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18 Nov 2012 23:08:21
I think someone's been playing silly b*ggers with their likes (below) because I refuse to believe the majority of our fans could be such fickle turncoats. We aren't having a good time of it at the mo, Pardew has made mistakes, mistakes compounded by the board I'm sure, but we can't go overboard with this. We over performed last season but I know Pardew and the team can and will go better than what they're doing at the moment. A bit of belief never harms.

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Totally agree, the negative fans should remember what happened last time they started with all the negative sack the board/manager crap. The past two results have been poor but come on we are still work in progress, keep the faith!

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Agree completely im struggling to believe most newcastle fans want pardews head and would replace him with the likes of redknapp, as if he didn't want to improve the squad during the summer and im sure he will be smashing cashleys door down in january asking for improvements and investment, just look at everton, arsenal, utd clubs that have kept their managers for a long time and not just chopped and changed at the first possible time, we just dont have the financial status to spend 30-40 mil a season

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Smashing Ashleys door down,are you for real.They are in it together for god sake.Cant you see that Pardue was brought in as a puppet.

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In reply to the original are kidding yourself,Newcastle fans are notorious for turning against managers,including the great Bobby Robson.You think your the best fans in the world when in fact you are so quick to turn on a manager it is no wonder that you are despised by other fans up and down this country.2 losses and look at the response ,all that bile spewing out.

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18 Nov 2012 21:34:09
Don't people realise Pardew has an 8 year contract? if he was to be sacked it would cost millions in compensation and that will most likely affect our already low transfer budget.

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That's the annoying thing. Dunno why ashley decided to give pardew AN 8 YEAR CONTRACT the muppet is just a mid table manager and should never be trusted like that to take a big club to the rightful position in the top 7
Geordie Moses {Ed007's Note - I had to check that out before posting the OP, it is bizarre to say the least for ANY manager to be given a contract of that length!}

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The same can be said for everton boss David motes, yes he wasn't given an 8 year contract whole, but was given many contracts adding to 10 years and he's just a mid table to Europa league contender manager. Secondly, what this club has needed for a long time (and what fans have wanted for a long time) is stability in the managing position of the club... Don't lie, you know you thought it too! Finally, a few months ago when Pards got us to a fifth place finish, we were all, ALL, singing his praised and when he was offered that eight year contract we were all delighted!! Now after a slightly dodgy run of form people are saying he shouldn't have an eight year contract! Give him time, were tenth in the league, hardly in any big delegation fight!?!?!?
Become a real fan again and trust in pardew! I predict a few clever and good signings come January!
In Pards we trust!! {Ed007's Note - I wasn't slating Pardew but you can't really compare Moyes being given numerous contracts to someone having an 8 year deal. I'm not saying it will happen (or trying to start a war) but surely there must be clauses if NUFC get relegated, would finishing just outside the relegation zone in 16th every season be acceptable for 8 years?}

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Yeh well we'll see really how much ambition the board hav got. I want to see up to 4 players through the door. if there's one max. Then they obviously just don't care about the fans and just want the money.

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Pardew got given an 8 year contract but there are obviously clauses in that contract after 2 years etc chance to be terminated etc

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18 Nov 2012 19:11:07
someone mentioned that we have only scored 1 goal from 200+ corners....Alan having 4 or 5 players huddled together on the edge of the box then running in all directions when the corner is taken DOES NOT WORK please get on the training ground and try something different and if the ball is to be hit at the near post it might be a good idea to put someone there

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Yeah right, i hate it when they do this tactic, at free kicks and corners where they boot it to the side near the corner flag to get taylor or williamson to head it into the box, it never works!

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Totally agree with what is said... Set pieces have been sop poor of late an all we do at free kicks is hoof it to an overly marked Williamson who then loses the ball out for a goal kick or gives the ball to opposition! Need to buy a set piece specialist in January who can start in the team... Hate to say it but we needed to sign larsonn (now at Sunderland) when he was on a free from Birmingham! He has a quality shot and free kick!

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Larsson is no better than ryan taylor or cabaye at free kicks and corners, and i doubt 1 goal in 200 corners would love to see the source behind that stat but it could be true, certainly agree they haven't been good though, we used to score laods through barton to carroll to nolan

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