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17 Nov 2012 21:44:16
What have we got to look forward to in the next 8 years that mickey mouse manager is going to be in charge.

We have been found out,we are too direct and play basic football using big powerful strikers and teams are starting to suss our style.

Pardew is inept,yeah he is passionate,yeah he genuinly cares i reckon but he has not got the skills to take us anywhere.

Last season we had two important ingredients,LUCK and MOMENTUM they carried us last season and CISSE and hes goals from january and he is rubbish a youtube player,looks good on youtube and had a good initial spell but useless.

Sack him and get Martinez off wigan someone like him who will give us a free flowing team passing the ball and getting us on the edge of our seats.

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Better still beg Big Sam to come back and promise we will back him this time.

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I can hardly believe the post about our manager,how quickly our fans can turn against you.He is probably a good time only fan that we seem to have too many of these days.If you dont like it why bother to pretend to support Newcastle just play on your bike in the street.

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No way martinez. Redknapp would really get our fans off our seats with some creative, attacking football. Id love to have harry. But u never know, we could do an Everton from last season. We might just deliver in the second half. But ur right, if we have a mid table season the whole season, then we should get redknapp. Plus if we get redknapp, I reckon we'd get Dawson, lennon, parker etc. Would be great but too early to judge AP, despite 2 home losses...

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It's not Pardew's fault; time after time we sack the manager when the team fails to deliver. If the owner doesn't invest in the team and bring in new quality players, what do you expect?

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Bought fringe players but nothing of class to move us forward,now mid table cant see any major players coming iether, we had our chance at start of season but never took it, it will be years before up there again

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Then if we are in for a mid table season, then redknapp instead of pardew.

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Now then last week we lost against whu pardew said we would have won if tioti was playing? yesterday he said we would have won if cisse had played? pardew is a joke he could not manage a good sh1te

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I cannot believe any of the comments i have just read. You all should be ashamed. You are meant to be 'supporters' so try being supportive. The amount of dribble is disgraceful martinez or floppy chops do me a favour. Redknapp cant even bloody read! As for calling Cisse a youtube player i can only assume that you are a mackem on the wind up or you my friend have problems.

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Absolute crap once again on this site, "fans" calling for Pardews head how little do you know about football, since when does sacking managers and brining new ones in every couple of years work? We've not been good so far this year no-one will argue with that, but how you think this is down to Pardew is just a joke Manger of the year last year and you dont get that based on luck and momentum, The way we are expecting to be a top 4/6 team 3 years after coming back up from the championship is just plain stupid we dont have the money the big clubs have so we cant just go around buying players for fun and giving them ridiculous contracts so how you think we can compete with them is beyond me. What we need and HAVE is a stable club in a very good financial position with a manager who wants and should be there for the long run. Stop writing absolute crap on here and learn something about football.

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Ha Redknapp you must be as high as him if you want that crook in charge of us, mid table is a decent position the quicker you start realising that and start supporting your club and manager the quicker Ashley will start to invest.

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We need will buckley from brighton, fast goalscorer and got loads of skills, couple of mill and send him on his way to the toon

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We are being supporters coz we want whats best for the club. Its no good finishing 5th and not build on that. MA wants us to be a champions league team. Redknapp is a quality manager, way above the standard that pardew. I will never settle for a mid table season and never settle for quite a few home losses. mid table is not a decent position. We've always been known for our top 7 finishes with shearer, martins, viduka, lee, cole, ferdinand. We want to be a top 7 club. We want to get europa league consecutively which will give us cash injections. Redknapp is the exact man to do that. He could give us great exciting fluency to get our fans off our seats. Let's hope pardew can turn it around and stop playing the 442 or else...

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Get Redknapp in Pardew is a poor manger, got Reading, Charlton, and West Ham relegated is not great. Redknapp apart from Ferguson and possibly Arsene Wenger, Moyes at Everton. Is the best manger that manages in the English Leagues. He gets us nice football, he can cope with injuries and suspension and also he can play 4-4-2 which is the way we want to play, I myself prefer 4-3-3 but if it works it works

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Personally don't think redknapps the answer. an improvement? doesn't take a genius but 1) he'd never work here 2) never under such financial restrictions and 3) don't think he's the best man-manager in the world.

I'd appreciate his egalitarian approach of telling his players 'right, get out there and do what you do best' but if I had the choice, i'd say give pardew til xmas to mop up this mess and if not, get R Martinez or Ole Gunnar.

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Are you on about a different manager? redknapp would snap the newcastle job defo 1) we are one of the biggest clubs in england 2) he's got a good set of players to work with 3) He's a great manager, he got tottenham into the champions league, was really strong with portsmouth. I'd love to have redknapp. If we don't get a win against southampton, then we will know that pardew is just an average mid table manager. Why was he given an 8 year contract. Ridiculous. No win against southampton? Redknapp come and make us the club we should be. A top 7 club.

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My god the knives are out arent they,and you call sunderland fans fickle.just keep playing that long ball lads.tk73

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All things considered we're not doing too badly. We're having to cope with mid week European games alongside injuries to major players plus cisse's poor form of late. But we're not doing too badly. That's the problem with what happened last season, people have suddenly raised their expectations far too high far too fast. t's gonna be a while still before we can do what we did last season year after year. You just need to be patient, something too many of us are lacking in

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Im a pardew fan,but cannot believe how at 1 down he takes simpson off,santon right back,anita left back,and biggi midfield !!!! couldnt believe it,its always simpson off,santon right back,ive never seen it work yet

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We are doing bad, coz we should not be losing twice in a row at home to mid table to bottom half teams

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17 Nov 2012 17:43:41
I said at the end of the August that we never brought anyone decent that we would struggle. U need to improve every season How bench is to weak we will end up 13/14 this season. How best striker demba BA will b sold. I'd love to see what we have taken in on transfers and what we have spend on transfers. All the money from tv rights and tickets. Cing Cing mr cashley. Bobby.

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Since ashley took charge we have made a net profit of 30+ million

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When you say "we have made a net profit" you mean Ashley has made a net profit?

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Right now I would settle for 14th. I'm afraid that AP has been found out just like in all his other managerial posts. I hate the idea of constantly changing managers but the current incumbent is only going to take us in a downward direction

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If we're gonna finish 14th then pardews got to go. If we are around the position we are in or a bit lower by the beginning of january then we should get redknapp. A lot of tottenham players would be attracted to come as i said, i bet harry would love a bit of extra pace other than HBA. Lennon, parker as the back up midfield, Dawson as the back up centre back, maybe huddlestone, defoe? if tottenham get a quality striker.If pardew had to go, all day long i'd say redknapp.

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Puppet pardew has relegated all his clubs !! least said the blokes a joke

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It is so sad to hear so many people calling for the managers head already. All teams go through a dodgy spell, last season we did after the great start but as we had points on the board it wasn't as noticeable. We have to build slowly, I hope we make a few decent buys in January as we did last season with Cisse.

If you can't support the team and STICK with them through a few poor results you need to follow someone else.

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