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18 Apr 2012 17:28:30
do u think that we could sign they player:Anerson from man utd because fergie want to sell him, Ezekiel fryers from manutd he a free player in the summer and can play lb or cb,Juan pablo pino who we are link to a the min from galatasaray lw,rw,st and Royston drenthe lw from real mardid and Aymen abdennoor of toulouse cb and two left back E.peiter from psv and emilo izaguirre as back up.

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Have you just plucked a load of names at random? Anderson is too injury prone, Fryers could be a decent signing but won't play straight off. Drenthe is far too Moody and will not be worth the risk, Izaguirre is not the same player since injury and apparently Pieters is now back in a cast and won't be considered. Sorry to be pessimistic but don't think any of the layers you've mentioned will be signed but I've been wrong before.

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Who do u think we should go after geordiesteve and we need more player to build a better team that we have at the min and that inculde the bench and we we have to play more game next season!

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In terms of who we need to go after, we need to be realistic and make sure that we don't fall back in to the old ways of paying too much for over hyped, over paid and under performing players. I personally think that we need to invest some money in securing a couple of contracts, namely Guthrie and Simpson as well as strengthening through out the team. I think we will be in for a few shocks over the summer, as we were with Cisse as the club seem to have been doing their business quietly and efficiently over the past 6 months and nothing will be mentioned until pretty much concrete. I expect a few youngsters in the mould of Abeid to come in, more than likely Amilfitano and Knockaert. Rumours are abound that we will sign at least one forward, my vote would be for Luuk De Jong but I feel Pardew will plump for someone a little more mobile, I still think he is kicking himself for missing out on Long in the summer. I reckon we will end up with one of Douglas/Alderweireld/Vertongen and I just have a feeling that we may go back in for Cissokho in the summer once his fee drops a little. I personally think that we should be looking to pick up Paul Pogba from Man U and tempt his with the offer of first team football and I would like us to go for Matt Jarvis (and possibly Steven Fletcher) if/when Wolves are relegated. The worst thing we can do now is panic buy and bring in some players who have the potential to disrupt the current harmony in the dressing room. I know I have not really set the world alight with my suggestions but like I said we need to remain realistic, just because we are in Europe does not automatically mean we can compete both in terms of reputation and finances just yet. I have faith that we are going in the right direction and can get back to where we deserve to be.

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You say you 'haven't set the world alight with your suggestions'? You can say that again.
Pogba plus two nonentities from Wolves who have been so good this season they are being relegated?
If Carr can't come up with something better than those three (and not for huge outlay either) I'll eat my hat.

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Fletcher and pogba would be class...

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No, just pogba!

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I have not seen him play... is he actually any good? All this talk is because he plays for manu? like Ravel Morrison, not actaully that good, but becasue he was once linked with barca everyone is banging on about him?

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Pogba was part of Barca youh system before joining Man U on a 2 million pond deal so he must be good!

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If he jumped ship from Barca to Manu and will not sign a new deal at Manu what does that say about the player? Sounds like he belives in his own legend and has barely kicked a ball in a first team squad! He must be better than Messi and Ronaldo! Sign him up... he can then jump ship for a massive amount next season!

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Actually pogba said at a presser last year that he would be 3 times better than Messi when he is 24!

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No place at Toon for big time Charlies anymore ,it's all about team ethic, and guess what it works.

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18 Apr 2012 00:59:20
linked with Gylfi Sigurdsson (mail) and prolific (in Holland so it doesn't mean much) striker Bas Dost () both for around 8million, i'd have them both.


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Gylfi Sigurdsson is not rated in Germany either by the press or his current club so I hope not! Would rather we used our youngsters.
Also do you believe anything in the Daily the Mail??? Really??

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Just because Sigurdsson is not rated in Germany doesn't mean he won't be a success. He has done outstandingly at Swansea and I remember how effective he was at Reading to earn a £6.5m move to Germany in the first place. Think he would be an excellent signing, who along with Adam Johnson would add quality and depth to a talented but relatively thread-bare squad.

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Bas dost has a good record in holland with herenveen...but so did alphonso gomes, bit of a gmable especially for 8mil!?!

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Alphonso alves*

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Alfonso Alves; nice knowledge their boys!

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I agree about Bas Dost - could either be Mateja Kezman or Ruud Van Nistelrooy, tough call. If we could get for around £5m then I would go for it, think we're more interested in Luuk De Jong to be honest. if Graeme Carr recommends then who are we to argue?

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Actually, Daily Mail was the first to pick up most of our signing last summer.
But hey, if u link us with every player on the planet, eventually u'll get one right.

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In Carr we trust...

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How can you say Gylfi isn't a good player, whos gives a toss whether german teams think hes good, hes come to the premiership and showed a lot of class and quality, one of the most 2 footed players there are at the moment, and is extremely good at linking up the midfield to the strikers exactly what we need, also contributes with a few goals, would be chuffed if we signed him

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Actually it´s afonso alves

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