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18 May 2012 22:30:54
alan pardew is not looking to bring in a direct replacement for guthrie but will bring in a good cm from europe to play alongside tiote and cabaye. This will give cabaye a more free role to attack. Tiote will act as a dm and pardew is looking for a good passer to dictate the game with cabaye. Pardew will look to abeid and vuckic for back up and gutierre can fill in if needed. A new full back will join the club, if the deal for debuchy falls through carr has a number of left back targets so that santon could move to right back. Douglas is the most likely option at cb but if twente activate the clause to extend his contract other targets will be looked at. The future looks bright for newcastle.

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I think we'll struggle to hold onto Tiote this summer, not because he doesnt want to be here, I think hes 100% committed to the club, but because a big club will come calling.
Obviously a CB is needed, lots of word of Douglas, and I think we probably need a couple of full backs.
I think we need another striker too, because Cisse and Demba will be off the the ACoN again next season.
Id say a CB, 2 full backs and a striker, as well as replacements for anyone who leaves

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We didnt pay 6.5 million for santon not to play him so we need 1 full back to replace simpson - matt debuchy deal to be done in the next week

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And if Santon or Debuchy were to get injured? Ever heard of a squad? Simpson is out

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U're joking right? Santon, Debuchy, Perch, Raylor, Tavernier at RB. That is a poorly prioritezed way to spend money. Football isn't just played at RB, why get a whole squad there.

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Is a full back just a right back? No, left back also counts as full back

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Left back, Santon, Raylor, Jonas

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Going for a 3-man midfield. Proven to be great, but who is the unhappy one up front? Could be the end of Ba it it is true.

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18 May 2012 21:00:00
did I read something today about clubs having to tell the FA who they will be holding and who they will be releasing soon

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18 May 2012 18:52:47
Mark Davies or nzonzi to replace guthrie should he move on....

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Romain Amalfitano or Jacob Butterfield will be Guthrie's replacement.

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I think we've already signed Guthries replacement, in Amalfetino.

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Davies yes... You can keep nzonzi

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This is making sense we will release offically signed roman ameolfimanto has better potential.Carrrs a good man Next Tiote?

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18 May 2012 18:19:56
Newcatle to sign Ricky Van Wolfswinkel if he impresses in the Newcastle Sporting friendly {Ed007's Note - I seriously doubt a club will decide to sign a player solely based on their performance in a meaningless friendly.}

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Why not? Hughton did it with Perch when we played Nottingham Forest? lol

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And Man city are arranging a friendly with LOSC Lille to see Eden Hazard

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'Worst Rumour Ever' everyone knows he's class why would we only sign him if he does well against us especially when we wont have a full stength team out

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When is the toon vs sporting friendly?

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Man City aren't doing it with hazard... Lille play their final game tomorrow in the french league and he will reveal where he's joining at the end of the french league season.

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18 May 2012 18:00:38
ed, why do Newcastle never go into the South American market? there are some top young players there! such as Erick Torres of Chivas {Ed007's Note - I have no idea, sorry.}

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Cause of the work permit i assume

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Highly likely to struggle with work permits.

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Why?because of players like bassedas, gavilan and others...acuna was ok but only solano was a real success... Colo and Gutierrez already played in Europe so are smaller risk

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Don't you remember bassedas,cordone and gavilan,solano....

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Not many prem teams recruit directly from south america, not sure why, maybe complications in getting work permits etc plus there is the risk of players not being able to adapt to english football, for every carlos tevez there is a agustin delgado, remember him? ask southampton fans

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Its because they take too long to settle in our league, Pardew said it ages ago

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Colo cam from spain, not directly from SA

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Erick Torres is a quality youngster

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South and Central America is a major market, but you have Work Permits to sort out, and they are only given to current internationals who have played a certain percentage of their national team's games, or in exceptional circumstances.

Jonas/Bassedas/Acuna/Colo are dual nationals, Jonas and Colo are Italian-Argentines, and Bassedas and Acuna are Spanish.

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18 May 2012 07:25:21
Michael Carrick to sign for us as soon as window opens. WhitleyBob.

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This is the worst one yet i'd say. he's in a title challenging side most weeks. and he's too old for Ashley and probably on too high wages.

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Ha ha oh my word why would he come to us!!! Wilmtoon

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Ain't gonna happen - he's thirty one this summer, too high wages and Man U aren't gonna let Carrick go

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*Shakes head with disbelief*
If people are going to make stuff up at lease make it believable

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Would not of thought so he,s 31 in july...

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Why would we sign carrick? we have already got cabaye and tiote, he would never get played. (CB) do you agree ed? {Ed023's Note - I read Newcastle could be interested in Roma's center back.}

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Carrick plus 12 mill for Tiote. I could see that tbh...

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Nah more like Carrick plus 25mil for tiote. If the "big" clubs want him, make them pay big for him

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I dont i can see us selling tiote for 20 million + then getting diame for free...

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Ed which roma cb i heard a rumour about simon kjaer but he is only on loan from wolfsburg {Ed013's Note - Not sure which CB, but Kjaer is only on loan and has been disappointing at Roma so will be looking for a deal elsewhere}

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