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18 Jan 2013 19:35:36
Newcastle very close to sign Massadio Haidara from Nancy. Strong young left back. I just don't understand why we arent going for a striker or a Center back. We truly need something up front, and in the other end.

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Who knows we might be.

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WHU have bid more and thier bid has been accepted and ours now rejected

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Reports are saying we're close to signing Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa who'd be a great signing

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18 Jan 2013 18:54:54
Andy Carroll loan spell at west ham getting cut short and he is signing on a permanant basis.

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This will not be happening as he is still injured

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Aye ....signing for west ham!

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Has already played for two clubs this season already so your telling porkies pal

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Only way he can sign for us if on loan! he can't play sign perm until the end of the season

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Not a rumour just a thought, not that this ever happens in football but what about a tripple bid to Lyon for gourcuff Gomis and bastos, what do people think? I know it will never happen but you can dream I suppose

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To the one that said he's played for two clubs in the season, that isn't how it works. A player can play for no more than two different clubs in a calendar year (1st Jan-31st Dec). He can sign for another club and play.

But, doubt it.

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I'm sure article 17 in the FIFA rules states 3 clubs. Kevin Webster rule

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When did characters on coronation street decide fifa's transfer policies?

are steve mcdonald and rita from the cabin responsible for their stance on racism?

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18 Jan 2013 18:19:44
pardew to be sacked and nigel adkins to be place in the hot seat

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Good manager but laurnt blanc, robert di matteo and wigans manger would be better

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Don't be silly, what good would that do? You can't blame the manager for everything. Blame the people who won't spend the money. Pardew is just the fall guy as all managers are but they take the praise when things go well. I agree we need players in and fast. But if the owner is not willing to part with his cash what can pardew do? Put the best players out he can, we all no we have a very good first 11 but lack strength in depth and again targets were identified in the summer but the owner and his accountant failed to seal the deals. We all loved pardew last season he at one point was even mentioned for the England job. He is having a bad time at the moment as most managers do at some point, we need to stick behind him and the team, make your judgement at the end of the window towards the board. Pardew after next season if we stay in the league keep the good players and strengthen. If we have a poor season with a good squad then he may have to go. I am as annoyed as anyone we failed with remy and have not moved quicker on another target, as for the cb position I would not expect anyone to come through the door now as s.taylor is back. And you have to remember if the manager openly criticises the owner at any club how does that make the club look? To me it looks a joke and unprofessional, and who would end up with no job? We all crave success and that starts with stability, give it time do what we do best and get behind the team tomorrow, get the 3 points and move on to villa with hopefully a new striker in the team, and hopefully some other new faces would go down a treat.

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Couldn't agree more! Pardew is doing his best with what he's got, judge him when we have a full strength squad and have bought the 2-3 players he wants to add. I still think he's the right man for job. Lets get behind the team and help turn our fortunes round!!

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No, we won't get rid of him. If you wasn't such a poor reporter you would know he just signed a 7 year contract. It would be cheaper for ashley to buy ten new good players than get rid of pardew. He will be sticking round for at least another 5 of them 7 years.

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You would also realise that it is a rolling year to year 8 year deal meaning if Ashley gets rid of him he only pays 1 year of his contract.

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Is someone a reporter lol !! Actually if you were up to speed, in actual fact Ashley only has to pay 1 year's compo on Pardew.

Even if we had Messi, Pardew would still play negative, defensive 442 hoof ball, it's in his D.N.A and be honest we have been rubbish all season, way before injuries.

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Apparently there is a cap on any compensation that Pardew would receive if he goes.
More smoke screen to kid the fans.

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You obv know nothing the contract was 8 years and the clause says he only gets 1 years wages if he's sacked so your post is pointless!

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Rubbish football? he has played the same football as last year. the problem isn't par dew as it is all the same as the previous season, it is the team and injuries. Players getting unforeseeable injuries he can't do anything about. in fact it wiped half the team out, collo, taylor, cab aye, ben arfa and even krul and cisse at one point. Singings isn't his fault as he has no input into the signings of them, eh can only express his desire. And several players have hardly helped, Ba refusing to play ball because of his contract. Ben area doesn't stop blurting out crap to the press about his dream boy hood club PSG and collocini, his captain has said he wants to leave. Hardly helps does it.

ALthough, the only points you could pick at would be he has been too soft on Tiote for piking up cards and some of the wingers for being lazy and not tracking back. Cisse has had a shocker of a season, He was only ever a 1 year wonder kid. Lets face it, all his best came in one season. He will never repeat them two goals against chelsea! Pardew has a tendency to gp for the 'special players' who may produce something fantastic rather than the ordinary tap in goal every week. You never see a newcastle striker getting a goal by chasing the goal back to the keeper or defender do you? its always a screamer from outside the box. Tiote v Arsenal. Cisse v Chelsea, Ben area v Wigan. etc etc

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18 Jan 2013 09:30:12
Looking at Yoan Gouffran to replace BA.

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Is the form now to suggest any young french strikers who star in the FIFA games? There will be no more leaked names after the Remy debarcle.

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You are dreaming mate..... the bigger the name the less likely! will get players but they will be Johnny no-bodys.....

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Yeah, nobodies like Tiote was lol

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I am disappointed mostly with the club has been spinning the old we have multiple targets lined up we are not just looking at one player then we bid 9mil for remy (the deal goes south as we all know) then it takes us ages or we miss out on reinforcing our team during the window, if you miss out on player A surely you adjust your bid and resubmit for player B?? .......which leads me to believe we don't have any player "B's" lined up at all, which makes our "elite??" scout look very bloody average at best, and begs to question that maybe he got lucky with the 3-4 players he found,, I mean even a broken watch is right twice a day!!

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Not fuuny

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The board will only go for established players if their clubs can be forced into a cheap deal, be it contract running down, release clause, out of form/favour etc. They gambled that Remy would be cheaper in January than in the summer and bet the farm on that. I don't think there was ever a backup and we'll only spend 9m if it's on a player worth 15-20m. Obviously no one can replace any outgoing players in January so no one will sell unless you pay over the odds, which we'll never do. A decent enough strategy when the going's good, a shocking one when you're staring relegation in the face.

I'm sure the board have enquired about Aubameyang etc, but would have been quoted crazy figures for a january move. We won't sign another striker unless it's on loan and we're only signing a left back as a replacement for Santon.

This is not a club that's being run with any ambition whatsoever, merely just to return the money that Ashley lost when he cleared the Shepherd debts.

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