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18 Jan 2014 19:49:49
Is it true that we are on the verge of signing Remy Cabella, Luuk De Jong AND Siem De Jong? I would be so so so happy if we signed all three

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If all three come in, just adds weight to my post with Kurl, Stanton and Cabaye leaving

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It absolutely does not add any weight to that rumour. Although Cabella coming in may be in case Cabaye does leave although if that does happen it is more likely be in the summer. As for Krul and Santon leaving how does the two de Jongs contribute anything to that rumour? Both of them are strikers so neither of them can replace Krul of Santon. If anything what you just said proves you're just parroting what a web site made up and you are actually talking complete rubbish.

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How does that strengthen your case for krul and Santon fair enough I could see cabbage going IF De Jong brothers and cabella come in 1 striker 1 cam 1 winger but no replacement LB or GK

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Newcastle were strongly rumoured in the summer with goal keepers, Tim Kurl has had rumours about a move before, now Milan have Seedorff as their manager it would surprise me if they bid for him. If we get the De Jong brothers, Cabella and Remy some of these would most likely be purple players. Ashely will only allow a certain amount of purple players, therefore some will have to go. Cabaye obviously wanted to go to Arsenal and again if they bid enough he will go. As for Stanton, i'm sure Arsenal need cover in the full back area plus Sanga's future is not certain.

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Santon isn't even good enough to start for us, nevermind Arsenal. Haidara is a lot better. Also why would Krul leave a top 8 team only 7 of 4th place in the best league for AC Milan who are like Aston Villa standard+Honda+Balotteli+El Shaarwy. Cabaye would be an person to think he would get in the Arsenal team, they use 3 centre midfielders, he would be what 6th choice? behind Ozil, Cazola, Ramsey, Flamini, Wilshere. If Arsenal need strengthen it would be a cb, if not 2, and full back and a striker, not a midfielder

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Players WILL leave because they know that they will NEVER play in the Champions league with Newcastle United. Pardew has probably performed to his maximum getting this team playing some decent football and some decent results. But oit stops there as the last thing Ashley wants is another UEFA spot OR is it?

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Cabaye would not be 6th choice. Flamani is nowhere near the player Cabaye is, also Wiltchere is injury prone. With Walcott out, Ozil will prob be moved out to the wing. Cabaye wants Champions league, Arsenal can provide that

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Cabaye is better than most of them, but Flamini is a defensive midfielder and Cabaye is not and they need a defensive midfielder for balance, if Wilshere gets injured they still have 5 top players, and they use Carozla as a winger

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18 Jan 2014 16:58:18
Rumours everywhere about Remy Cabella done deal plus stating on the website that deals for both De Jong brothers are in place I'd be over the moon with these 3 signings

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Dont think we will get Siem De Jong, the chronicle and the metro are both reporting that we have passed on Tom Ince and Siem De Jong. If we get Luuk De Jong and Cabella I will be very happy!

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It's so hard to think that we will get the de Jong brothers AND cabella

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I don't understand how the chronicle and metro can claim the club have decided not to go for Siem de Jong when there's the press ban that definitely includes the chronicle and most likely includes the metro as well. What's their source on this? Chances are they made it up and have no actual knowledge on what the club is doing beyond what rumours other news outlets etc. are reporting.

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I just doubt he will come, when did he say he was unhappy and he just recovered from a bad injury.

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18 Jan 2014 14:16:06
Reports have said that Newcastle have a £12m deal for Remy Cabella tied up. His father has said (according to the metro)

"He will join Newcastle this winter. "

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Obertan going other way

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Danni where u heard that?

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If Obertan's going the other way, then it's 12m+Obertan. So how much of the 12m was paid to persuade Montpellier to take Obertan?

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Probably £12m

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18 Jan 2014 14:13:20
Remy Cabella is set to complete a £12million move to Newcastle United in the coming days, Hector Cabella, his father (and agent) has revealed:

'Yes we are negotiating Remy's transfer, '
'He will join Newcastle this winter. '

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