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17 Sep 2013 14:34:52
Newcastle have been linked with 25 year old Seydou Doumbia who currently plays for CSKA Moscow.

The guardian is reporting today that Newcastle will move for Aaron Lennon who is out of favour at tottenham.

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{Ed001's Note - Lennon is injured, not out of favour!}

Would be dancing with joy if we sign Doumbia or Traore and Lennon in January

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I've seen us linked with Doumbia a few times in the past, would be an absolutely great signing, better than Gomis. Would like Lennon as well, he's kind of been forgotten about due to Welbeck and Walcott, not sure it'll happen if he's on big wages at Spurs though

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Same ole crap, just needed a striker to take over from cisse, whos form is unbelievable crap. poss top 7 then if no injuries you never know

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More chance of signing julian lennon wake up man

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Would absolutely love Doumbia, but will never happen. He'll be on massive money at CSKA, not to mention the transfer fee. He'll cost in excess of £15 million. Traore cost Anzi about £18 million. Few people dreaming here I think. I suspect we would have to break our own transfer record to sign either of these two and do you really think Ashleys going to back that?

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Really? This will never happen. There is no point in linking us with anyone.
As the owner is not willing to spend (his) money to get transfers over the line.

The only way players will come in is if we sell, or win a cup.

Don't expect reinforcements in January. They will say they tried, just couldn't get anyone across the line. Sounds like deja vu doesn't it?

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Not it doesn't. Last January was excellent

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The £30,000,000 that was spent on the 6 that came in was only spent to keep us in the top flight.

Do you actually think that if we were in the top ten that Ashley would spend money.
He will only buy, IF players are sold. OR we are in an impossible position again where we could drop out of the league.

He goal is too make money off this club and to make the club self-sufficient.
Not to spend his own fortune to fund the club in the right direction!

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17 Sep 2013 12:31:26
I see we might have sent some scouts out to watch Seydou Doumbia recently. This guy would be good and would probably replace cisse but why don't we go in for the cheap beast Lacina Traore. He has pace and has very good aerial ability as he is taller than Peter Crouch but is also a lot better.


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It appears like me some people are waking up that we need. Regular goal scorer & for all thr excuses peopke make for him Cisse just does nt do the job for us. He looks terrible And can't control the ball.

A striker scoring week in and week out would make a massive difference and take away a lot of Pressure on the defence.

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Lacina traore would be a good option

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Cisse I agree with, he came and set the pitch on fire, first touch, his movement and finishing were second to none in our league (at the time).

Last year Cisse looked more likely to score, then Gazza having a successful stay in rehab!

Cisse I don;t think can keep up with the pace of our game, even with the ball this season coming from Cabaye, Remy and HBA he was still terrible.
I would honestly be letting Campbell or Vuckic start, they can not do any worse then "Mr offside all the time and no first touch!"

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