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18 Dec 2012 13:55:38
I think, if ba goes, remy is the best repacement, talk lf bony and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but i think remy would compliment cisse best either playing on the wing or as a second striker, allowing cisse to play higher up the pitch and stick to that he does best. Think hel help he whole team player better football as he can run the channels and is better with the ball at his feet than ba. If cisse gets double figures again in the second half of the season nobody will evwn remember the name ba, this lf he does go

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Ba will not leave due to his transfer potentially costing over 20 million. The release clause may be 7.5 but his advisors want over 5 million and his wage demands are over 4 million a year for 4 years so together that 28.5 million

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If ba goes and that leaves cisse on his own upfront,, hope somebody teaches him what offside is cos he does my head in the amount of times he is offside

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Cisse getting caught offside alot could also mean the midfield arent releasing a quick ball to the front players......which if you watch the games you will see they dont!

actually must be really frustrating playing for this team as a striker at the moment due to its inability to make a pass that is early and defence splitting.

this is where ben arfa and cabaye were thriving last season but not this one.

spenny mag

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Does my head in how long it takes for that killer pass to be played, think pardew was spot on when he said cisse is missing cabaye

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Think what its doing to cisse! we all know he can score and score often but obviously hes not right now and thats due to the way the team is catering for Ba.

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18 Dec 2012 10:04:38
I've heard likely additions to the squad in January are:

Remy (part exchange with Marveaux or Obertan)
Debuchy (last attempt to bring him through the door)

Ba -> Arsenal 7.5million
Marveaux/Obertan -> Marseille

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If you believe Pardew in today's press, we are looking to bring in 'one player' !!

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Like how last year he said we were not looking to sign a striker, then cisse comes in, then pardew admits it was flase to throw other teams off the trail.

bottom line, managers lie.

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Newcastle have given up on debuchy and will try for micah richards from man city, think about it richards can play rb or cb which is two for one the kind of deal cashly loves and zabaleta is first choice for city maicons only been there have a season so richards is more likely to be availble. 7 million is bit steep but lille want 6 for debuchy, all of the deals above will happen marveux will go to marseille +8 million for remy

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If Micah Richards could stay fit for 90 minutes he clearly has the ability to be a world class defender and has shown that earlier in his career, but the likelihood of that happening is extremely close to 0, why cover steven taylor with another injury prone player

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Sissoko will go to Arsenal.

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Douglas seems to be signing for 5/6 clubs in January. An agent with a great deal of activity-either to get him a move and take his %, or a means to get a better deal at his current club and still take his %! Worse than pimps, aren't they.

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I think that we should start playing ben arfa behind the striker then remy up front so there will plenty pace and skill

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18 Dec 2012 08:04:22
the toon are in advanced talks with French International striker, Loic Remy fee reported at £10 million plus player either obertan / marveux...would be a good start to transfer window ...geordie tom

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I twould be class, but would certainly spell the end of Ba...

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If the price of Remy coming to Newcastle means that Ba goes then I am 100% behind that deal. Ba is overrated and only gets goals at the expense of everyone hoofing every single attacking ball to him. Remy is a classy player and would link up well with Cisse who is also very skillfull with his feet, yes Ba has good accuracy from inside the 6 yard box but everything outside that area is a mess.

I have no doubts in my mind that Newcastle will becoming a more fluent attacking force with Clumsy Ba out of the team, we should be building our team around Ben Arfa and Cabaye, not a clumsy prima donna who will not sign a contract and sings to the press if he gets put on the bench.

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My God, clumsy ?
I think Clumsy will be sorely missed.
Ba, proven goalscorer, which means he can command high wages.
Replacement, who? Someone who is not coming in on high wages and guess what?
Cant score goals.
Stop being a sore loser and start hoping he stays.

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Remy > Ba any time

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Ba is a proven goal scorer but that does not always benefit the team, you can see in the way we play that our football is all about having one goal scoring threat.

We need to be getting goals from players all over the pitch, we can play to supply Ba and average a goal per game or we can play link up football and get goals from all the other players.

I believe that if we play a link up game then Ba becomes redundant, he is like Darren Bent and absorbs all the good football out of the team to get his goal per game.

We need staggered attacks where the rest of the team joins in the attacks, if Ba gets the ball he is going to turn and shoot instead of bringing other players in to the game.

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I think that ba will stay at newcastle for the rest of his prem carrer then go to psg where he was born could do exchange for sakho need quicker centre backs

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