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19 Jul 2012 22:54:56
Douglas wants to stay at twente, and
doesn't know anything about a newcastle bid
so who is ou CB target, maybe Sakho?

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Douglas played tonight aswell for Twente in there game against Inter Turku in the Europa League Qualifier, So if we did sign him he would be cup tied i'm pretty sure.

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I think the cup tied thing only applies if they play for that team from the group stage onwards. shouldnt be an issue, no douglad big until late in the window until he gets his citizenship. dont worry

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I think we wil only sign one more player this summer, sadly...Maybe Debuschy?

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Nope, earlier rounds don't count as cup tied.

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Cant be cup tied for the early stages of europa

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So now we won´t get Douglas and Hoilett has been signed by QPR. Debuchy never seems to get through the door. What is happening ED? I thought we would get some real good players this window after the performance we had last season and getting into Europa League. It seems as we have done better transfers both last summer and in the January window. I wouldn´t be suprised if all we get is Carroll and he will only cause problems and worsen the team. Don´t AP and MA understand that we desperately need at least two high standard defenders, a defensive midfielder and a left wing man that for the starting line up? As it is now our squad is extremly thin and we lack even a descent player in some positions.

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He would only be cup tied if twente didn't reach the group stages I think.

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It gets wiped at the group stage, so if he did sign then he could play for us in te group

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Your still allowed to play in the Europa if you sign for another club as long as it's only the qualifiers you've played in.

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Your not cup tied in the qualifying rounds

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No he wouldnt it's just a qualifier and doesn't count. He's still free to play for whoever in Europe should he move.

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How could Douglas not know of Newcastle interest, Do they keep him locked up in a basement when he is not playing with no access to newspapers or the internet.

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Qualifiers do not count against the competition "proper", Douglas would still be available to play for NUFC (or any other interested side) in the Europa League

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He wouldnt be cup tied, qualifiers dont count in group stages...........B

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People r missing the point, who cares if hes cup tied, the article is saying he doesnt want to leave twente which means we wont get him anyway

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West Ham will probably get Douglas. It is sad to see that a promoted team attracts more and better players then Newcastle. It is time for Newcastle to start spending some money and show that they are aiming forward and not backwards.

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What like we did in the good old days? Look where that got us, relegated and almost bust. I think we have shown over the last couple of years you dont have to spend big to get good players through the door.

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19 Jul 2012 22:15:25
{Ed022's Note - Hi all. I just wanted to notify you all that there has been a pretty hefty update to the Player Profiles website. This update now allows you, the fans, to upload your own profiles on any player, in any league, in any position. So, now rather than seeing just my own opinion on a player, you can now see other fans' opinions also on those players, as well as dropping a comment and giving your own. This update has taken a fair bit of time and I'm hoping that you'll all use it to the full etc, and just to come over to the site and have a look. - - thanks all.}

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19 Jul 2012 13:19:38
West Ham and Fulham are in for Douglas.

I do not rate this as anything to worry about, Newcastle is a no-brainer over these 2 clubs without being disrespectful to West Ham or Fulham.

Looks like the new West Ham transfer policy is to go for anyone that Graham carr has looked at. (Cannot blame them really)

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If I was him, I'd go to Fulham.

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Alot of people would prefer to play for a time in London.

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Martin Jol could be a deciding factor in this move if he did go Fulham

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But if they bid higher than us we won't even get a chance to negotiatie with him.

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Are you forgeting he might be friends with Cheick Tiote and we are the only team out of them who are in Euro.

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West ham will throw money at him, he strikes me as a bit of a mercenary...
Toon could miss out!

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Every1 is saying its a no brainer, just look at the choice Hoilett made, same thing no brainer yet he went for $$$. Could be same thing here.

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Whatever players tell you,money is a players motivation,starts there and ends there,money talks.

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Douglas wants to play international football for Holland, He is going to need to sign for Newcastle if he wants to get noticed. Noone is going to pay any attention to him at West Ham or Fulham.

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Douglas is staying at twente for another season.

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Everybody is different and have different motivations! Some are money driven and some love the game, so unless someone knows him personally we will only know when we see who he signs for :-s

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Martin jol? Why? Because he is Dutch and
Douglas is Brazilian.

Think money could be a deciding factor on this one. Hope not though.

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19 Jul 2012 01:58:42
Andy Carroll story changing every day, he would cost around 15-20 million, however Newcastle are still owed money from Liverpool buying him in the first place, how much? I don't know, hopefully enough so that we would have to pay 5-10 million. However in my opinion cannot see him returning, hopefully he does cos at the end of the day he is a typical old fashioned CF (just like shearer).

Debuchy returns from holiday on Sunday, so i think we will see the news on him pace up more soon, however Lille have made it clear they won't sell untill they get a good replacement. I have spoken to a Lille fan who speaks English, and he claims Lille are interested in signing Boswingwa who is currently a free agent after leaving Chelsea, hopefully that dies happen and Newcastle sign Debuchy. Personally I think that will happen.

PS on top of the Andy Carroll rumours of Liverpool wanting a swap deal for Demba Ba, personally if that is the Case, I would prefer Demba Ba, Newcastle have been very clever with their signings, not only have they brought in excellent signings but the majority seem to be good friends, 2 Demba's, Colo and Jonas, Hatem and Cabaye and hopefully Debuchy, All the french players, we are getting stronger and stronger, and the fans are becoming more and more positive fiestas Mike Ashley and co with in my opinion is great!!

Newcastle United, What a great club!! Keep the faith!! (ToonThomas)

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So all that baloney about getting 35m upfront was infact.........baloney !

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So why would you want carroll back?
ask saylor about dressing room harmony

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To say Carrol is just like Shearer is an insult! Shearer was a complete player and his shot power and accuracy were second to none. Not to mention the gulf in class as a person not just on the pitch. Yes he is a big local lad but he isn't fit to lace Shearers boots

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Straight swap ba and carroll? Madness. if we were going to swap i'd be asking for money too.

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Liverpool paid the full 35million fee upfront as per the request of Newcastle. There is no fee outstanding and depsite the reports I'm not convinced about this 25% sell on fee, I know they were desperate but surley Liverpool would not have agreed to this having just overpaid so much for the player.

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You can keep Demba Ba, he is terrible. Andy Carroll is twice the player of him.

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If Liverpool are holding out for 20 million or anything close to that then good luck to them, Carroll will be at Liverpool next season watching Liverpool try to play tiki taka from the sidelines. Rodgers is fully aware that Carroll undermines his style of football and even having him on the bench and having Liverpool fans yapping at him to play Carroll if he does not get results messes with what he is attempting to do. The way i see it they can sell Carroll to us at a fair price or they can keep Carroll and he will interfere with things which works out for us because we will want to be above Liverpool again next season.

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That's the sad thing Liverpool will try and play football and if carroll comes back we'll be back to the dark ages again.

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I would have Andy Carroll back for the simple fact he fits into the style we play, and he wouldnt jus become a bench player, if anything it would allow Pardew to change things. Lets say Newcastle play 4-4-2 with Carroll and Demba Ba/Cisse up front, we can then try and beat them in the air as much as possible upfront and it would be good say we were holding onto a 1-0 win as carroll will get back and help defend. Then say it was not working (Jus like when we were losing 1-0 half time against Sunderland) We can change the system so we play faster football by changing it to 4-3-3 and taking carroll of for the replacement of Ba/Cisse and pushh Ben Arfa from right wing to right wing striker.

And comparing him to shearer is not an insult, yes he is not as good as shearer but he plays the same style football as him. Strong in the air, gets it down and plays some one through or has a go him self, unbeatable in the air in the box, scores headers for fun, this has not happened at liverpool cos Liverpool play the ball along the floor, (ToonThomas)

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Is that why andy carroll scored not even half the amount of goals demba scored, and i don't remember andy going to the ACoN.

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Demba Ba didn't go to the Euros either did he ?

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You can not blame carrols record at liverpool he is not played to his full potential and started only half the games in a season........

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To the guy saying demba ba didn't go to the euro's, what a tool you are, you missed the point entirely, demba ba missed premier league games as he was at the ACoN and still manages to score 16 or more, the euro's had no bearing on the amount of games carroll played because the season already ended.

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Having Andy Carroll back at Newcastle is like having your fiancee, who ran off with your best mate (or worst enemy) because he had more money than you, telling you she loves you again and realised the grass wasn't greener because he treated her like s***e and wasn't as loving as you and she wants you back after all the pain she's put you through just when you've found happiness again through the love of you life (The Demba's), who treats you better, never gets in fights with you (or anyone else in Blu Bamboo or out on the town) and doesn't even drink (except strawberry syrup) so can drive you home from the pub at the end of a messy night out with you mates!

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How have Liverpool traeted Carroll like s***e though ? He's just not in Rodgers plans. Keep Demba Ba, Liverpool don't want him. Poor mans Andy Carroll.

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Why would your first choice just be putting it in the air all the time? Might as well go and watch stoke

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How the hell could Demba Ba go to the Euro's he plays for Senegal ??
Get your glo-in-the-dark-globe out !

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He doesn't suit our style of play anymore, he suited it a few year ago when we just hoofed the ball up the pitch and hope carroll could hold it up, which to be fair he was good at, but our style of play nowadays is pass and move, carroll simply doesn't suit our style, too fast for him.

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13m+ could be alot better spent than on Carroll. I really cant see why we are after him + would like to see the money used on some smarter transfers like we have been doing the last few transfer windows.

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The same way that Andy Carroll couldn't play in the ACoN.

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Your a plank, how are you not getting this?

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18 Jul 2012 23:49:20
Raylor will he be used at all this season worth cashing in while he can still be sold ?.Not young enough for cup and Europe not good enough for first team especially if we get debuchy says something that Simpson was keeping him out of the team. Also I do understand the importance of good replacements but for me perchinio was miles better than him last year

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I think Raylor is a quality squad player. He played well at LB when needed and can play many positions, which is useful for cup/europa games.

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His free kicks though...

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You could say that IF he didn't score against Sunderland with that over the wall freekick instant toon hero for the season :)

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Raylor is a quality player, that goal he scored against 5under1and was amazing he's versatile player both midfield and left back and with amount of games we've got next season we need a player of Raylor's quality

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Simpson is pretty reliable at right back though, Raylor has been played at Left Back, Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre midfield. Very useful squad player especially with his corners and missile freekicks.

I do agree though if Debuchy and another centreback comes in he is not going to get much of a sniff at the first team and he was a stand out performer last season with his goals so could pick up a nice 3/4 million for the club.

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I didn't realise there is a age limit on these competitions and Pardew isn't going to just play the young reserves he will mix youngsters and experience.

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Raylor works his guts out for the Team, everytime he walks off he looks shattered he leaves nothing on the field, that kind of bloke always should have a place in our side in my opinion.

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