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19 Jan 2013 20:00:17
twitter saying Mbiwa 6m 69k a week!
Hopefully, keep fingers crossed

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69k doesn't sound like ashley

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Hasn't discussed personal terms so how can they be saying that
And would MA pay so much!

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Arsenal have made enquiries of him, so we won't get him now, especially after todays game, he'd be a mug let's be fair.

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We just do the leg work for all the other teams - he will sign for Arsenal by next weekend

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Hes been linked with loads of teams over the last year we arent anything special with our scouting its just club propaganda

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I believe it was 3.2 mil wages for the whole contract not for the one year which is where the 69k a week has come from absolutely no way will he be the highest paid at the club

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Just paying the plane fares.

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Some other team wil nick him on us

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19 Jan 2013 18:15:45
spoke to shola after match is pondering a move to Norwich who are lining up bid - said he would be keen to link up with old boss said was a double bid for him and another but would comment on who

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Don't think Norwich are that desperate

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Shola will never leave, he'll become a youth coach at the toon

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Cant see him being allowed to leave at the moment. can't see signing anyone either so he's here to stay.

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Him and willo hopefully

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I can only pray you are not chatting s#*#! Pardew will never sell his number 1 man, but I hope to god the other one is willow, yet another appaling performance in the second half today, how is that kid a pro.

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Oh god please, he's been total pants For ten years plus

He must be. The laziest footballer ever

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Its a shame people are saying this about Shola, he has been a loyal servant to the toon....if only we had more players like him in the squad we wouldn't be facing relegation

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Shola will never leave he bleeds black and white besides he has a degenerative hip problem remember his failed transfer to stoke, pardew should walk away Di Mateo is available

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If we had more players like Shola in the squad we wouldn't even be in the prem right now. No offence to the lad, but he's not good enough and hasn't been for quite some time.

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Shola will never leave the club in the position it is in now. He loves the club and we love him no matter how useless he actually is infuriating to have him on the pitch but would never want to see him leave, especially when we only have 1 striker cisse

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I will drive him there for free he is one of the worst footballers I have ever seen at nufc

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At least he knows the offside rule can someone teach cisse this, pardew must learn not to play people out of position shola is not a winger

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Loyal servant?? I think not. He went out on loan to stoke a few years back and they refused to purchase him at the end of the loan spell because he was utter garbage.

Only reason he is still at Newcastle is he is a local lad and no other team has wanted him.
(Or wanted to pay for him)

Shola ameobi testimonial next year. St James' will be a sell out. Not

Sid the sexist

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Sure we where bid 5 million for shola a couple of years ago and we accepted but shola said NO .....k

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Words of a scared mackem me thinks toon1

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19 Jan 2013 17:40:40
NUFC.COM reporting mbira on Tyneside to finalise deal but after today he well probably turn tail and go back ver the channel. Get Laurent Blanc in now

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I agree Laurent Blanc, Roberto Martinez or Di Matteo and we should be aroud 14 or so, which I would love, but our team should be top 8

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If he was here I wouldn't blame him for turning round and going back!!
Would you sign for us in the mess we are currently in

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I doubt it when he played for Montpelier today

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He played tonight so that's fast.

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Well let's face it we could probably offer him better wages than in France and his dream club is man united so he may come to us thinking that if he plays well for a couple of seasons they may notice him

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He has just featured at right back in Montpellier vs marseille so don't think he in 2 places at once !

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Di Matteo? No thanks. Only good at Chelsea because he parked the bus and has 100s of millions to spend. I want Laurent Blanc, Roberto Martinez or Paulo Di Canio.

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Complete speculation. as previous post said he played for Montpelier today. don't believe a word of it.

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The 3 managers couldn't save you

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If he's played tonight it's doubtful a deal is near - Montpellier wouldn't risk an injury if the fee has been agreed

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He will have his representatives here in england!

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No manager with any sense of personal integrity or ambition will work under Ashley and Llambias. Desperadoes and yesterdays men are the only ones who would be selfishly attracted to a job at the toon right now.

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Just one thing to say - remember last time we got Joe Kinnear!!!!!!!!

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19 Jan 2013 16:43:51
im not a mag but just had a text from a lad who works at sol and get some good info that bent is in talks with newcastle lads

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Why would he sign for a team that is hurtling to the championship - we have been terrible today, no fight, no idea and tactics. Pardew has totally lost it
It was shocking!!

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Hes on villa bench so must be face time

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Haha gets worse.

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Heard Pardew might resign, he should like

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Pardew won't resign - he wouldn't get another job

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Pardew wouldn't resign he would miss out a 7 and a half year pay off...hope he stays as stability is what the club needs. changing managers every 5 mins would make us a bit like chelsea but without the millions. We will say up, just, but some wise investments we would do ok next season

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If pardew is sacked he only gets pay for one year of his contract, the 8 year was just a smoke screen due to him having such a good year last year it stopped teams becoming interested and raised the compensation we would be due if he left but he does not get all of it if he is sacked be real, ashley may be a person but he's not stupid

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Yeah can really see ashley giving bent 80,000 a week and paying villa 15m for him, pull the other one!

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Smoke and mirrors.
Fans still going on about his contract.
Its worthless.
Fans being led by their noses by MA again.
As for resigning, he thinks himself blameless and blames fans instead.

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Lads lets get something right we have had our bad spell and we can still fill the ground with 52,000 yet 5under1and need take that to fill s of rubbish so enjoy the fame lads and go back to your site

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Your bad spell is still on going.
Have you looked at your fixture list ?
If Villa beat you and one of the current teams below you win, you will be in the bottom 3.

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19 Jan 2013 14:25:40
French reports suggest M'biwa will sign for £6.5million, on wages worth 3.1million per year. Any truth to this eds?

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Why do we let these things come out - we should insist that allsides remain quiet on any deal
now someone else will come in and steal him .........sounds familiar doesn't it

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I heard that as well

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Loads of reports saying we've agreed a fee

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Same said about Debuchy and he still signed. We have great stock in France with French players. Last few ligue 1 players have failed at arsenal, giroud, chamakh, gervinho. Players and definitely agents will pick up on this.

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Giroud hasn't failed, been one of arsenals best players. Scored two against Newcastle. ^^

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19 Jan 2013 13:01:45
i hope your right but apparently man city still looking at gonzalo higuan so we've got no chance

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Why would he sign for us whe+n he could go to a bigger club with better fans like sunderland !

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...fair weather supporters, jog on!

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Sunderland are and always will be an understudy to the toon

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The understudy has the lead at the moment mainly because football is a serious drama and Toon are led by a bunch of clowns.
Remember crowing when you had 5 points more than us ?


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19 Jan 2013 11:47:10
Newcastle have agreed a fee of 18 million with real madrid for striker gonzalo higuan, newcastle will break tommorow that he is due in for a medical on monday, he will hopefully sign a five and a half year deal worth 90k a week.

Newcastle are also moving closer to deal for twente defendee douglas, he has been a target for over year but a deal could be done on the cheap as his contract is running down, newcastle have made a bid of 3.2 million the only issue could be wage demands which have stopped deals in previous windows as newcastle refuse to meet the 50k we wants.

Two newcastle players look set to leave this month in order to free up wages, danny simpson could go to either west ham or qpr, newcastle are keen to sell him now even for as low a fee as 750k simply to cut wages, the other player set for move away from newcastle is romain amalfitano nancy or interested in taking him in part of a deal for haidara

No other players will leave this month collocini will stay until the summer at least as the club arent prepared to cancel his contract, santon will not be going to milan at the time it was possible but milan wanted a part exchange deal while we wanted cash, tim krul will stay until the summer there is interest from milan and barcalona who look set to loose valdes in the summer but nothing will happen until then

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Never cease to get a good laugh on this site !... Weird fantasy's some have. For a start Ashley will never pay 18 million for any player and certainly wouldn't give 90K in wages.

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HIGUAIN? Surely not... would love this to be true but can't really see it. Wages would be ridiculous for a start...

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Yes higuain is coming... Alongside mourinho and contract agreed to get Ronaldo on a free in 2015... I had a dream...

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, oh god. it would be amazing if you TRULY believed that was gunna happen. bless your cotton socks

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So he, s going to take a paycut to join newcastle in there relegation battle?

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Higuain is a class act. Would have his pick of clubs across Europe. He would want champs lge football. Unfortunately, no chance of us attracting a player of his calibre.

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You have just wasted one minute of my life by me having to read that drivel

the real lowick mag

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So we couldn't match remy's 85k a week but we'll pay higuain 90k !!

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The worse we get the more deluded our fans get.

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Funniest thing I've seen on this site for a long while. I presume we're bringing in Benzema and Iniesta after that, too?

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If this happens I will shave my eyebrows and swallow Titus Bramble, who we're more likely to re-sign and give the number 9

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Newcastle set to bid for James morrison of west brom and are set to finalise moves for nancy full back harida and mbiwa and gomis by the end of the transfer window let it be known if bid for gomis fails toon set to move for Pierre ambuyang from st eitienne news from close source to Alan pardew

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Must have been a wind up by one of our lot.


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19 Jan 2013 12:12:19
Massadio Haidara is also attracting interest from QPR.


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19 Jan 2013 08:30:44
Mbwia to be announced this weekend

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No chance, reports are saying a bid has been accept of 6.2 mil which is an amazing purchase if it is completed but we have seen how long it takes to complete a signing and it will not be done with in the next 5 days 100%

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19 Jan 2013 08:01:16
ed any word on any signings. {Ed001's Note - I have heard nothing new, I am told you were knocked back by the 3 I did know about. One was wages, the other two a fee couldn't be agreed. There is nothing stopping the club going back for them, deals only seem to get done in the first and last week of the window in the main.}

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Looking good for Sunderland then.
Great prospects for even more to come in.


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So who was the 3 you heard ed ? {Ed001's Note - well one was Sissoko - so clearly you did go back in for him!}

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