Newcastle Rumours Archive September 17 2012


17 Sep 2012 14:10:48
Barcelona interested in Dutch number 1 Tim Krul... but want him as back up to Valdes.


Absolutely ridiculous. Why would Krul leave to forever sit on he bench?

Probably because he wouldn't 'sit on he bench'. within a year krul would prove to be not only better than VV but probably barca's number one for the next decade...he's that good...and i'm a newcastle fan

Yeah but he'd sacrifice being the Dutch no.1 which he's just got hold of. If he went to Barca and sat on the bench for a season before taking the no.1 spot there, he'd have to work to get back into the national team set-up. If you want an example, look at Lloris since he's gone to spurs - has ended up sitting on the bench and there's talk of him losing the French no.1 spot if he doesn't begin to start games.

Honestly, don't even think it would take a year

Barcelona could not afford him they are on the bones of there backside at the moment




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