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18 Jul 2013 21:26:21
The president of Lyon has confirmed that we are in talks to sign Bafetimbi Gomis.

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I hope we sign him

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I hope villa get him. He is gash!

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Im now affraid that we didn't move fast enough for the players that we should of gone for. Is it that hard to show some ambition.

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He's not that good. but then we are getting desperate

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Would be happy with gomis or gignac even both better than remy get them over the line then let cisse go link up with robert koran (koren) at some ethical money wise club

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Why for all his EPL experience?

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No he hasnt. gomis is going to Marseille as gingac (watevrr his name is ( is leaving

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Gomis is not that GOOD?

He can hold the ball up and can score, more than we have now and would be an impovement and a step in the right direction.

We could not lure a player for example like DROGBA but I would take Baby Drogba any day of the week.

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Ignore the prats saying he's rubbish get a bloody grip of yourselfs he's better than bent or ameobi or campbell I forget though youve all smoked so much weed you probably expect us to sign hernandez or suarez and the person who said he hasn't emm yes he has actually I've seen the interview online the owner gave

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I have heard the gomis talks haven't gone well

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Gomis is unreal. may that was a little too far. But you don't get tagged Baby Drog for nothing ;-)

The kid has something, something that we need! HE'S A STRIKER!

He's not a bad tallent, but the French leagues are nothing like the Premier. If we get him only time will tell if he is going to be good!

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I know it's only youtube but gomis looks fantastic

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''Ignore the prats saying he's rubbish get a bloody grip of yourselfs he's better than bent or ameobi or campbell''

How do you know if he is better that Campbell, have you seen Campbell play in a run of 6 games and run the rule over him?

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All we need is to be told the truth about what is going on at the club we should sort things out at the club because if we lose Cisse what are we going to do to attract top players at a club that only tells the fans lies???

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I don't normally comment on these pages but both points of view of this gomis are pretty valid. For those who say he's a class act diving into the French leagues hasn't done us any harm so far especially if he's a Carr recommendation on the side of caution though who remembers guivarch and he was a French 'class act' forward.

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Meh he's alright. Consistently gets between 10 and 16 goals or so in Ligue 1. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but better than what we've got after Cisse.

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If Cisse is going Gomis may not be a bad signing. He seems to be a CF who could lead the line and play up front on his own if needed to.

I think the likes of Bent and Remy would have to play as part of a two up front although Remy can also play on the right but that is where Ben Arfa plays best.

It all seems to depend on what's going to happen with Cisse. Can't believe that sponsors are now going to be pulling the strings when it comes to team selection and who is bought and sold. Even if Cisse won't where the Wonga shirt surely the team and potential results come first.

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All the doubters should check out his goal scoring record (yes I know its Ligue 1, before anyone says ) and have a look at Youtube- then say he's crap! Cabaye, Sissoko, Ben Arfa and co were Ligue 1, but don't look out of place in the Premiership do they?

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Bent played up front by himself for safc and scored 20+ goals

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Gomis has rejected our approach and prefers to sign for another premier league club

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18 Jul 2013 20:06:35
I like them fried scrambled poached or boiled bent deal is 90 percent done now cisse is fashioning a transfer which will happen talk is gignac is the player were going for expect us to sign a foreign keeper and that's all folks

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Sky Player Rating for Bafetimbi Gomis

5: Below Average - Some faults, out-of-touch.


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18 Jul 2013 19:12:16
Reports in France are saying we're close to signing Andre-Pierre Gignac from Marseilles

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Is this the player who wanted to go to a bigger club a couple months ago!
Where do we dig them up from

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Since joining Lyon in 2009, he has played 142 games, but only scored 50 goals.

That is 1 goal every 3 games roughly, and but to move forward, we need to find a striker who would score 20 goals a season, not 12.

Also Giniac is not the answer!

I think we need to get rid of Cisse, he doesn't want to play for us, plus, he isn't that great, understandable the service wasnt great either.

Heres what we need!

- Williamson 1ml
- Anita 2ml
- Obertan 2ml
- Shola 1ml

- Sinclair
- Bent
- Menez
- Rolando

- Bigi - needs more experience (Championship)
- Vuckic quality player, needs first team

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Gignac. My god what's the world coming to. This would show that the club is no longer progessing with making the the team better. We need a fast pacey forward with skills not some over rated waste of time.

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I disagree.

Cisse is moaning but you put the ball infront of him and he is absolutely leathal infront of goal.

Cisse with confidence and supply is unstoppable and could find the net from litrally anywhere.

For me the only weak thing about Cisse is his thinking.

Everytime he has the ball to his feet and has time he never does the right thing.

Give him the ball under pressure then his instincts take over and when that happens he is one of the best out there interms of scoring goals.

You don't move clubs and bang in 14 goals in 14 games and let's face it, most of them were bloody amazing goals to, for no reason.

I would give in to him and give him an unbranded shirt.

What difference does it really make and let's face it, it has happend with other players out there and they have cracked on wearing an unbranded shirt.

The problem here is wonga, they want to litrally get as much interest out of us as possible.

Look at the publicity this has created for Wonga.

I don't agree with Cisse as in my opinion Virgin money is more or less the same as wonga. THEY borrow you something and expect more back. The interest payments are miles apart but its the same principle therefore Cisse is litrally creating a rod for his own back.

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Definition of an average striker.

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How about we sign pato from corinthians for 13m and he's on 1.7m pounds a year could be good

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Patos waaaay to injury prone that's why Milan cashed in on him

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18 Jul 2013 17:24:40
Hearing that Cisse is to be sold to fulham who are also going to sign BA from Chelsea Cisse is keen on the deal to link up with his friend again. Coming in are Bent and Remy with the funds from cisse. Newcastle won't make any bids on Bent or Remy untill The Cisse deal is done first. Also hearing that Krul is to be sold to Arsenal with Zoet as his replacement.

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Cisse keen to link up with Ba? When Ba played for us the two couldn't work together at all.

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Ye but jol knows his tactics

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Jol will rotate them and not stick cisse as a target man or winger

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Was it ba and cisse or was it the system played

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18 Jul 2013 08:00:05
My accountant also deals with a couple of NUFC staff. He told me unequivocally that we will only add 2 strikers this summer. Also, the reason in the delay is that they must play for £50k per week.

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And he knows all the details!!

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Well of course they will have to pay if that's the players wages

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Well clever cloggs. You're going to be looking for a new accounted because your current one will be losing his licence for breach of confidentiality.

Another bear face liar.

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Tweet from Nickolay Guido (agent) says that Cisse has "a number" of Premiership and overseas clubs now showing great interest in taking Cisse.

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Now add Swansea so I, m now hearing

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The same agent that hasn't represented Cisse for over a year!


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It doesn't matter wether he represents him or not. they are all as thick as thieves and are always touting their players, AND poaching players for clubs.

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I didn't say Guido was Cisse's agent I just said that he was an agent. who happens to have posted a tweet this morning. Our lack of action in the transfer market must be making our contributor sensitive I think!

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First thread bull! The only people who knows who is comming and going at nufc is ap / his staff / ma/ JFK! Not ticket sales, ground staff, bar staff, catering staff, tea lady or anybody else!

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The egg man knows

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