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18 Aug 2013 20:25:25
Expect gomis to sign before transfer window closes.
He is in limbo at Lyon. He wants to come to Newcastle. Lyon want rid to slash their wage bill.
His agents want a little over £2 million for getting him the move. Newcastle ( quite rightly in my view for what it's worth) won't pay that money. This is also why other teams have not signed him.

Newcastle hoping agents will back down because of he goes for free at end of season they can't demand such a fee. It's complicated situation but he will be in black and white by end of August!

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I thought he wanted to go to a Bundesliga team and I know Leverkusen are hunting a new striker, and they aren't short of cash after selling Shurrle (sorry if spelt wrong) to Chelski for around £20 million. Not saying there's anything there but it wouldn't surprise me if that's what happened.

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Just because he's on a free next year doesn't mean his agents won't ask for less, if anything they'l ask for more due to the fact no fee is getting paid to a club. A good example of that was Demba Ba.

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His agents could actually ask for more when he is out of contract as there will be no club paying for him, So whoever wants him will have to pay him and his agents a hefty signing fee. SIMPLE

Geordie Al

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He have never been quoted as saying that he wanted to go to a German team. That was his Chairman. He is a bit like JK talks S**t.

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Sorry but isn't this all very well documented.

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18 Aug 2013 16:59:12
Apparently been offered Jefferson Montero. any thoughts?

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Who is he? What position does he play? Is he any good?

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He's a winger and is average I would say scored 6 goals for Ecuador and about 37 since 2007 to current

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Right and left winger for ecuador, he's got good pace and flair, and only like 21 or something. Would be a good buy for around 4m

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There u go Southampton sign a good striker from Roma who we get ne body abd we a million times bigger club. Our owner taking the mickey out off our fans

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He looks like an exciting young winger who likes to run at people and take players on.
Not sure on his end-product but I would like to see him in a newcastle shirt.
We only have Ben Arfa who can beat players with the ball at his feet.

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Just because his scoring record is average does not mean he's an average player.

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How can Southampton spend 36m on players n we only have a loan signin! Massive club with a tight arse owner that's just lookin 2 take money outta of our pockets the man never spent the Andy Carroll money n because he'll sell cabaye then pocket the money support the team n not the regime

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Because Southampton have ambition and back their manager

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18 Aug 2013 12:37:09
Where are people getting this rumour that ashley wants to buy rangers and there's owners from america attracting interest? Ed, can you find anything?

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{Ed001's Note - it has been floating around since Ashley started talks about involving himself and Sports Direct regarding selling merchandise. It is an old story. It must be remembered Ashley has been open to offers for Newcastle for a long time now, so selling Newcastle would not necessarily be anything to do with Rangers.}

I would imagine because he gas bought a load of shares in rangers, frankly they need new owners and he'd get a easier time of it up north

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The one who clicked unbelievable read your facts matey haha a fan who thinks its unbelievable our owner has shares in another club think ul find its very true

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Yea but it says he wants to buy all off Rangers

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He must want tickets for the voice!!

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This will never happen in a million years. Why would Ashley want involved in a club that chased investors (American Bill Miller) away through threats of violence. The team is garbage, the manager is useless and earns more than Klopp at Dortmund, the club is losing money hand over fist. They have lost £22m from a share issue that was less than a year ago. THERE IS NO MONEY TO BE MADE FROM OWNING RANGERS, Ashley is happy to make his money off the merchandise etc but he will never try to buy such a toxic brand. Behind the scenes they are a shambles and it would take years for anyone to sort it out and get them going in the right direction. Ashley has a club just now that dwarves Rangers, remember they were liquidated and there is still serious questions regarding the legality of them using the Rangers name, they have already had to change advertising methods under orders from the ASA. There are also serious questions over who owns what and wether the data on the IPO was accurate portrayed (rendering it illegal and fraudulent). Google Brookes Mileson and Gretna to see what can happen to a club climbing through the Scottish leagues purely through money. Half the people peddling this rumour are Rangers fans hopeful that Charles Green will be forced out, they are screaming out for a saviour and aren't too fussy who it is after the shysters and conmen that have been involved with them over the years. Ask anyone in the financial sector and they will tell you that Rangers will be lucky to see out this season.

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"They are screaming out for a saviour and aren't too fussy who it is".
Sounds a bit like us Toon fans!

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3 years time rangers will be challenging for a champions league place if Ashley went there and got them that he would be a hero mind it won't be hard to do what does he get at Newcastle nothing but grief and hatred

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18 Aug 2013 10:12:10
Joe Kinnear has been given the go ahead by mike Ashley to try and sign Willian before Liverpool do, according to the mirror. I know this will probably never happen, but I think every Newcastle fan would be happy with Willian as our only signing, aha.

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I heard it would never happen as he's too old. Then I realised he's 25. I wish it could happen. But don't think it will

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Give yasell a shake mate it won't happen

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Get real this will never happen, let's face it we will not buy anyone this season we could have gone for bony, pea, bent we are going to make do with a loan signing and that's it

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No Chance we could not win a race or compete for ANY player
Don't you know that yet 1 day to go NO signings
Whilst Bony & RVW & PEA will score week in week out we will have a hard jobb scoring every 4/5 games

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Not going to happen.

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The only race we will win is the sack race

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The only reason we would go for him is we know we wouldn't get him so pards and joke could say we tried our best to get a class player in to try and con the fans into thinking they are trying to spend some money

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We did go for PEA and offered more than Dortmund but he chose them over us. We didn't go for Bony or RVW because we were so focused on PEA that by the time that was over they'd signed for other clubs, in fact I think RVW agreed to move to Norwich back in January.

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Why not? I reckon we could pull off a move for him. Joe kinnear would certainly gain a better reputation if we signed him.

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How do you know we went in for PEA?
I haven't heard the club stating we made an offer. your just assuming from the rumours that were about at the time.
The truth is. we probably didn't make an offer at all, but like always, the club didn't confirm or deny any approach as they don't want the fans, you know. the people paying their wages, to know what's going on really because they would be more vocal.

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Saimt Etienne released a statement saying who bid for him and how much. There was loads of stuff about it a couple of days after he signed for Dortmund

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Spurs and Liverpool want him. He's valued at something like €25-30m, not€15m. His wages will be ridiculous at Anzhi and he won't take a huge pay cut.

This is a complete non-starter and will NEVER happen. Don't even know why the papers are reporting such junk.

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{Ed007's Note - That's what papers do.}

I can't see us signing this lad. I do feel I have to put my p. o. v across on this constant delusion that because willian, traore etc are lucky enough to be payed daft wages by a stupidly rich anzi does not mean that they are going to be payed this by the next club that signs them. if no-one wants to pay them the same/more they'll simply be forced to take a pay cut by anzi or their next club eventually the only other option would be to retire.

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18 Aug 2013 01:30:14
Newcastle lead race for Willian for 15mil don't know if he is worth it but its good to see Kinear pulling his finger out

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"don't know if he is worth it" WTF? Are you serious? Willian is a bargain at 15m!!

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Haha is he worth it he was bought for 30mil in january but now they want to cut wage bill

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Willian is a class act and worth every penny ov 15 million

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Try Liverpool they are in talks, unlucky

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Oh god, grow up, we haven't been linked and for some reason you took over 10m off the price
Plus Liverpool will sign him before Wednesday

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17 Aug 2013 22:57:00
Newcastle interested in signing Willian

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Will I am from the voice

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17 Aug 2013 22:52:48
A down-market tabloid rag is reporting that we're interested in signing Willian for a fee thought to be £15 million but it also says that Liverpool are the front runners to sign him. I know this is probably rubbish but a rumour's a rumour.

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Linked with man city a while ago for 40 million. If kinnear pulls this off then everyone's view of him will change

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My source says that we are in the lead of the chase of Willian. 1. He's old. 2. Doesn't fit in our policy. 3. He is not worth 15 million. 4. Don't really need a midfielder unless Cabaye goes. 5. Kinear is an person

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Not worth 15 million I would say 9-10 million

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No more signings for us mate we will take our chances with what we've got the club thinks because shola wants a ticket to the world cup with nigeria he will have a good season so we won't need another striker

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I heard this as well. It would be a dream come true!

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I know Cheryl's close to him but I don't think involving any members of the black eyes peas will help. let's face it Fergie walked out on man utd.

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Yes it's true - Will I Am is coming - he's a midfield mystro with a very low centre of gravity! Baz

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Willian is a left winger and is the exact type of player we need!

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Liverpool or u jokers hmmm. can't afford him or his wages. skint, bottom of leauge tomora, 6-0 city :)

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"Can't afford him or his wages" Just because you lot spent a load on nobodies who struggle to even get a shot on target where as we aren't making the same mistakes and are being linked with players people have actually heard of in the first place doesn't mean you can come here and talk utter s****.

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Who ya signed?

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Surely you've heard of altidore, giaccherini and diakite?

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Who? No never really heard off them. Second rate second class. Just like your lot. I see you after another five players!? Haha. Your the joke will be fighting relegation and without the mackem Mussolini when he's done one because you lot slating him.

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