is interested in signing for us. Psycho

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19 Jun 2011 11:15:48
Die hard fan here, and excited by the prospect, we are planning a bid of around 12m to bring eto'o to at James park. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

In pardew we trust

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19 Jun 2011 10:41:43
Newcastle don't open there training ground on Sunday's, so there is no medical mate. I live 500 yards down the street from the training ground

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19 Jun 2011 10:18:17
Heard nzogbias past his medical at nufc does anybody know if this is true??

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19 Jun 2011 10:15:02
However, although Erdinc is keen to talk to Newcastle about a move, PSG do not want to lose him.

They have told the 26-year-old they want him to stay and have slapped a £10million price tag on the forward, a fee United would be unwilling to cough up.

Perch wants to leave
Sunday Sun

Spurs unofficial website reports Redknapp pulls plug on signing Parker. I still think he could do a job for the Toon.

News Of The World. Arsenal want Barton. Sky odds on him to join are Evens!

Tarrabt in Barton out (few websites).
I wouldn't want tarrabt. Worse than Barton for trouble and his attitude is appauling.


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19 Jun 2011 09:46:54
Robbie keane to the toon for couple of £mil

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19 Jun 2011 09:39:52
hey, just found out that larsson is going to sunderland because, he wants to team up with bruce again. and that charles znogbia is also joining sunderland, we are using charlie as a smoke screen to sign an attacking midfielder, I TOL U ALL THAT HE WAS NOT COMING, BY THURSDAY HE WILL BE A SUNDERLAND PLAYER PEOEPLE!

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19 Jun 2011 08:35:03
hope Matuidi is not a direct replacement for Tiote, this rumour seems to be gaining momentum, Wenger seems to be interested in Enrique, Barton and Tiote, though I can't see him stumping up the hard cash needed even though they can well afford it

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19 Jun 2011 07:42:53
I know people close to Liverpool and the deal is we are trading Jose and Jonas + 1.5 mil for Andy Carrol

This is ordinary rubish. Why would Liverpool sold Andy, if they paid 35 milion pounds for mih 6 months ago? And you think Jose and Jonas are good enough for that trade?

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19 Jun 2011 05:07:32
A swap deal is being forged between newcastle and everton for joey Barton and Steven Taylor and 4m in exchange for jack rodwell. Whilst there has been reported interest from the top teams for rodwell, a deal could be struck to reject any proposals from other clubs so everton can secure replacements for yobo and Rodwell immediately.
Rodwell would be signed ona 5 year deal with an incremental buy out clause starting at 18m and increasing every year by 2m.

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19 Jun 2011 03:23:17
Newcastle interested in striker hoarau.

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19 Jun 2011 01:09:43
I know people close to Liverpool and the deal is we are trading Jose and Jonas + 1.5 mil for Andy Carrol

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19 Jun 2011 00:16:21
I think all the nzogbia talk is fake, for me personally, if there is nothing by Thursday then we know we won't be signing him.

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19 Jun 2011 00:00:33
Neil Taylor to be announced on Sunday skysprtsnews, expect some sort of news on nzogbias future also. next 1-2 weeks we should have most signings complete so the squad can start preparing in USA tour.

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