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19 Dec 2012 15:58:36
Thought Cisse only came to toon cos of his mate Ba, however they look like a divorced couple especially when Ba scores Cisse justs sulks off, So maybe it is a good thing that one leaves.

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Ba and cisse aren't exactly "mates" theres no way they don't like eachother, and thats the most stupid thing to say, no one would ever go to a club just coz of their friend

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At no point is Cisse just sulking off, Cisse is regularly one of the first players to congratulate Ba and is a much better team player than Ba is, really dont want to see either of them leave, i feel there is a way to play both of them or just rotate them and to keep them both happy, but we need to strengthen in other areas to do so

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Ba spoke highly of cisse when he joined saying he was a real goal scorer but never said they were close

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Ba and Cisse are just team mates, as above Ba just said he was a good players and a good finisher, we got him because of his record and him and Ba work together on the internatial stage so we though it would be the perfect partnership...

Honestly in my eyes it hasn't there's one in form at scoring and one who isnt all the time

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Pretty obvious to me...Ba hangs out with the French contingent of the squad, whereas both Tiote and Cisse have said they're extremely close. They are both deeply religious and neither of them seem (off the pitch) too temperamental or interested in finding girls, drinking, etc. They both seem extremely placid. I think beyond a working relationship, and religion, Cisse and Ba have very little in common. They were both raised in completely different worlds.

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People are asking why were underperforming this season,and you have mentioned religion,our strikers are muslim and I think when they were fasting just when the season started,it weakend them,Cisse came to us in the January transfer window and was at that time was fit and in form.Hopefully he will begin to show the form he did last January.If he does it could explain a lot.

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This Cisse Ba mate thing, where does it come from? Ba was born and brought up in Franve Cisse in Senegal, they'd never played for the same club til now and until recently had hardly played together for Senegal. I'm sure they are friends but far to much read into all that mates thing

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Comment aboive one thing!

Did it stop Ba from scoring before Christmas this season or last?

Didn't think so, Cisse might have been a bad move for us, that might never pay off, (before someone comes in yelling there heads off saying here world class, think hes done **** all this year) but at least we pay him 50,000 a week to smile

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Cisse is a better grafter than Ba and also cisse has been moved on to right. I say drop Ba play marv and ben arfa off cisse

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Ba and cisse dont play much international football togethor cos sow is the main senegal striker

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19 Dec 2012 15:23:35
are the premier league winding us up or what? Arsenal should be made to play their game on boxing day without fail! Our players are gunna be knackered off playing man utd on boxing day while they relax and have more turkey just cos of a tube strike! if they had proper fans theyd find a way of getting there!I dont go to many away matches but ive paid my £36 for this fecker and think its a total insult!

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Get over it

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19 Dec 2012 08:15:02
Ba will not leave due to his high demands and his advisors fees along with wage demands and his insurance it's looking m8really towards a 30 million pound deal!

But Remy will still be coming in for around 8 million and sissoko is also a done deal with rumoured 4.5 million fee.

Apparent interest in tom ince who will cost 4 million

Still waiting for a defender to be mentioned that's credible.

Expect all deals to be done at the beginning of the window! ?......spenny mag

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Lets hope your right, how reliable is your information?

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I think a deal for Thomas Ince has good potential.

Liverpool and Spurs are also interested but I cannot see him wanting to go back to Liverpool, that would be a step backwards and he would be an understudy to Sterling.

If he went to Spurs it would be a gamble, he would get limited playing time and be expected to prove himself or become a squad player.

The Situation at Newcastle is the perfect move for Ince.

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Tom Ince reportedly going back to Liverpool for 4mill. God knows why, they're the ones who, let him go for 250k!

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Put good money on ince to Liverpool trust me

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I honestly dont see how any of you think any of these players will come, I know we are still going for Europe, but really we are looking to be in the dog fight to stay up this year!

Believe it when I see it, I wouldnt set your sights high on us brining in anyone of any major talent.

Why would they want to move to possibly play in the championship next season?

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Hahah funny guy

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Sissoko talks apparently took place over a month ago but yet to be confirmed due to club politics.

ince just an interesting target due to his 4 million fee

but remy is a definate target and AP has confirmed that talks had started so all a goer.

my scource is a guy working at longbenton.

take it or leave it im only repeating a rumour ive heard...thats what this site is for........spenny mag

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Sisshoko is the french yaya toure so he will be a good signing and to ince we will have to send him out on loan a couple of times to help him improve

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